MIMM: Making the best of it

Hello and happy Monday, Marvelous Monday that is!

I am sooooooo happy to report that on Sunday morning, we got our power back. It has been a… interesting past few days, little overwhelming but very grateful we were able to spend one night at my sisters and the remainder three nights with my mom. Philadelphia & four other surrounding counties, including ours declared a state of emergency. Chester County was most-impacted, with about 95,000 homes without power! The fact that we haven’t been home since we left for DC was starting to kick in. All is well, time for us to go grocery shopping since everything had to be tossed!

Even though we had no power, I still did my best to make the most of it. Lots of down time and spent with family.
Here are some pics from the weekend!
MiMM MIMM #83 Hashtag Style!
Marvelous is ..
A trip to Costco, my mama treated me to some “bulk items” and insisted that I get the BIG bag of chocolate chips : )

Marvelous is ..
Trying some new chocolate from world market!

Marvelous is ..
receiving my February birch box, it came at the most perfect time!


Marvelous is ..
enjoying lots of yummy eats made by my mama.

{ Pancakes & a hearty chili }

Marvelous is ..
a target run for hair products + little things.

Marvelous is ..
being reunited with Dunc & being home!! I felt so bad for him these past few days, what a trooper!

Thanks Katie for making Monday a little extra special!

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and my birthday week! Saturday is so close, but far away.. can’t wait for birthday dinner with my girlfriends in the city, and… NO MORE snow please!

Have a great day xx

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Hibernation mode weekend

Happy Monday friends, hope you all had a good weekend!

this weekend was low key and very wintry! snow, freezing temps + ice! So, to me that means hibernation mode. If I wasn’t at work, I was cozy in pjs! Especially because of my new pink thermal pjs, I want to wear them ALL day.

Friday we woke up to lot’s of snow, but ventured out for a little while!





{^^ my new favorite breakfast-
waffles, almond butter, yogurt, mix my own + fruit, ah great combo!^^}

Sunday we wanted to head out and have breakfast, it was actually still really icy out, that we went up the street to a local place to eat.
For being indecisive, the “G buster” is always a good choice! 2 eggs, 2 {chocolate chip} pancakes, sausage, bacon + toast!


I went into work for a little, but ended the night with a yogurt bowl + watching into the wild. And cozy in my pink PJs 😉

& there’s that hibernation weekend in a nutshell.
How many more days still spring ?!

Have a marvelous Monday, stay warm! I’m off to the mall with my mama + Cassidy, Still have some giftcards to use from Christmas 😀
xo C
MiMM MIMM #80 Sister Birthday + More!

Weekend pics + Mix my own review & 20% off*

Welcome to a new week & last Monday of the year! whose ready for a fresh start?
Something about the new year always seems exciting. A blank canvas. Not that you can’t start over any other day of the year, but it’s always great to start the year on a good note 😉 before we talk about starting on the right foot.
>> here’s some weekend pics! <<
MiMM MIMM #80 Post Holiday Relaxing + A Half Birthday!

.. books ..

.. my birchbox came Friday! ..

.. 3 mile walk/ jog OUTside ..


.. rainy day lunch with G ..

.. new make up ..

.. coffee cake ..
easy going weekend with post Christmas blues!

So now,

speaking of starting on a good note & the new year, how about breakfast, it is the most important meal. some of my favorites: Oats & parfaits! I recently tried mix my own, from the creators Klara & David-I am more than half way done and just received it! 😀

unnamed (2)

With MixMyOwn.com, you have 100% control over your health. You get simple, clean food. No unnecessary calories, no fillers, no extras, and nothing to get in the way of your day.

 Mix my own is such a unique idea. You get to choose what you want in your muesli while creating it yourself!  You start with your base, base ingredients, fruits, nuts + seeds and then some extras! They also have gluten free options, which I chose as my base.



Choose from:

Base- oats, crunchy granola, vanilla.. and more!
Base ingredients- quinoa, Organic Kamut Puffs, toasted wheat germ plus some other crunchy goodness.
fruits-dried bananas, strawberries, dates & apple chips. Great way to brighten your mix!
Nuts+Seeds- get some extra protein with a wide variety
Extras-add some chocolate to your mix with cocoa bits, yum!

Not only can you create your own, you can also purchase one of their delicious pre maid mixes: Fitness mix, strawberry almond, tutty nutty & many more.

**Klara offered piece of cait readers 20% off your purchase starting today through next week. I highly recommend checkin out their website and start mixing! 😀 Use this code –> HEALTHYBREAKFAST

Disclaimer: I am reviewing Mix my own myself, all opinions are my own. I reached out to Klara after finding out about them and their business. I am just spreading the word!

Have a marvelous Monday friends, xo

MIMM: Cookie baking + Winterfest

Hey guys, happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Today I am going to my last FINAL.. Wooo!!!
but before I do, wanted to share some marvelous pictures from the weekend. A coffee date with my mama, Christmas cookie baking + ice skating with my sisters!
MiMM MIMM #78 with Date Night In and Meeting Santa!

Friday morning I met my mom for coffee, as we discussed our cookie swap and baking she said “hold on one minute” ran out to her car and gave me a cookie scoop!  I was so excited and used it right away .. oh the little things!IMG_8065
🙂  Double chocolate chunk cookies with andies mints! YUM.

Saturday, it snowed again. I had to work and it was probably a bad decision to volunteer and be the one to go in… it was D E A D. When I arrived home I wrote all the Christmas cards, just need to send them out!


Sunday, my sisters, brian + I headed down to Philly to the Winterfest. There was ice skating, hot chocolate, pop up stores + more! We haven’t been ice skating in so long.. so it was pretty funny the first few times around 😉




The rest of sunday was low key and relaxing. More Christmas tunes, decorating of the tree and some more baking.
I’ll share this week!

Hope you had a splendid weekend!

Did it snow where you lived?
Do you write Christmas cards or send out pictures?

If you missed Friday’s DIY Christmas post– check it out! Christmas is 9 days away!

MIMM: 3 Word Monday

hey there Monday, how’s it going? We’re back from the weekend. But this week will be a short one, plus lots of thanksgiving festivities! This weekend was filled with some family time, shopping, movie night {had to have George see bridesmaids} & prepping for thanksgiving.
MiMM #MIMM #76 Hashtag Style
I didn’t have a post ready to go- but still wanted to share bits + pieces from the weekend, with 3 words. XO

My favorite muffin

Shopping for boots

Having sister time ❤

My side kick 🙂

Oliver is crawling!

Yummy breakfast bars

Walking and reading

Omelets for breakfast

Have a happy Monday, gotta get some MORE school work done. <— almost, officially done. EEKS
& than getting my hair done later 🙂