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Hi friends!
I am still in the process of understanding all of this transferring things, again if ANYONE has some helpful info on: transferring stats/ subscribers/ readers, etc … paaaaaahlease shoot me an email.

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SOS: Any tips for being a newbie self hosted site?

Hi all!
If any of you have tips on:
pluggins, redirecting followers, or anything else
you think would be beneficial,
please send it my way. Pretty please 😉


What’s in your basket? 4/ 9

Happy half way through the week day!
Hope your having a good week thus far : )
Today I am going to share another “What’s in your basket post” a few things that I happened to get this week!
Last week I “restarted” this little segment, I did it when I first started blogging, but time to bring it back! enjoy 😉
1. Target’s one spot is my favorite spot! Always the best little things, like these white containers. Perfect to hold my makeup brushes : )
2. Gem necklace form F21, I’ve already worn in like 5x!
3. ICE– I love this drink, super refreshing. It was my first time trying the grapefruit, I am a fan!
4. Power Crunch! AH, this protein bar is my new favorite. Light, flakey, chocolately. mmm more so a treat!
5.  Honey Goat Cheese. YES. Once you have this kind  .. you will never go back. #Forrealz { found at Trader Joes }
What’s something you picked up this week?
Goat cheese lova? Yay or nay?
happy Wednesday friends!

Jenna’s bridal shower <3

Hello hello! Long time no talk 😉 I feel like time is going by faster AND faster each week. It’s insane.
Hope you had a great weekend wherever you were!
The weekend was a great mix! If you follow me on instagram, Friday night I met up with Danielle for a little wine and girl talk! But, the star of the show this weekend was Jenna’s bridal shower on Sunday! What a perfect day and beautiful turn out ❤ We are getting another step closer to the b i g d a y !
{Mimosa bar.. a must! ;-)}
{Pretty flowers}
{Mmm brunch!}
{M&Ms for the special occasion}
{Cutest cupcake dress!}
{Soon to be bride & me}
Such a beautiful day for the beautiful bride to be! Next up… BACH PARTY!!! : )
I was so tired after, but since it was gorgeous out and I knew today was going to be crappy, we set out for a little Starbucks, walk AND ice cream. Which  by the way is always the hardest decision. But I think we did good! 😉
.. Time for another full week of craziness! OH MONDAYS.  Have a great start to your week!
I am linking up with Katie today to share all the marvels from the weekend! xo
MiMM MIMM  #92 A Weekend Full Of Gratefulness

Thinking Out Loud {4/ 3}

AH, So happy its Thursday. Especially because its thinking out loud kinda day. Best day for random moments to be typed out..
… Yesterday was one of those days where I actually off from work {woo} but still had something’s to which I did neglect {laundry, cough cough} but didn’t really know how to go about my day. It was rainy, I was tired, blah blah blah. I went to Starbucks and then the nail salon. That seemed to shake things up a bit. Still, what can you do.. sometimes you gotta ride out those blah days.
{OPI – The Girls Are Out}

… On a positive note though, Tuesday I found out I was accepted as a sweat pink ambassador! SO happy to be part of this community & finding myself : )
SPambassador4 (2)
… Yesterday I helped my friend Molly with one of her projects. Her project was about health and social media { great topic BTW! }, She had to interviewed me as part of the video, where I somehow kept forgetting what I was saying…Oh boy, can’t wait to see the outtakes.. I wonder how many times I said the f bomb! :-O

… Last night I went to a Stella & Dot jewelry trunk show with Larissa. Another great thing to do when feeling BLAH is hang with girlfriends. I got to meet a lot of her friends, window shop & get some good laughs 😉 I didn’t buy anything but I DO have my eye on this bag. {the front comes off and becomes a clutch!}


The dress I got this week for Sunday {I love} but I don’t have anything to really wear over top since it’s still chilly. I may need to call in the reserves and wear something else until it gets warmer!

… Speaking of Sunday, I gotta get something’s together before the big party! Can’t wait to shower Jenna with some l o v e : )

That’s all I’ve got going on in my mind right now 😉 Head over to Amanda’s blog to hear see what others are thinking.

Here’s to hopefully not having a blah day, they usually only last one day. – How do you deal with those kinda days?