Happy Birthday POC! & Other marvels <3

Happy Monday! Hope you had an excellent weekend : )
First things first, since it is Monday and around here we like to share some marvelous things.. this first one is super marvelous..


Happy birthday/ blogiversary to this little blog of mine.
untitled (35)
I can honestly say this past year has been more amazing because of this blog. Something that I once thought would be a little outlet for myself, post once in awhile for friends & family became something much bigger, a love affair actually. The community I am in, the people I know and feel like I know in person { hi blends! ❤ } my creativity, baking & food palette have immensely grown and the fact that I can come here to share, spill and connect has been amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens with POC for the next year 🙂
Thanks for making this piece of my internet feel like home!

Some other marvels: 

Friday night we attended a going away party for two of our friends, they are heading to the South.. I’m sure it’s really bittersweet for them- but I think they already have wait list for visitors! & no matter where they are, Crol can still read piece of cait 😉 ( Hi Carol! )
Photo: Yesterday was my last day of work and it was very emotional saying bye to all my work friends...but it was so nice being out with good friends later on!
Saturday was gorgeous out, too bad it only lasted one day. A walk in the park, trip to trader joes & fresh flowers.
Gifts from friends, ah I love my yogi tea!
Face masking + Netflix. Because, you just need to sometimes.
Since cass was sick last week and missed Florida- a belated birthday dinner on Sunday at Fire Birds.
{soup & salad deal}
Followed by, froyo : )
{good thing Oliver approved!}
I am linking up with Katie today to share on this marvelous Monday!

I gotta get moving, today & this week seem like they are going to be busy and taking on a few other projects for my intern, catch ya later ❤
What was the highlight of your weekend?

MIMM: Booking a trip, froyo & movies!

Hello hello! hope you had a great weekend!
Back to good old Monday morning. Which means time to link up with Katie & share some good things on this Monday morning.
MiMM MIMM #81 Sister Birthday + More!
Here are some marvelous things
from the past weekend in pictures : )

marvelous is..
Booking a trip to Florida! woohoo! my sister & the boys are heading to
Florida over Cassidy’s birthday to visit one of our very best friends! #familyvaca!
marvelous is ..
new candles that make the whole house smell great!
this was a tjmaxx find last week, smells like spring 🙂

marvelous is ..
getting lot’s of use out of our Christmas Gift card. Once a week 😉


marvelous is ..
checking out a market where everything is local! wine, cheese, produce, you name it!
{ I may share more later in the week
about this place }

marvelous is ..
cute wine labels! couldn’t pass up on the three sisters : )

marvelous is..
sneaking kiwi froyo into the movies & seeing the wolf of wall street!
I know it was 3 hours long but well worth it.
unnamed (3)

What’s the most recent movie you saw at the theaters?
Favorite froyo combination?!

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Whats happening wednesday ?!

These past few days have been semi busy, yet very well needed! It feels good to scratch things off your to do list.
Since Wednesday is the middle of the week, I thought I’d share what’s been happening around these parts these past few days!

* * *

I love the raw cookie dough. Mmm semolina 😉
Perfect afternoon treat.

On Monday night, George and I went to see The Great Gatsby
I really didn’t know the story line to be honest but I knew the time
period and love that period. The director did a great job & I loved the hip hop soundtrack!

You can listen to the full album here.

On Monday I said I wanted to start a herb garden.
This morning George & I were up and planting by 930 : )
What a great way to start a summer morning!

{I chose: cinnamon basil, flat parsley, jalapeño peppers & cherry tomatoes}

^starting small^
We hope to add a few more things soon.

Just got back from errands with my sista {and inhaled this salad^}
we went all over the place!
{home goods/Marshalls/ Ross/ coffee}
We had to stop because we both felt famished!
but I did buy a cute new dress 😉
{Salad-Spinach, cherry tomatoes ,olives, feta, carrots, pita chips, orange chicken}

IMG_3738^I feel like this right now.. YAWN!^


I’m off to maybe do a small cat nap, & maybe lace up my sneakers and take a run around the
neighborhood since its national running day! : )
then meeting up with a girlfriend when she done work tonight.

enjoy your evening

Friday Favs 4/26

Did this week fly by or what…
Currently at the coffee house starting my final portfolio for the semester which is due NEXT Friday, wee!
So I wanted to get a head start before I embark a long weekend of work.

This week I didn’t have my computer for a few days,
so here are some highlights- aka Friday favs 🙂

image (8){Afternoon delight}

Wednesday after class, George & I got to do “after school” activities

image (9)

image (11)

Hello there bright crocs*

Something about being outdoors at dusk + playing H O R S E made me feel like a little kid 🙂
These activities were a majority of my “workouts” this week.
I need to get back in the swing of things!,
I’m calling it active rest*}

image (10)

image (3){froyo}
We checked out a new frozen yogurt place in town- yum yum yogurt
I got a little heavy handed as my sister would say.
hence the pile of butter fingers…. oooops 🙂

Crack one, crack them all.

Crack one, crack them all.

{My new favorite snack}
Pistachios + dark choc goji berries.
great match!

1a8a2f3239a2f63bf07caa8cfdabe09d{Loving this quote for this week}


I love this little heavy thing lately. It leaves me sore for days,
I need to do more of!

10 push ups
10 kettle ball swings
10 sumo squats
15 push ups
15 kettle ball swings
15 sumo squats
20 push ups
20 kettle ball swings
20 sumo squats

Great all over body work out 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend friends! Enjoy the sunshine.
Let me know if you try this workout!