What’s in your basket?

When I first started blogging, one of my first few posts I would share some finds from trader joes, and have it titled “what’s in your basket” I really liked the idea but didn’t keep up with it. probably because most of the time I do buy the same old things over and over again. (I’m talking about you dark chocolate peanut butter cups) and that can get old.
But in all honesty, a lot of things just fall into my basket sometimes ;-). Whether its from trader joes, target, …you name it! I am going to start sharing more of what those items are! Anything from food, fashion, beauty and everything in between. Whatever happens to fit the basket that week I will share : ) I love finding new things – I hope you do too<3
Here is this weeks:
1. Baileys coffee creamer in vanilla brown sugar, so good! I had this at my mom’s house at brunch and had to get some for myself!
2. Trader joes has the best sweets! Loved the mini bags of dark chocolate almonds, perfect afternoon pick me up 🙂
3. Yogi tea in woman’s moon cycle- a little extra help around that time of the month can’t hurt!

4. You may have seen these on instagram, target had a 50% off sale on sneakers, I couldn’t pass up the 10$ bright spring like sneakers!
I love them for weight training.

5. Forever 21 is always a good place to turn to when you have an event, much like this Sunday for Jenna’s Shower!
Thought this would be nice & springy 🙂
6. Falsies mascara! After our little makeup night & tips this was a drug store winner!
And there you have it 😉 A few items that were in my basket. Be on the look out for these posts!

What’s in your basket this week?
xo C


17 thoughts on “What’s in your basket?

  1. What a fun idea for a post. I love the pink and grey dress. It’s adorable & perfect for the warmer temperatures. I have some protein powder, quest bars & other things in my “basket” this week 🙂

  2. Well this is perfect I am amost out of mascara and wanted to try something different! How do you like falsies?

  3. Ah, I get stuck just staring at all the chocolate and sweets that Trader Joe’s has to offer! They just have so many options! But I’ve never seen those mini bags of chocolate covered almonds. Which are perfect, because I never want the whole little tub of them!

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