Thinking Out Loud {4/ 3}

AH, So happy its Thursday. Especially because its thinking out loud kinda day. Best day for random moments to be typed out..
… Yesterday was one of those days where I actually off from work {woo} but still had something’s to which I did neglect {laundry, cough cough} but didn’t really know how to go about my day. It was rainy, I was tired, blah blah blah. I went to Starbucks and then the nail salon. That seemed to shake things up a bit. Still, what can you do.. sometimes you gotta ride out those blah days.
{OPI – The Girls Are Out}

… On a positive note though, Tuesday I found out I was accepted as a sweat pink ambassador! SO happy to be part of this community & finding myself : )
SPambassador4 (2)
… Yesterday I helped my friend Molly with one of her projects. Her project was about health and social media { great topic BTW! }, She had to interviewed me as part of the video, where I somehow kept forgetting what I was saying…Oh boy, can’t wait to see the outtakes.. I wonder how many times I said the f bomb! :-O

… Last night I went to a Stella & Dot jewelry trunk show with Larissa. Another great thing to do when feeling BLAH is hang with girlfriends. I got to meet a lot of her friends, window shop & get some good laughs 😉 I didn’t buy anything but I DO have my eye on this bag. {the front comes off and becomes a clutch!}


The dress I got this week for Sunday {I love} but I don’t have anything to really wear over top since it’s still chilly. I may need to call in the reserves and wear something else until it gets warmer!

… Speaking of Sunday, I gotta get something’s together before the big party! Can’t wait to shower Jenna with some l o v e : )

That’s all I’ve got going on in my mind right now 😉 Head over to Amanda’s blog to hear see what others are thinking.

Here’s to hopefully not having a blah day, they usually only last one day. – How do you deal with those kinda days?

Thinking out loud – liebster award

Hi there! Happy almost weekend to ya! – What a week so far, been pretty busy but it makes it go by faster!
I’ve had this liebster award in the my draft list for like a month, thank you Hilary for tagging me! <– Go check out her blog 🙂 Figured what better way to share a bit of information while also linking up with Amanda on her Thinking Out Loud link up! 😉
Liebester Award
“For those who don’t know, the Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers What does it mean? Well it’s German and has several meanings: dearest, sweetest, beloved, kind, pleasant, valued, enduring, and favorite!  It’s a great way to share with the blogging community, get to know other bloggers and inspire others”
 — At the end of the post, I chose a few new & a few of my go to blogs everyday 😀
Rules:  Each person must post 11 things about themselves. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer. – Choose 11 people and link them in your post, let them know you chose them!

  1. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
    Ah, I have tons!!!!
    My mom: Dee Dee doll. When I was starting to talk it sounded like I was saying that, so it stuck!
    My sisters: “Theo” – They told me I was adopted and that was my real name, they still call me that too.
    George calls me: Mama, I’m not sure where he picked it up.. but when I talk to Duncan I tell him I’m his mama 😉
  2.  Did you play any sports growing up?
    Soccer, track, gymnastics.
  3. What is a funny story from your childhood you’d like to share?
    Ah.. there’s one too many.. being the baby sister = lots of embarrassing moments.
  4. Do you have any siblings?
    Two older sisters.
  5. What is your dream job?
    Hmm.. Would love to blog for a living  😉 Or, work for a cool magazine.
  6.  Your celeb crush?
    David beckkam, Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds, Leo… I mean, how can I choose one 😉
    David Beckham and Harper's Cutest Daddy-Daughter Moments - iVillage
  7.   What is your favorite breakfast food?
    Waffles/ oatmeal with tons of peanut butter or a good parfait!
  8.  How did you meet your best friend?
    Jenna I met on the school bus in 4th grade talking over a lunch box that we both had ! & Larissa at college in biz class, talking about weekend plans our fake IDs!
  9. Why did you start your blog?
    I had been readying blogs for years.. always reading + researching some health and fitness tips that I started to incorpoate in my daily life. After a few years, I thought why can’t I ?!
  10. Favorite kind of ice cream?
    Ben & Jerry’s PHISH FOOD *edited* and currently really like pistachio.
  11.   And I am stealing Eat Clean, Train Dirty’s last question what are three goals you have for 2014?
    To continue to grow into the person I am meant to be. From physically strong, to mentally & find my passion.
    E.E. Cummings- It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are
Here’s my 11 questions:
1. What would be your dream living location { in the US }
2. What’s your go to way to unwind from a busy day/ week?
3. What’s something you always have in your pantry?
4. If your going to the movies what do you choose? Something sweet, sour or salty?
5. Favorite cuisine to celebrate something over?
6. Quiet night at home or night on the town?
7. What did you start your blog?
8. Favorite reality show.
9. What are 3 things you always have in your purse?
1o. Go to summer cocktail?
11. What’s something you hope to gain or do in 2014
And the lovely bloggers,
Jesse @ Jesselovestorun
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Davida @TheHealthyMaven
Lindsay @Lindsayweighsin
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Tatum @EatsFromTheOilPatch
Chelsea @AFitLittleOne
Becky @OlivesNWine

I seriously loved all these questions, I love learning about other blends ❤

Answer any of the above questions in the comment section! 🙂

When people comment on your food & habits

So happy its Thursday, cause I’ve got something on my mind. Its actually been on my mind awhile now, but up until the other Friday at work I kind have had it!

So, healthy living. For many, its a way of life!  Including me! Its no fad “diet” no quick fixes. Just eating healthy, whole some eats. Everyone has their own version of what healthy means to them and mine is more of a balance. As I like to say, I like to have my cake & eat it too.
I have made solid lifestyle changes to be a better person and feel awesome.

I promise I’ll be getting to the point. And sorry this may or may not make sense. But none the less its Thursday and Thursdays are for thinking out loud.

If you know me personally, you would know I am tall, lanky { thanks dad!! } working on building muscle { MUCH harder then I thought }, and have a love for sweets + a good sweat sesh.
Healthy life = good energy

… A few years ago I would go to the gym with a girlfriend of mine and then we would hit up the diner next door and each have our own peanut butter pies. NO SHAME. I love peanut butter pie, but after reading and researching for a few years,I kind of realized not the correct way to recover from a workout 😉 Maybe a snack platter of eggs, apples & nuts would be a good recovery meal and the peanut butter pie for my dessert! 😉

This brings me to F O O D. What we eat and how people actually judge you on this.

A little story for you:
So. Two Fridays ago, at work a guy in the kitchen passes a big meaty corn beef ruben sandwich across the way to another server. He made a joke about it and gave it to her to eat. While not offering me any, but made a remark  ” You don’t eat that kinda sh*t do you” UM WHAT? I stood there and literally blinked at him and wondered what the F he was taking about. Why wouldn’t I eat that sandwich? Would I eat it as my everyday lunch 365 days for lunch. No. Maybe someone else would, but I would eat it! Just like I do with other things.

Do I eat healthy, yes. I do my best to do “8/20” or probably more like 30% because I love sweets way to much ..Do my sister and get burgers & fries when we work together, ugh.. you bet ya!  Do I try samples of our desserts at work? DUH. So why would someone feel the need to remark that, to me. When clearly you don’t even know me.

I have no idea, but that comment just rubbed me the wrong way. I honestly was baffled and upset the rest of the night because it then proceeded  to make me question everything. . I am no way ashamed of living a healthy life style but for a split second this guy made me question myself. Healthy lifestyle has made me a lot more open to new foods { and thanks to George }, recipes, life & actually natural beauty { helping my skin clear up } <– FOOD IS MEDICINE. But it kind of made me feel BAD about myself !? Finally I am over it. This is my life, not his or anyone else’s.

A lot of other comments I’ve gotten & I think they are rude:
Do you count calories {NO}
Do you eat carbs .. { UM YES !!! }
Why don’t you drink beer? { HI, vodka girl! }
You don’t eat meat do you? { A FEW TIMES A WEEK!}

These questions are rare but sometimes I am hit with them and it makes me question people. I would never in a million years tell a woman whose on the heavier side how to eat. Maybe she can’t control the way her genes are. It’s almost like me hearing things of this nature. My sister also gets questioned because she’s just like me.
Eat whatever you want, and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.
Then I saw this quote ^, true. And I will eat you. I eat ALOT. I eat ALOT of healthy things but I also eat ALOT of chocolate and sweets. So, shut it 🙂  and since then I’ve been a little more lax and eating more junk, Cause this guy got in my head- oh that cake from Sunday’s party is now showing on my face!


Does anyone else ever deal with these sorts of remarks? The one at work literally sent me over the edge.


Thinking out loud {2/ 27 }

Happy Thursday my dears. This week has been a long one! I haven’t had any posts ready or anything, but wanted to come here and share some random thoughts .. here we go : )
… yesterdays massage was much-needed. why do I put off the spa when I have gift cards? I have no idea. But yesterday was the first time in a while where I didn’t have any other obligations. so it seemed fitting!
… I went to Michael’s yesterday to pick up some bridal shower things, and also left with this jar for my crack coffee 😉
… so, last night & this morning G and I were running around the house chasing a very small baby mouse.. EEK!!! I think I kept screaming.. we finally got it & let it go outside this morning. I’m so glad I have cats who just stand there!
You had one job, cat!  Well, you did say catch it, you didn't say what to do with it.....
.. almond milk doesn’t taste good in coffee. i don’t know what it does to it but gives it this weird taste. I have seen cappuccino’s made with it, a local coffee shop does that but haven’t tried it yet! but in regular coffee, no bueno.
.. last night I got an alert my “stats were booming” I went and clicked to see what was going on & I saw that chobani pinned my Greek yogurt chocolate chip muffins and I had 174 repins from other people. That really put a huge smile on my face! I love this little blog world, I do it for myself first because I enjoy it, but it feels great knowing that some of the things I do put out there does get noticed! eerrr.. maybe?
Anyways, that’s all I’m thinking as of currently.. time to continue to get this day rolling ❤

Thinking out loud: 2/20

Happy almost weekend lovers 🙂 hope you are having a good week thus far. Thursdays are always a good day to come in front of the computer and write what’s on the mind.  Here’s what’s going through my mind…..
…. i can’t wait for iced coffee season, ah. nothing beats a cold refreshing coffee when the spring hits! dreaming of my windows rolled down & a delish iced coffee.
Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee: 1 pound Ground Coffee (good, Rich Roast) 8 quarts Cold Water...brewed overnight & strained in cheesecloth= coffee concentrate Half-and-half (healthy Splash Per Serving) Sweetened Condensed Milk (2-3 Tablespoons Per Serving) Note: Can Use Skim Milk, 2% Milk, Whole Milk, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Syrups...adapt To Your Liking!

… sometimes you just need to have one of those days, you know.. the kind where it’s slow moving + you don’t feel like doing anything! sometimes you just need a chill day and roll with it.

… speaking of those days, the best way to fix that is a stroll into target… almost free chocolate! 90% off 🙂
… when will we ever learn that sometimes you just gotta cut ties with certain things.. how draining. just do it, you’ll feel better!
… yesterday felt amazing out & at 38 degrees, who woulda thought! #heatwave?
… long hots are a favorite over here. best way to spice up a salad, sauce, sandwich.. you name it! warning, don’t rub your face until you wash your hands. poor George.
… i cant wait for spring and more fresh flowers! instant happy feeling.
… pms, it is a r e a l l i f e thing that plagues women. please don’t take anything seriously i say when this is going on.
How I will reply to any and all annoying PMS/PMT/menstruation jokes from here on out. ;D
{ just saying }
And.. that’s what’s running through my mind today, what are you thinking!?
Thanks Amanda for the link up!

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