MIMM: back to back birthdays!

Man back to back birthdays are fun but, oh so FILLING. I think I’m still full! This weekend we celebrated Oliver & my dad’s birthday! lot’s and lot’s of sweets. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well ❤

Time to link up with Katie to share some marvelous things on the Monday morning!

Oliver’s first birthday was the very hungry caterpillar theme, too cute!
{my sister did such a great job with the food, decorations & details!
of course I made our favorite birthday treat. cupcake brownies!}


..Later Saturday night, I ended up having to go to work for a little. Meanwhile Larissa and George hung out until I got done. But since it snowed, work wasn’t busy & was home by 730. Just in time for wine, George’s cooking + red box! #perfectnight

Of course our three’s company ended up in a fun sleep over, like our old days! but passed out by 12 { party animals }

Sunday the marvelous continued where Larissa and I got up and went to the local bagel shop for pre Brunch “snack” & coffee. Then it was off to brunch with the fam.

We ended up splitting a smoked gouda & portabella omelet , pancakes & enchiladas! when you cant decide.. splitting is always the best idea 😉

  1. IMG_9109
    & more cake!

    … Happy birthday boys!

    Sunday evening ended with a little vino, episode of the kardashians + writing this post 😉
    unnamed (4)

    Brunch person? all the way! so many options!
    have a great Monday! unfortunately, we have to attend a viewing today 😦 so  sending good vibes out the universe ❤
    Piece of Cait on facebook now!

New traditon..

As of yesterday, I think we may have created a new tradition! Since NYE half of us worked, we planned a nice brunch at the Wayne Hotel at the restaurant paramour. it was such a good choice { nice job sis }

We loved everything, especially the personation of it all, being foodies & in the industry, we always appreciate the small details.

We were greeted and told that while we wait we could hit up the bloodymary bar, where you get to make your own concoction. how fun! while I thought that’s what I wanted, I spotted another drink that seemed more up my alley. A rosemary ruby {vodka, ruby-red grapefruit, agave nectar, fresh rosemary} so delish! I did try Georges and he did a good job 😉

Once got drinks, caught up & ordered our main entrees.. we then we’re able to go the appetizer bar where we could eat while the chef prepared our meals. Great idea!
{small plates of banana strawberry smoothie, pastry & cupcakes}

So many good things to choose from, but I ended up going with the farmers vegetable omelet with gruyere cheese.

{g’s Kobe sliders}

I also nibbled on hazelnut pancakes my sister had & brains butter nut squash soup. YUM!
Everything was so good & I love brunch food so it was a win win. We’re thinking that next year we do the same type of thing : ) I love creating new traditions

The rest of the day was low-key, I  hopped back into bed for awhile & then realized it was 5pm. We decided to go to the gym and shake it off. Always a good choice. A quick 3 mile run followed by seeing American hustle! We were torn between that & Wolf On Wall Street.  It was a great movie, and loved the cast.

As for today, all big holidays are officially over.
It’s a bittersweet feeling but time to get back to normal 🙂

Have you seen either movie yet?
Do you celebrate NYE or day?!

Hope you enjoyed your holidays & welcoming in 2 0 1 4

Sunday Snaps {5/12}

mo1{A small box + brownies + card = perfect display for a gift}

image (15)
{Mothers day flowers}

{Waffles from brunch}

{Oh and a large piece of peanut butter cup cake 😀 }

{Just when you think this face can’t get any cuter… it does}

{My heart + Soul. Sisters + mama}

Hope everyone had a nice day, spent with loved ones. Whether its your mom, aunt, sister, friend. I’d be lost without my little
group of family and friends. They keep me grounded and am so ever grateful for what we have ❤

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening and prep something’s for the week ahead! Going to be a busy one!

Hike Happy

Monday we meet again! I can’t get over how fast my days and weeks are going by. Which means I better get cracking on some things 😉 If you live around these parts, {PA} you would have had a beautiful spring weekend! expect Friday {April showers} I love love love getting outside when the weathers in it’s prime time.. but who doesn’t ?!

Spring in bloom :)

Spring in bloom *

This weekend I worked Friday and Saturday but still managed to enjoy the beauty*

Since Sunday was going to be dedicated to dress shopping, *Cassidy found her dress Saturday!*{this will be a whole other post!} we stuck to still getting together, but for a yummy brunch with the girls. We went to in town to the Black Lab where we all ordered omelets and started with cinnamon buns and drank lots and lots of coffee while catching up ❤

After brunch we went our separate ways to get some wedding things accomplished for Cassidy and I told my friend Larissa I would meet her at the park around 4. This is probably the fourth time I’ve been there this week! Once spring time comes there’s no turning back! The park, and outdoors become my gym. I honestly drrrrread the thought of going into the gym or treadmill. What’s not to love.. beautiful scenery, mountains, wildlife, sunshine, different trails. I still need to remember to incorporate weights though. Yesterday we did a 3.5 mile hike, up one hill and then finished along the water.

image (8)

image (14)

Cheeeese 8-)

Cheeeese 😎


I love hiking, it’s probably one of my favorite forms of cardio and exercise. Your constantly moving and the scenery it’s always different. You can make the journey however you want. whether you chose to make it laid back and relaxed or fun with friends.. or more hard-core. It’s all up to you, but it always fun!

Off to finish two more classes and then…. maybe the park if the rain holds off 🙂 hehe