WIAW: Mood boosting smoothie

 Hi guys! Happy hump day/Wednesday / thanksgiving eve 🙂
I am feeling super ready for tonight + tomorrows festivities. Lot’s of goof things to look forward too. Friends, family + food!

This morning and yesterday I spent time in the kitchen to start prepping things for tomorrow. { Butternut squash salad + pb pie (attempt 2 since first pie curst broke} 😦
IMG_7711I think I’m on a sugar high right now! 🙂

This week I wanted to link up with Jenn over at peas and crayons for this mood boosting smoothie.
How many of you ever just feel like “BLAH” for no reason. {Hi! ME} Yep, this happens to be prior to that time of the month.
On Monday, before the salon, I literally layed in bed + did homework and wasn’t motivated for anything… I mean, how could I not be stoked to get to the salon and pamper myself. Insert –> mood boosting smoothie.

1/2 cup frozen berries
1 banana
1 c. vanilla almond milk
1 cup raw kale
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
1-2 tbsp. peanut butter
1 cup ice

Blend well, serve.

For that time of the month, or blah feeling, these ingredients are great. potassium from banana, greens for energy + cocoa/ chocolate = instant mood booster {it’s  a fact} 😀

Welp, going to go finish something’s + the girls are coming over tonight and heading out for some drinks!
Have a great thanksgiving!!!! ❤

How do you deal with those feelings?

Back to school // what’s in your basket? {8/ 29}

Hi! Good afternoon!

….. Yesterday was one of those days when I was on the phone, getting numbers, faxing & still not getting anywhere! All for approval of a class.
I eneded up having to just drive over to the school and talk to someone in person!

It was also a super rainy day. Pouring actually. Before heading out, I took an hour to myself, made a smoothie & hopped back into bed to recollect 🙂

Plus, picked up some Chinese.. Perfect for last night’s rain.
* * *IMG_5893

Today was my first day back to class! {BOO} I am ready to get this semester to just be over since I’m taking the last of the fun requirements … accounting anyone?  So I really got to focus on that math this semester!

** I just wanted to say how lucky I feel this summer to have been able to take time and learn about the whole blogging thing {…. and still learning }, to have been able to post 4-5 times a week! Sometimes they were rambles & sometimes they were better put together. Also, I’ve connected already with so many people on here & I love it<3 Not sure how my postings will change due to school, but I hope to keep constant as I have been! 🙂 Just wanted to share. **

* * *

Alrighty, here’s a new What’s in your basket post: Lot’s of new + yummy things! { *2 of them are not from trader joes }

1- Trader Joe’s Chipotle pepper hummus– love it! It has a little bit of a different texture than others, more fluffy. I love the smokiness from this flavor!

2- Dark chocolate covered cranberries. Super anxitonat! 😉 This a nice little addition to yogurt, trail mix, or eating them on their own.

3-Quest bars! I was so excited when I recvied a small box in the mail. I have never tried a quest bar, but have seen them all over the blog world + lovely instagram pictures of them being melted in the microwave with peanut butter on top…. yep. I love them:) I love that they are G/F, tons of protein {20g!} less sugar, carbs & taste good whether on the go, or as a nice treat.

4-Sparkling pink lemonade: this was so refreshing, light & the perfect about of “sparkiling” 🙂

5- Quinoa pasta:  I do my best to stay away from certain grains/ wheats as I do have a small intolerance. Sometimes I eat regular old pasta, but for when I don’t feel like dealing with a stomach ache, this is perfect with bololgense 🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

What’s something new you picked up this week?

Have you ever had a quest bar?

Smoothie kick

Hi there! Helloooooooo weekend 🙂

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? This Sunday we have Cassidy’s shower & things are starting to fall into place. Between myself, Courtney & my mom.. we look like a little wedding factory with all our stuff going on. I can’t wait for the “summer bbq” food & of course …. cake! 😉

*      *      *
This week I have been on a smoothie kick like no other. Everyday I have had a smoothie at some point. Usually mid day snack or after lunch to hold me over until work. I really like the additional nutrients & protein I’m getting!

This one is my favorite so far. I also made it for Cassidy & George on Sunday.

Berry chocolate smoothie:
1 cup almond milk
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 cup frozen blueberries <— I eye balled this*
Splash of water
& enough ice to hold everything together!


Topped with coconut shreds for a sweet garnish*

Enjoy this weather & your weekend

Weekend Recap {with some goodies}

Monday is here… time to get to it! I’ve got another busy week with school for the first half week so I’m hoping the week will fly by.

This weekend was relaxing yet productive. Finally feeling spring like! How can you not be happy in this weather?!

Saturday morning, George and I decided to nix our original plans of going to our favorite little spot for an early coffee and breakfast and decided that lets make smoothies on the go & do a few errands.

I was on the hunt to find cute straws and some deco for an up and coming bridal shower in May for one of our best friends..  I have seen plenty on Etsy, but thought thought the few places we were going to would have them…. ended up not getting anything for the shower and will have to just order through etsy! But I did get some cool finds on Saturday.

First we went to michaels craft store, I found super cute measuring cups & little jars! I love the mix of the colors:)


Homegoods is amazing and I wish I could live in there. I honestly think they have the best selections for fun food! I purchased flaxseeds to incorporate into more smoothies and topping of yogurt. And giving these “on the go” coconut water.


Next stop, was wegmans. so alluring and gets us all the time. Warm bread from the bakery happened, a new Greek cheese “  Kasseri “ and while walking down the aisle I saw a “make your own” peanut butter, almond butter or chocolate & pb! I haven’t been to wegmans in a while since TJs is much closer, so I HAD to try it even though I have 4 or 5 jars already. great decision and its almost gone!:)


The rest of saturday including work and came home to make my own frozen yogurt and watched the Hunger Games on netflix.

Sunday was rather low key as well. I got a lot accomplished off my TO DO list, expect make cookies.  We had some sister time, Oliver time & shopping  😉 Now I’m ready to face the week, and look forward to the weekend!

This weekend cassidy is looking at wedding dresses! YIPPE!!!!!!! 😀

xx Cait