Keeping “warm” in the winter {playlist}

Well, it’s no secret that this winter has been absolutely freezing and tons of snow. Which = wanting to stay home and cuddle with blankets. But, with the right music.. going to the gym is a treat in the winter to get hot & sweaty 😉 or …  that’s just a good way at looking at it.

I’ve been loving these current songs which are helping me get to the gym and staying motivated! I know it will for you too!
here’s what I’m listening too, I also made this playlist with YouTube, so when I got to the gym, these songs all play one after another.
untitled (17)

How important is music for you when working out? Need it? or could careless?
I need it, no better feeling then zoning out with some tunes.

What’s on your current playlist?

Hope these tunes get you to the gym and keep warm while it’s faaaareeezing out 🙂 Have a great day! xo

Snow day & .. Currently { january addition }

Happy humpday! Maybe it’s even better since your off from work/ school if your in the area.. got tons of snow yesterday! It started around 9 AM & by 11 roads we’re awful. It took me 2.5 hours to get home when it should have been 30 mins.

Once home safe & sound, we went for lunch, took naps & cooked dinner  AND shoveling is no joke.. what a workout 😉



Here’s what’s currently happening, as of January

Current book: Crazy Sexy Diet. I’ve been reading a chapter a night & so far very informative!

current music:  XO – Beyoncé

Current guilty pleasure: Pinning away at night-time for Jenna’s bridal shower. So fun!

Current nail color: au natural & you don’t know Jaques on toes 🙂
OPI You Dont Know Jacques

current drink: dirty chai latte .. favorite.

current food: Banana

current obsession: Finding out how to make a playlist on youtube for the gym.

current wish: that I could snap my fingers and be on an island. or better yet, Florida in march!

current need: getting my hair recolored.. thank god doing it today! #hotmess

current triumph: having my first post grad interview yesterday & went well! Not a full-time job, but an internship with some of the things I’m interested it : )

Current bane of my existence: nothing I can think of at this very moment!

current indulgence: Drinking this yummy chai latte.

Current procrastination: Getting my licensed renewed. MUST DO before February 15th for birthday.

Current blessing: my family, maybe cliché, but at the end of the day.. they are the ones who continue to support me & believe in me.

current excitement: looking forward to DC in early February! My birthday! & FLORIDA. HEYYYY
Are u?

current mood: Ready to tackle the day

current link: bloglovin & pinterest what else is new?

What’s your current read/ favorite song?

Current indulgence?

Enjoy your day, xo

Friday favorites + HBD mama! <3 11/ 15

picmonkey_image (23)Well well.. Friday has arrived! and today is a very special birthday, happy birthday to my beautiful mama! Thanks for teaching me that it’s totally acceptable to eat cake, frostings & ice cream in the morning 🙂 !!

>> Let’s back up a little bit, and here are some favorites from
the week & my mom’s birthday dinner! <<

This might be my new favorite. I randomly saw it at Marshalls + HAD to try.

New NAKED flavor to me: Orange carrot, loved it!

Feeling pasty.. time to brighten the skin with this!

I made it to yoga again this week! Once a week is what I’m aiming for 🙂

This song came up on Pandora while at the gym.. lovin’ it!

Spiced up some brownies with the coconut choc + shreds!

* * *
On Wednesday night, Cassidy & I went over to my mom’s to celebrate her birthday. We made her these Mediterranean burgers {she said they were the best she ever had! <3} sweet potato fries, & a big ol’ salad. AND of course beautiful hot pink cupcakes!



Happy birthday mama! AND happy birthday to my father in law over in Greece! lots of love to all of you 🙂

Have a great weekend ❤

Currently …. September addition

Hi guys! Happy Friday!
How’s your day going, or weekend looking?! Any football parties? hehe. Now that football is here, I know George will be watching the games a lot on Sunday’s… I really want to make a buffalo chicken dip!

I was  STILL am super sleepy this morning. I don’t know if it was the coffee I drank at 5pm yesterday at work, or the cookies my mom gave me {thanks for dessert!} But, I just couldn’t sleep last night. Hate that feeling! So, I took care of my sleepiness with an iced coffee from DD { savoring the last few times of iced coffee } & had myself a pumpkin muffin. IMG_6053
Since it’s the weekend, how about a currently post- I have seen them all over the blogosphere 🙂

Current book:
I would have to say all of my school books at the moment.

Current music:
I’ve been loving: Maroon 5 LOVE SOMEBODY & Katty perrys: ROAR.
Perfect windows down kinda music for the car.

Current guilty pleasure:
Looking at interest every night for some fall ideas and drooling over them !!! 🙂
Current drink:
My Coffee, I don’t know why I’m nursing it today.

Current food:
Currently snacking on a banana and PB. Pre lunch snack. I’m thinking of what I want …

Current show:
I stated before I was obsessed with OITNB { orange is the new black } which is on Netflix.. but since that’s been over I am catching up on Pretty Little Liars.. love it!

Current wish list:
New fall attire. Boots, sweaters, scarves. You name it. Plus some new Nikes. and maybe a much-needed mani.

Current triumphs:
This morning I got one of the problems I was working on, my face lit up a Christmas tree!

Current links:
Pinterest <– follow me!

Current needs:
Probably a second cup of coffee and a nap & shower before work.

Current indulgence:
This peanut butter and I have been attached at the hip. I just got it and I already made a mean dent in it! 🙂

Current outfit:
Leggings, sneakers, my diy tank top & bun. #uniform

Current excitement:
Looking forward to our 3 year anny! Not sure what we’re going to do, but a nice dinner is definitely in the works.

Current mood:
At this moment Definitely not feeling like my “go go go” self: but hey it’s okay!

Welp, like my current needs said: I better get on that second coffee & make some lunch before work tonight.
Happy weekend ❤

Tuesday tidbits

Last nights dinner was delicious & filled with great company! It was storming out,
but that couldn’t hold us back from having a good time.
We went to a local BYO called Marlys. {we always joke that when we go
there its always bad weather, but it is… I want to sit outside in their court-yard ;-)}

^Bento box: Fish taco, roasted red pepper hummus, salmon cakes & BBQ wings.
My favorite- shrimp with guac & mango salsa.^

^We had a little bit of wine tasting party.. hehe. I really enjoyed the Greek red wine, axia. I highly recommend it!^

Ellen & Seth’s wedding is NEXT WEEKEND !!! We will be road tripping up to Maine.

Speaking of the wedding, I still need to do my speech…
this causes me so much anxiety for some reason, I’m the worst public speaker :-O

I just used my DD application this morning for the fist time, I didn’t realize you could get “offers” I clearly only use my phone for pictures : )
I will take a turbo shot & donuts any day! I also downloaded my other coffee love, Starbucks..
Breakfast is still the same around here. I love steel-cut oats!
Today I had it with some mixed nuts, honey, coconut shreds, pb & strawberries.
It really never gets old. I like to call it my breakfast of champions 🙂

I got a new gem for the garden. You can never have enough Buddha’s.

Food & Wine magazine has some great recipes.
this one looks like an awesome side dish for any summer meal.
{Brussels sprouts, toasted pecans, top with avocado in a balsamic drizzle}

Cassidy sent this to me the other day,
I’m thinking of adding it into whatever I do daily..
30 day squat challenge!

>> Check out this article <<
it’s very interesting.
About a man who went back to his home in Greece {was very sick}
but naturally healed himself.
It gets me thinking a lot about how we MUST take care of ourselves, where ever we are.
I have been all about natural remedies lately + trying them.
Gotta Learn to relax, breathe, eat well, & laugh often.
Also, makes me miss Greece!

listening too:
emancipator – dusk to dawn
Loving this whole album.

Have a fantastic afternoon