MIMM = a nephew & belated birthday brunch!

Happy Monday beautiful friends!
Hope you had an excellent weekend, I know I am little tired from the time change but aren’t you happy we have more SUN LIGHT!? Woohoo!
.. As always, thank you Katie for the Monday link up. Always great to start the week on the right foot!
MiMM MIMM #88 4 Word Pic Style
A few marvelous things happened this weekend. We received the best news on Friday that Courtney & Danny will be having a boy! Another little man to join our once girl family 😉 So excited! ❤
Also, We { Cassidy & I } celebrated a dual birthday with the family since we are heading to FL this Saturday and wont be around to do it with our parents, so we decided to combine my February birthday with her March : )
I love when my weekends are filled with happy news & family. Photos… take it away 😉
{ too cute! .. can’t wait to meet the little peanut ❤ }
Sunday’s belated birthday brunch:





Lot’s of yummy different brunch foods and of course cake! My mom each gave us our own { how nice 😉 } white cake with chocolate frosting for cass, brownie for me!
I ended up going to work after, so I never really got much done after the party. It’s Monday, a new day and start to the week = lots to do!


DC eats & recap

hello hello, happy hump day! We just got to one of the coffee shops here in town, No power and tons of trees are down including in our yard, eeek! Hopefully it comes on later.

I’m linking up with Jenn, sharing our D.C. Eats!

We we’re only there for 2 1/2 days, but still lots of fun things to do and eat. If you missed Monday’s post– here’s what we did on Sunday.

Our first dinner there was Mexican theme, all time favorite. My aunt & uncle did such a nice presentation with everything. From the taco salad, burritos, lettuce wraps & Mexican wine. Perfect lame game Super Bowl Sunday dinner.



Monday was our touristy day 😀 Before heading into the city, we enjoyed coffee & breakfast. I enjoyed some fage greek 2% with strawberries, pb & a few nuts.



We drove all over the city seeing the monuments, my uncle did a great job being a tour guide!{ it was a rainy day outside so we drove to most} Plus we visited the Natural History & American History museums.

sight seeing fuel { good thing we stopped by WF } 😉

untitled (18)



{ I loved seeing Julia child’s kitchen & all the different animals }

Once we were done with the two museums, we had one more stop in mind 😉 but we needed something in our bellies first. We walked over to Clyde’s of Gallery Place for a bite. George & I agreed to split a salad and a burger. Great place, something for everyone!



After dinner.. we took a spin to see monuments lite up at night and ….  a visit to GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE!!!!


{happy as a clam 😉 }

We finished our Monday night with cupcakes and the rest of our first second trip to wholefoods ..which by the way I think we created a monster with George. He is now in love with their waffle cookies.

The rest of the evening was spent with lots of laughs, talking & all being on the couch : )

Tuesday morning we woke up to my uncle making some scramble eggs and more of that delicious whole foods coffee. We lingered around for awhile, until it was time to hit the road. We wanted to be back by rush hour/ ALL THIS bad weather!!!


Short trip, but packed with lots of new memories and packed stomachs 🙂 Can’t wait to revisit again!

Have you ever been to DC? Favorite sight?

Alrigty, time to catch up on a few blogs & save some of this battery.
Stay safe and warm ❤


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MIMM: Sunday in Virginia

Gooooooodmorning & happy Monday 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend.  Just checking in and sharing some recent things. George & I left Sunday morning to get to my aunt & uncles house here in Virginia. So far, lot’s of marvelous things to share!

MiMM MIMM #83 Hashtag Style!

Yesterday we stayed around locally to go do some shopping & make dinner at home.
We took our first visit to a new place, world market. oh my word. I want to live in there. They had everything from cute baking supplies, art work, jewelry, fun food! { and lots of chocolates } and oh so many more things. We had so much fun! Definitely bringing home some goodies 😉
{oh hey cookies and cream bar}

Marvelous also is a trip to whole foods. This particular store was soooo much bigger than our one home in PA. Again, it was lots of exploring! #favoriteweekendevent



We came home and tried some of new finds. George had duck wraps, & I had some of the hot bar! always a good choice.

before we knew it, it was time for our Super Bowl Sunday dinner. My aunt Ellen & uncle Jeff did such a great job and such a spread of Mexican food- paired with a Mexican wine, true foodies ❤
{taco salads, burritos + lettuce wraps!}
The remainder of the night was a lot of laughs, watching the game and our cookies from WF- perfect end to the day!

Hopefully the snow holds off so we can head into DC to do some sightseeing, I know back home just got hit with MORE SNOW. What’s with this weather, yesterday reached the 50s!?

Anyways, Happy happy Monday!!

Favorite item from whole foods?
MiMM MIMM #83 Hashtag Style!
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MIMM: New book, sweets & bridal shower ideas!

hello + happy Monday beautiful friends ❤ hope you had a wonderful weekend! Can’t start a Monday without  linking up with Katie : )
MiMM MIMM #81 Sister Birthday + More!

.. here’s some marvelous pictures from the weekend ..

Marvelous is: Beating the rainy day with tuna melts

Marvelous is: a new read!
My sister started reading this and suggested it. NO WAY am I reading it as a diet book, but it’s about wholesome eats and taking care of yourself with certain foods, instead of using your medicine cabinet and much more.

Marvelous is: “blonde” brownies as we call them ❤

Marvelous is: Catching up over Starbucks with mama & courtney
Marvelous is: new measuring cups in our favorite color, found at TJmaxx, they have the best finds!
Marvelous is: healthy, hearty + spicccccy soup made by George : )
Marvelous is: starting to pin and get ideas for Jenna’s shower!

…Speaking of pinning things away for Jenna’s wedding, I’m off to go meet her for coffee & than try on/ order my bridesmaid dress 🙂
Have a happy Monday & start to your week<3

Did you watch the golden globes?
Highlight of your weekend?
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Friday favorites: 1/10

Happy weekend!

I bet your excited for Friday to be here! It seems like it was back to work this week + some classes started again. So I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Thought I would do anther Friday favorites
displaying some of my favorites from this past week, enjoy!

picmonkey_image (23)

1. New nail color: “You don’t know Jacques” By OPI got this color on my toes on Wednesday while getting Pedi’s with Larissa. love this color for winter. it’s a great alternative to red!
OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" nail polish.  Love this color.

2. Speaking of Wednesday, while getting pedicures, we of course had to get coffee 🙂 I think I found my newest victim. Dirty Chai..
Chai tea latté with espresso! love the spice!

3. Oliver’s first birthday is right round the corner! How cute are these invites my sister sent out.

4.Cooking dinner together with my sister! We talk everyday, but sometimes its nice to be face to face + cook together. This time we made salmon with a sweet chili sauce. Yum!

5. This quote: Be with those who help your being ❤
Simple, but isn’t it the truth! You want to be surround by those who encourage you and want you to do well.

What’s your favorite highlight from the week?
Ever had a dirty chai?

Have a