Thursday Thoughts: Do you “sink” into yourself?

A little Thursday thought:

Do you ever hide from yourself? or do you fill up in all your space and are proud of you who you are? I guess it’s kind of double edge sword. There maybe a time in class when you may get called on and sink into your chair, into yourself because you feel unsure. Or, are you so proud to be you {which is good thing} but sometimes let the ego get in the way.

I never thought about this until last night when I attended a yoga class and we worked on eagle pose. or, what they would call in Buddhism. Garuda.

The pose looks like this: You may have done it before- but a little story behind it..Eagle pose. Tree pose. You-just-nailed-it pose. You flow in and out of each stance while expanding and then curling back into yourself.
LONG story short, There was a time when Garuda’s mother had lost a bet and was sentenced to be a slave. So to get to her back he had a shrink real small, jump in and out of the fire and save her. Which he did and became the new hero.

It made me think about it apply the eagle pose to my daily life and the outcome is, I feel like I CURL INTO myself way to much. Instead of feeling confident in whatever it is, I always second guess myself and don’t give myself enough credit. Our bodies, are meant to expand and swell up with enlightenment. It made me realize that I really need to use my confidence to the best ability, The next time someone gives a compliment, or I’m presenting something or even speaking my mind. I will try a little more not to sink into myself.
Be confident

If you think about it which part of the pose are you? Do you not give yourself enough credit or are you always proud?


10 ways to stay motivated this winter!

Hey hey! good morning to you all!
hope you’ve had a great week thus far, the weekend is on the horizon-

I wanted to share with you a few things that came to mind last night as I was almost about to skip out on yoga, I had to remember that I was committed and staying motivated. {I DID  go}

But how I so badly was so content in bed at 6 o’clock with Duncan. HA. ~  Something about being dark at 4pm makes me want to put on my jammies, hop into bed, eat dinner & fall asleep by 5! But I am doing my best not letting the darkness fool me. Here are some ways I’ve been trying to keep motivated even though putting on my jammies, hoping into bed, eating dinner & going to sleep sound oh-so delightful 😉

{ your killing me smalls }

>> Here are 10 ways to keep motivated this winter <<

1- Plan ahead: Lately I’ve been doing my best to have 2-3 rest days. This way I know that I should being moving my booty the other days. Some may plan ahead an actual work out, I tend to plan more “workout days”. Really helps!

2-Sign up for a class! Looking forward to a fun class seems a lot more motivating. Try something new, or something you enjoy. When you know you have an obligation to the class, it’s all the more likely you’ll go. Try: yoga, spin, zumba or boxing!
crow pose

3-Grab a partner: Someone who is going to motivate you and keep you accountable! It’s very easy to get unomoated in the dark cold winter months. I mean, it just sounds awful. Find someone who has the same interest in you & also a motivator! Cassidy & I have been pep talking wach other and hitting up yoga.
partner workout: sets-1 reps-10-12 rest-60 seconds

4-Don’t sit, walk: Walking is a great way to get your body moving. Don’t sit and watch TV, go to the gym and put on a show! I have done this countless times.. E News, kardashians, housewives. Walk for 30 mins!

5-Don’t sit, read: Just like #4, take your new magazine to the gym and read it there while riding the bike, ellepitcal or treadmill. Time will fly!

6-Update your playlist: Nothing gets me in the mood for running than some goods songs. Lately, loving Florence + the machine!
Winter 2012-13 Running + Workout Playlist. #FitFluential
>> Check out this one! via Housewife glamour <<

7-Sign up for something in the future: Marathon in the spring? Keep motivated and work towards your goals!

8-Bunddle up and do something f u n: ski, snowboard or ice skate. It’a a fun way to enjoy the winter but they are really great workouts!

9-One hour a day: This gets me really motivated on the days I dread to work out, think about it.. only one hour of your time to increase your health + body for the better. After that hour, you can return to doing it is what you were doing 😀
Devoting one hour a day will make you the best you can be.

10- and lastly… as nike would say: J U S T . D O . I T! you’ll thank yourself later.

How do you keep yourself motivated?
Anyone else feel like it’s hard to stay on track during the winter?


Waiting for it to happen …

So I’m still waiting for my skin to turn orange, say what ?!… 🙂

My mom has told me multiple times that if you eat tons of orange food .. { which is great for skin } your skin can turn an orange pigment – so I am waiting since I have been on a squash kick! hehe

Sunday we polished off a squash. Loved it so much I got more yesterday!

My other orange eating has been a sweet potato everyday & carrots! .. not to say I want my skin to turn, but I am totally getting lots of orange eats! yay for beta-carotene! 🙂

* * *
Last night Cassidy & I made it to another yoga class- score!
plus, the place I go to is on living social: 5 for 25$ great deal. So all the more to keep going & switching tings up.



And today .. is super gloomy, gray & rainy! So before work, I am gonna sip on some tea and relax. Hey, it seems fitting 😉

talk to ya later!
x C

Do you go through any phases with food?

Hello old friend .. AND hello halloween!

Last night I finally made it back to yoga.

After I leave a yoga class and being absence for awhile ..  I always think “why did I stop?” but truth be told, the days I can get to yoga it has seemed that I have always had another obligation- but last night .. my night was open. So my sister and I headed to class.


My instructor, Kate who I love { and she actually made fall in love with yoga } is out of town in Hawaii! so we opted for the earlier class & hatha yoga. That we could ease our way back into yoga with some good stretching and be home back in time for school work American horror story. 😉

Even with the light stretching, I felt already 100% better and even shaky! I am really hoping that Cassidy & I can do some sort of activity once a week together!

God, I missed yoga.

Oh and happy Halloween to all you weeines! 😉
What are your plans? I am seeing tons of treats on instagram & blogs- I had plans to make something but then Halloween just kind of showed up  … funny how that happens. OOPS!

BUT- I did try these last night.. pumpkin spice kisses, have you tried them yet?
I think these would taste great in some cookies! Defiantly going to get some and bake with them!

Try these for a healthy TREAT. No trick! 🙂
Chocolate chip pumpkin protein ballzzzzz

{Recipe can be found here}

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? – REESES!
Any plans for tonight? – I have to work, womp womp.

have a great day loves!

Vegging out, Yoga + Marinated lime chicken

Hi there!

I am feeling more than ready to take on this week! Yesterday was one of those days where I went to bed {Sunday} thinking I was going to be productive Monday… Let’s just say it was a little less than stellar. But hey, that’s okay!

It was very easy-going, I got to spend time at my moms and hang out with my aunt before she had to head back home. It’s nice to be able to hang out with my mom & her, plus my sister! {sister’s unite!} 😀

Plus, with this little fella, I could eat him up! He is going be 7 month’s soon. TIME.IS.FLYING!
Highlight of the day/ evening was having a really nice meal at home. I know, it sounds silly. But, the next four nights will be a whirlwind of working & not being home. Working in the industry, We always like to go out and try new places but sometimes being out all the time can become tiring. There’s nothing like the comfort of your own home<3

Last night I welcomed a nice yoga class with open arms. It was much-needed! A great way to begin the week. We worked on the Manipura Chakra, which is our self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. We did a lot of warrior and boat poses which left the classroom very warm! I really enjoy learning about the charkas! it’s very interesting : )

After class, I came home to Geo grilling the chicken he had marinated earlier in the day. Within the first bite I was in love with the flavor!

The ingredient’s were eye balled, but I wanted share! It’s a good one to have on had & possibly grill one last time before summer is over!

Olive oil
Lime juice
cayenne pepper
salt pepper
old bay

Grill to your liking & serve!

I topped the lemon chicken with salsa & served with a side salad, a sweet potato with cinnamon & some longs hots!

A great combo!

After dinner, it was time to relax on the couch & enjoy some ben and jerrys. Half baked for him, Phish food for me.

Having a very chill day definitely gave me back some good energy for this week coming up!
Always remember to listen to your body, rest when needed & take however many days you need to veg out.


What’s your favorite brand of ice cream?

What’s your favorite ben & jerry’s flavor?