Jenna’s bridal shower <3

Hello hello! Long time no talk 😉 I feel like time is going by faster AND faster each week. It’s insane.
Hope you had a great weekend wherever you were!
The weekend was a great mix! If you follow me on instagram, Friday night I met up with Danielle for a little wine and girl talk! But, the star of the show this weekend was Jenna’s bridal shower on Sunday! What a perfect day and beautiful turn out ❤ We are getting another step closer to the b i g d a y !
{Mimosa bar.. a must! ;-)}
{Pretty flowers}
{Mmm brunch!}
{M&Ms for the special occasion}
{Cutest cupcake dress!}
{Soon to be bride & me}
Such a beautiful day for the beautiful bride to be! Next up… BACH PARTY!!! : )
I was so tired after, but since it was gorgeous out and I knew today was going to be crappy, we set out for a little Starbucks, walk AND ice cream. Which  by the way is always the hardest decision. But I think we did good! 😉
.. Time for another full week of craziness! OH MONDAYS.  Have a great start to your week!
I am linking up with Katie today to share all the marvels from the weekend! xo
MiMM MIMM  #92 A Weekend Full Of Gratefulness

MIMM: Cassidy & Brian’s wedding <3

Happy Monday! How was your weekend ?!
… oh boy,  this weekend was super marvelous filled with love and our family grew a little more – I was able to be part of such a beautiful wedding. I honestly can not put into words how sweet, how touching & heartfelt Cassidy & Brain’s ceremony was. It was so them and their love shined through. Their readings, love poems & family unity with Oliver was so amazing. I will always remember this day & how much love was spread throughout the weekend for these two, three!

MiMM MIMM #69 A Special Day and More!

Friday was the sweet rehearsal dinner with some of the best speeches {Brian..thanks for going around the room & talking about each and everyone of us 😉 } then a sleep over at my mama’s with the sisters.

{last night as a MISS}

*      *      *
Saturday morning came fast.. it was time for hair, make up & of 🙂


The other bridesmaids had joined us too! It was great to be all together morning of & be with our gorgeous sister.
Around 11, the sun started to come out, we we’re so excited! Since last week basically Monday ~ Friday POURED.

The ceremony started at 4pm, but because we went early for pictures. Instead of Brian seeing Cassidy first while she walks down the isle they had a private moment in the gazebo…. ah, romantic.

{Walking down to the gazebo}

{I had the best partner}

{All dolled up}


{Best friend & I}

{Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkins}

{Bride + Groom<3}

{Sweetest cake}

{Bar menu}


{Mason jar love}

{I carry you heart with me.. I carry it in my heart}
{Dad’s speech}


Followed by dancing, the party continued over to the hotel where they stayed. Which was perfect- there was a band playing and a few more speeches were thrown in there 😉

Sunday morning was… let’s just say slow moving. But oh so worth it!!!!1385763_10200933505047860_555270526_nYou are my angel, my darling, my star…and my love will find you, wherever you are. You are loved.”
Congrats guys, love you so much!

Now all the sister’s are married, so excited for all the holidays coming up 😀
At the end of the day- family is everything.

How was your weekend? Did it rain where you were?
Have you been a bridesmaid/ MOH before?

Have a great Monday! This girl really needs to study 🙂 xx

Rain or shine ….

Hey hey! Happy Friday ya’ll 😀

We just got back not to long ago from the rehearsal for my sisters wedding!
It’s pouring here.. but rain or shine .. this weekend is going to be beautiful! ❤
So excited to be part of my sister & Brains day { including Oliver }

Happy Weekend

image (12)

We have a little down time right now before dinner, so wanted to pop in and say hello!

Today included: breakfast & coffee at our fav little spot, packing, rehearsal & now a late afternoon coffee and getting ready for tonight’s festivities!

image (11)

image (8)

image (10)
{Got this cute wine for Cassidy, since she’s my middle sister ;-)}

Let the wedding weekend begin 😀 Cheers!

image (13)

Have a wonderful weekend xx

MMIM: AC bachlorette weekend!

Good morning and welcome to a new week!
I know summer still lingers on .. but this was the “last” weekend of summer since school is back in session this week.

What better way than to end the summer than Cassidy’s bachelorette in AC! We had so much fun, lots of laughs, & such a great time from the moment we woke up until we went to bed.

Here are some pictures + highlights of the day!

MiMM MIMM #64 with Girls Night and More!

We arrived around 10:30 at our hotel {Golden Nugget} & met with a few of the other girls who were there while
waiting for the rest of the gang .

We started off with some lite fare and & drinks {She could only drink out of her pimp cup ;-)}
{all of the girls!}

We lounged down by pool for a few hours, catching up, drinking mimosas, catching sunrays & listening to the music they were playing.

After awhile, a few of us snuck away to go to the room to make it a little more “bachelorette” approved before she headed to the room 🙂
Lemon drops, cupcakes, strawberries, champagne & more!
We enjoyed a nice spread while we relaxed, got ready for the night & did some fun things for Cassidy.

We each brought something she can use on their honeymoon, while opening them she also had to guess who gave it and why .. It was funny to hear her answers!
{bachelorette overload}

We had reservations at The Continental over at Caesars, so we finished getting ready & headed out the door!

Dinner was so good! {We love Starr restaurants!}
The food came out like tapas, so we chose a lot! I also loved their presentation with everything.
My favorites from the night … buffalo chicken meatballs & the rocky road dessert {typical} 🙂
{Me + the bachelorette }
Followed by dinner.. it was time to hit the casino & club for a few hours!

… I must admit, we were all pretty tired by the end of the night! We didn’t last nearly as long as we thought we would, we were all shocked. but sometimes getting in your pj’s & talking with the girls is just what the doctor ordered.

We polished off the hummus & cupcakes from earlier and the day and all got in bed.

I arrived home Sunday ready for a longgggggggg cat nap.
It was such a fun filled day with everyone & to celebrate Cassidy’s last few weeks as Miss Burton before she becomes Mrs. Carre!

Alrighty …
Off to scratch things off of my to do list.

Head over to Katie’s blog to see what else is marvelous! Have a great Monday!

MIMM: Showers of happiness! Cassidy’s bridal shower*

Good morning! Welcome to a new and refreshed week!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend : )

Yesterday we had Cassidy’s bridal shower! and what better way than to link up, share & spread some marvelous with the rest of the MIMM gang!

MiMM MIMM #63 with Family Night, Froyo, and More!

We had a BQQ summer style food which included cheese burger sliders, buffalo chicken sliders, homemade mac + cheese, sweet potato fries, & mixed green salad. There was a mason jar overload { our favorites } between the vases + décor,  beautiful sunflowers + sweets! All around, this families favorites ;-)!

.. Here are some highlights! ..

{My sissy bride + me}
{My favorite: cupcake brownies! With homemade pb frosting :-D}
{Menu for the day} EAT – DRINK – & BE MARRIED
{The yummy cake! Showers of happiness <3}
{Mason jar drink glasses which were also favors :)}
{Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.}

Everything turned out great! Between my mom, Courtney & myself, we are all so pleased. Especially Cassidy! Anything for our sister. It was definitely showers of happiness ❤ It was so nice to see a lot of her friends from childhood. Whom I’ve also known for a long time now {Insert little sister following them around everywhere} haha.

Next stop
…. next weekend Atlantic City for her bachelorette! YAY!

I’m off to my mama’s right now to say goodbye to my aunt who was here for the weekend, than hopefully a productive yet chill day!

Have a great day!

Much love xx

Don’t forget. you can always check out what else is marvelous over on Katie’s blog, plus see what everyone else is sharing!