Thinking Out Loud {4/ 3}

AH, So happy its Thursday. Especially because its thinking out loud kinda day. Best day for random moments to be typed out..
… Yesterday was one of those days where I actually off from work {woo} but still had something’s to which I did neglect {laundry, cough cough} but didn’t really know how to go about my day. It was rainy, I was tired, blah blah blah. I went to Starbucks and then the nail salon. That seemed to shake things up a bit. Still, what can you do.. sometimes you gotta ride out those blah days.
{OPI – The Girls Are Out}

… On a positive note though, Tuesday I found out I was accepted as a sweat pink ambassador! SO happy to be part of this community & finding myself : )
SPambassador4 (2)
… Yesterday I helped my friend Molly with one of her projects. Her project was about health and social media { great topic BTW! }, She had to interviewed me as part of the video, where I somehow kept forgetting what I was saying…Oh boy, can’t wait to see the outtakes.. I wonder how many times I said the f bomb! :-O

… Last night I went to a Stella & Dot jewelry trunk show with Larissa. Another great thing to do when feeling BLAH is hang with girlfriends. I got to meet a lot of her friends, window shop & get some good laughs 😉 I didn’t buy anything but I DO have my eye on this bag. {the front comes off and becomes a clutch!}


The dress I got this week for Sunday {I love} but I don’t have anything to really wear over top since it’s still chilly. I may need to call in the reserves and wear something else until it gets warmer!

… Speaking of Sunday, I gotta get something’s together before the big party! Can’t wait to shower Jenna with some l o v e : )

That’s all I’ve got going on in my mind right now 😉 Head over to Amanda’s blog to hear see what others are thinking.

Here’s to hopefully not having a blah day, they usually only last one day. – How do you deal with those kinda days?

16 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud {4/ 3}

  1. Everyone has those off days – and I personally think you handled yours well. I mean what could be better than grabbing starbucks & getting your nails done? Well maybe if you added in a wash & cut 🙂

  2. I usually just catch up on my shows on blah days, I swear I have them at least once a week!! Love that purse btw! You should definitely get it, especially since it’s really just a 2 for 1 :). Congrats on becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!! That’s super exciting!!! And I really want to see those outtakes hahaha

  3. Congrats on being accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I was so excited when I was but haven’t really kept up with the community as much as I should be. Guess I need to get on that ;). I’m glad you were able to treat yourself and get out of that funk we all get sometime. Starbucks usually does a pretty good job at cheering me up too! Except my wallet. Starbucks and my wallet don’t get along all too well ;).

  4. Gah… those days are just annoying. I definitely get hit with them sometimes and I find that pampering myself or getting out of the house to hang with friends are the things that help the most. Then there are those times where I just have to ride it out. Thankfully I usually wake up the next day in a much better mood.

    Hope today is a better one for you!

  5. LOVE! Thank you so much for coming out I know you had a lot to do! I am happy you got to put real life (not facebook/IG) faces to names =) I realllllyyy love that bag for you… hmmm.. graduation is coming along, its good to have a versitile grown up day bag thats a fun night one too.. especially to fit ALLLLL your stuff mary poppins 🙂 love you! xx

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