Treat yourself: DIY lavender scrub

Hi there! I meant to share this with you after Christmas but time got away!

For Christmas, part of Courtney’s gift { home made “birchbox” with makeup & Sephora gift card } I also threw in a homemade gift. A lovely lavender DIY scrub. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this scent. So calming, tranquil & relaxing!

I love Becky’s treat yourself posts, thought this scrub would be great to share!

During the winter it’s also very important to take care of your skin, it can become dry & dull.
Insert, lavender sea salt scrub 🙂 I also made myself one.. instant relaxation!

You probably already have all the ingredients , just need some lavender essential oil.

Sea salt
Raw sugar
Lavender esstinal oil
Olive oil
& a jar

All the measurements really depend on the size of your jar, I used a small mason jar that’s the perfect size.

Fill your jar up with a mixture of salt + sugar. once you measure, dump that back out & mix with olive oil, until coarse.
Depeding on your preference. Drop the lavender oil into the mixture. { I did about 10 drops }
Stir all together { for additional } dried lavender.
Packge it up, use, & feel relaxed.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge
How did you treat yourself this week?


Homemade avocado face mask!

Hi there, how’s your day going?!

Today for me, is much better.. still busy but better : )

For instance, some days just require a little more love, or self love that is.
Between Sunday and yesterday I was starting to feel RUN DOWN. Since it’s very easy to get caught up in the schedule of go go go. Between now the new semester at school, homework, work, gym, spending time with friends, George, oh and homework again. I’ve been feeling a tad run down, tired & just needed some rest.

Yesterday I decided to kick this week’s butt by going to my sister’s gym with her! It was a lot of fun { we already talked this morning and said how sore we are.. weee!} I hope we can manage to do this at least once a week together.

When I got home, I was ready for a little pampering.

INSERT- a homemade avocado face mask! Not gonn lie. while I was putting it on my face, I may have had a few licks 🙂

IMG_6144You’ll need:

  • 1 avocado { I used half since I ate the other half! but it was more than
    enough }
  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • Half of a lemon


    • Slice avocado in half and remove pit
    • Scoop out pulp and place in bowl
    • Mix the honey & olive oil
    • Mash together until smooth and creamy
    • Squeeze fresh lemon onto avocado (to keep avocado from turning brown)
    • Spread mask evenly across face and neck
    • Let it sit for 10-15 minutes
    • Rinse off mask with warm water
    • Pat face and neck dry with hand towel

Making a face mask with avocado is great! Since they are a healthy fat, which our bodies need to continue to grow and repair. Especially avocado, they can help with anti aging : ) SIGN ME UP!!!

>> You could also use this as a hair mask, which I may try later.

Don’t forget to listen to your body and when it’s time to rest and recollect 🙂

Part of Tuesdays for me is class and then work.. so I gotta jet. Have a good day<3

DIY workout tank top

Hey there! How’s your morning been?
I just got home from classes, I have a little bit of time in between getting to work, so I wanted to share a DIY project with you!

I’m sure many of you have tons and tons of t-shirts, that for one: aren’t your size. or two: jut sitting there. Because I
have countless countless countlessssssss shirts from over the years collected from visiting friends from school, getting them at sporting events, and so on. I recently got rid of many, but kept a few for some projects.

Yesterday I decided to put one of the thousands of shirts to use. An easy DIY project!picmonkey_image (13)

All you need is:

1- T shirt of your choice
2- Scissors

1- Lay the shirt on a flat surface and fold it together length wise.
2- Cut off { around } the collar of the shirt
3- Than proceed to the sleeves. Leave a good 2 inches for your shoulders. Cut off the sleeves
4- Trim the bottom of your shirt
5- Flip your new tank around to the backside and thread the bottom piece that you cut off & make a bow.
6- Fold your shirt one last time length wise & trim the bottom again, this time cutting across and slightly down so it’s a tad longer in the back.

Now… go workout in your new super cute tank! 😀

If need a visual, check this one out!

diy workout tank. doing this to my way-too-big tshirts!
Off to grab some lunch! Have a good rest of your afternoon.


Jenna’s birthday dinner + honored + cupcake cups!

Hello friends, happy Thursday to you all! One day closer to the weekend!

#2 this week. I need more JARS :-P

#2 this week. I need more JARS 😛

I’m sitting down to a nice warm breakfast + iced hazelnut coffee. Taking some time to surf the web, read some blogs & search for new pinterest finds since this weekend is going to bet yet another busy one! We are going to be catering a grad party Saturday. So gotta get the ball rollin’ and start prepping.

Special shout out to one of my best friends, Jenna on her birthday!*

* * *
Last night, Jenna and I went into town at the Bistro so we could sit outside and celebrate her birthday.
We came, we saw, and we ate…. isn’t that how birthdays are supposed to go? 😉

We caught up over drinks and our appetizer for awhile, followed by entrees and dessert!
{prosciutto wrapped shrimp with parmesan}
^great combo^

For my main meal I went with my favorite fried goat cheese salad with buffalo chicken.

^A recycled pic from last week, same thing:)^

^A recycled pic from last week, same thing:)^

Dessert was a peanut butter pie.. yum.

We sat out there for awhile, we could talk for hours. We always laugh our faces off about some of our favorite childhood memories.
I cherish her friendship so much.

And… she asked me to be her MOH !
I am so honored to be her MOH on her big day.
I’m already so excited to start planning with her
She is my first friend to get married so it makes all the more special!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Part of Jenna’s gift this year was cupcakes,
Who wouldn’t want there OWN personal cupcake cup?

^I made two of these cups using a total of 6 cupcakes^

-I sliced each cupcake in half.
-Starting with the bottom half of the cupcake in the cup,
-layered with vanilla frosting then put the top of the cupcake on
-I repeated this until I reached the top of the cup
-Finish with sprinkles
-Wrap it up in small bag add a tie!

Perfect way to display your cupcake{s} and eat!

For birthdays, do you usually get a cake? or some other kind of dessert?
I am not the biggest traditional white cake fan, I always ask my mom for cupcake brownies
with frosting for my birthday dessert 🙂

DIY Face mask + prep work



After having last week off completely from classes, yesterday I decided to take all my finals in one shot. Not sure if it was the smartest idea, I did still have tomorrow to take the last one. But I’m glad it’s over!

Yesterday I was feeling very tired and drained. Between school and that time of that month.. I definitely soaked up sometime lounging around 🙂

Once night time rolled around I still felt and looked drained and it didn’t look so hot! 😉 I took some time to do some self-love and made a DIY home mask. Let me tell you, I felt like a whole new person. My skin felt renewed!

IMG_3418 (2)

Here’s what you’ll need:
> Half of a lemon
> Honey { the amount of a silver dollar }
> Baking soda
> A little bit of salt <– exfoliation

* Wet your face
* Mix the honey, baking soda + salt on the head of the lemon
* Massage in gentle motion on your face in circular motions
* Wash the remainder of the residue off
* Pat dry and put on your night time cream

* * *

The remainder of the week is going to be dedicated to getting things in order for our bff Ellen’s bridal shower + Bach party this Saturday!

HAHA. But seriously.

HAHA. But seriously.

Move over coffee… time for some fun! 😎

Tomorrow Cassidy is coming over and we plan on rearranging some furniture, cleaning up and doing a little pre set up.

I gotta finish the question game & maybe design something cute on this chalk board for the guests to see when they walk in!IMG_3423
Alrighty friends, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

I do still need some coffee.