About CAIT

Hi ! welcome to piece of cait…

a little piece of me and my small corner of the blogging world. I started piece of cait to share health and fitness things to friends + family but it also opened me up to a whole new world! So it’s pretty sweet 🙂

>> Here’s some things about me/ what you’ll see on here <<

  • My main squeeze, George. happily married 3.5 years & counting 🙂


  • Our furbaby Duncan.
  • My wonderful friends + beautiful family
  • I am probably one of the most optimistic people out there, my friends call me baby Buddha. I LIVE BY QOUTES!
  • I love sweet and coffee and more sweets!
Happy as a clam

Happy as a clam

  • But I also love salads, I used to hate them growing up but now I love em’!
  • One of my favorite things to do is hike, I’m so glad that valley forge park is literally in our background. It’s probably one of my favorite forms of exercise!

image (25)

  • I  also love yoga, I love hitting the mat and going on a journey with myself.
  • I try my best to eat things that don’t contain gluten. I’ve never gone to the doctors for it, but between several trial and errors, I’ve done a good job on what my stomach likes and doesn’t like. But I will never pass up a homemade baked good or something I truly want. It’s worth the stomache 😉
  • I used to hate breakfast foods and only ate small things for my breakfast, now it’s my favorite meal.
  • Since I started blogging I recently discovered I really like the whole health & fitness stuff, I would love to dig deeper and perhaps take classes in the future.
  • I enjoy me time. Sometimes too much.
  • I love Buddha heads, there’s probably once in every room.
  • I am the most indecisive person e v e r <—I probably couldn’t even decide how to type that.
  • I have one tattoo, and would like maybe one more.
  • I recently have been getting into more baking, I hope I become half the baker that my mama is. She is known for so many awesome treats I hope I can at least perfect one! 😉

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you stay awhile xx


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