What’s in your basket? 4/ 9

Happy half way through the week day!
Hope your having a good week thus far : )
Today I am going to share another “What’s in your basket post” a few things that I happened to get this week!
Last week I “restarted” this little segment, I did it when I first started blogging, but time to bring it back! enjoy 😉
1. Target’s one spot is my favorite spot! Always the best little things, like these white containers. Perfect to hold my makeup brushes : )
2. Gem necklace form F21, I’ve already worn in like 5x!
3. ICE– I love this drink, super refreshing. It was my first time trying the grapefruit, I am a fan!
4. Power Crunch! AH, this protein bar is my new favorite. Light, flakey, chocolately. mmm more so a treat!
5.  Honey Goat Cheese. YES. Once you have this kind  .. you will never go back. #Forrealz { found at Trader Joes }
What’s something you picked up this week?
Goat cheese lova? Yay or nay?
happy Wednesday friends!

10 thoughts on “What’s in your basket? 4/ 9

  1. I love Target too! Sometimes they have awesome Larabar deals and I buy enough to last me a lifetime haha. Love this!

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