Friday favorites: 1/10

Happy weekend!

I bet your excited for Friday to be here! It seems like it was back to work this week + some classes started again. So I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Thought I would do anther Friday favorites
displaying some of my favorites from this past week, enjoy!

picmonkey_image (23)

1. New nail color: “You don’t know Jacques” By OPI got this color on my toes on Wednesday while getting Pedi’s with Larissa. love this color for winter. it’s a great alternative to red!
OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" nail polish.  Love this color.

2. Speaking of Wednesday, while getting pedicures, we of course had to get coffee 🙂 I think I found my newest victim. Dirty Chai..
Chai tea latté with espresso! love the spice!

3. Oliver’s first birthday is right round the corner! How cute are these invites my sister sent out.

4.Cooking dinner together with my sister! We talk everyday, but sometimes its nice to be face to face + cook together. This time we made salmon with a sweet chili sauce. Yum!

5. This quote: Be with those who help your being ❤
Simple, but isn’t it the truth! You want to be surround by those who encourage you and want you to do well.

What’s your favorite highlight from the week?
Ever had a dirty chai?

Have a


Friday Favorites 10/25

Happy Friday to you all!
What’s on your agenda this weekend?
Tonight + tomorrow will involve work andddddd school work – but Sunday looks like it will be a family day & talking about some up and coming holidays, and events! 😀 Love this time of year and getting together with everyone.

Here are some favorite snaps from my week.

picmonkey_image (9)
I just did another update to the iPhone, I liked the new HELLO &WELCOME. Bonjour 😀

Banana bread + milk { in a mason jar of course!}
I made French toast out of the bread too- yum!

Starbucks. I like you a LATEE 😉

Targetdoesitagain <– on instagram. If you love target like me.. follow them! It’s two girls who instagram items from target from: home, décor, fashion and must haves!


OIAJ. Always a favorite.

Off to go meet my sister at the coffee shop before we head to work! Caffeine is very much needed not only with school work, but working at the restaurant! 😉


PB & plum + Friday favorites: Cape Style

When I got back from the cape, I had a jar waiting for me.. an empty jar : ) Oats in the jar with a childhood spin on it..

Between the peanut butter & plum {with a drizzle of honey} it was like a pb+j sanadwich for breakfast. The fact that the plum was warm & swirled in there.. it was a winning combination!

photo (2)

*       *       *

…. I haven’t done a Friday favorites in a while. On Wednesday, I shared some foodie pics from our little getaway.

>> Here are some of my favorites!

1: Hydrangeas- They are the staple item of the cape, during the summer.
Blue, pink & purples line up the streets where ever you go.

2: Chatham we always take a trip over to Chatham to walk around, shop, eat & explore!
I got a lot of funjewelry to go along with the original cape cod bracelet. A fun one with the cape logo on it along with a anchors.. so summery! Plus we tried some new olive oil from Gustare, I really enjoyed the chipotle flavor but the sicilian gold was the winner.


3: Sandbars the beach we go to has sandbars for miles. Just sand & sky!

4: Mini golf! …  It’s hilarious to play & watch all of us get sixes. but somehow I won 🙂

5: Walks on the beach & exploring. My all time favorite thing to do!
This year I did not spot any sand dollars, but lots of hermit crabs 🙂


What’s a favorite from your vaca?!

Happy weekend

Friday Favorties 5/10

Hi!!  Good afternoon.. Since it’s Friday, I thought I would do another Friday favorites!

image (10)
Earlier in the week I did some spring cleaning to my closet. Before dropping off the clothes to goodwill, I went to platos closet. I basically broke even because I got this T-shirt dress {American apparel} – I thought it would be perfect for the Cape 😎 Couldn’t pass up on 12$!

Sancks for work*

Snacks for work*

{Carmel trail mix}
It defiantly was just Carmel pieces no complaints here! Perfect for that time of the month 😉

image (11)
The patio @ work is finally underway and open for the summer!
I love these new lights they strung across 🙂



Cassidy will kill me if she sees this picture up here, ha-ha. But Wednesday I got to face time my sister while she was out in Cali so she could see her little love buggy.
Me and the little nugget miss her<3

image (1)
Tea time & working on school work outside the café w/ Larissa.

image (2)
Whole foods makes for a great place to get a gift!
My friend Lauren just celebrated her birthday yesterday so I wanted to pick up some of her favorites:)
{tea-honey-candle-chocolate bar-clif & chap stick!}

What’s favorite about your week ?!

Friday Favs 4/26

Did this week fly by or what…
Currently at the coffee house starting my final portfolio for the semester which is due NEXT Friday, wee!
So I wanted to get a head start before I embark a long weekend of work.

This week I didn’t have my computer for a few days,
so here are some highlights- aka Friday favs 🙂

image (8){Afternoon delight}

Wednesday after class, George & I got to do “after school” activities

image (9)

image (11)

Hello there bright crocs*

Something about being outdoors at dusk + playing H O R S E made me feel like a little kid 🙂
These activities were a majority of my “workouts” this week.
I need to get back in the swing of things!,
I’m calling it active rest*}

image (10)

image (3){froyo}
We checked out a new frozen yogurt place in town- yum yum yogurt
I got a little heavy handed as my sister would say.
hence the pile of butter fingers…. oooops 🙂

Crack one, crack them all.

Crack one, crack them all.

{My new favorite snack}
Pistachios + dark choc goji berries.
great match!

1a8a2f3239a2f63bf07caa8cfdabe09d{Loving this quote for this week}


I love this little heavy thing lately. It leaves me sore for days,
I need to do more of!

10 push ups
10 kettle ball swings
10 sumo squats
15 push ups
15 kettle ball swings
15 sumo squats
20 push ups
20 kettle ball swings
20 sumo squats

Great all over body work out 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend friends! Enjoy the sunshine.
Let me know if you try this workout!