Day 3

Hello hello, happy Friday!

.. It’s been day 3 of this ice storm and still no power 😦 So so lucky that my sister/ and my mom do still have power. So we’ve been hopping back and forth between here & there.  Lots of people still do not have power, I feel so bad and looks like more snow is coming on its way this weekend and next week-What a winter!

>> So what’s happening ..

We got settled in Tuesday night after our trip, a great home cooked meal & a movie .. but we woke up to trees down in our yard and no power. So feeling a little bit all over the place and not in a “schedule” by any means! Lots of things I was planning to get done are on hold for the moment!

Wednesday: We headed out to the coffee shop for breakfast/ coffee and charging of electronics. Followed by lunch in town with my dad, mom, Courtney & George. Town was hustling and bustling with people trying to stay warm!

Wednesday night, I went to my sisters for dinner to catch up with our friend, which was so nice! It was like the old days, we snuggled up with tons of blankets and ben & jerrys 🙂 With still no word of power, I ended up staying over there.


Still no power, I headed back home to check up on the kitties and make sure they had a few blankets out to sleep, more food + water. It was freeeeezing in the house, in the 40’s? And outside is 25*. George and I packed up a second bag and went out to brunch. So far, lots of our meals have been out to eat!

This morning, still no word on power and it could possibly be coming back on later tonight or Sunday! yikes, thank goodness my mom has warm bathrobes, strong coffee 😉 and pancakes! Thanks for taking us in!<3

and that’s what’s happening around these parts, if you were affected by the storm I hope your keeping warm.

Talk soon! Fingers crossed power comes back on,
have a good weekend!

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Keeping “warm” in the winter {playlist}

Well, it’s no secret that this winter has been absolutely freezing and tons of snow. Which = wanting to stay home and cuddle with blankets. But, with the right music.. going to the gym is a treat in the winter to get hot & sweaty 😉 or …  that’s just a good way at looking at it.

I’ve been loving these current songs which are helping me get to the gym and staying motivated! I know it will for you too!
here’s what I’m listening too, I also made this playlist with YouTube, so when I got to the gym, these songs all play one after another.
untitled (17)

How important is music for you when working out? Need it? or could careless?
I need it, no better feeling then zoning out with some tunes.

What’s on your current playlist?

Hope these tunes get you to the gym and keep warm while it’s faaaareeezing out 🙂 Have a great day! xo

Christmas 2013 recap < 3

Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and time spent with the ones you love! … The past few days have been a whirlwind of  family, friends + f o o d, lots of food. I feel as if every time we stopped somewhere we dropped off goodies but came home with 2x as much!

Here’s a little recap of this years Christmas ❤

Christmas eve was held at my dads. Where my sisters and I exchanged our gifts, the boys exchanged theirs and watched little Oliver experience his first Christmas! We had lots of good food prime rib, asparagus, salads + a festive Brussels sprout dish which I saw on Cait’s instagram.  Tons of appetizers, brownies and peppermint ice cream <— please try. This year George had to work at night, but came in time for left overs, Christmas lights & our gift exchange<3 I was a good girl this year! so very thankful 😀
IMG_8498{one of my favorites.. birchbox!}

{ ❤ }
{green + red}
{can’t even take it…… so stinking cute}
{the gang}

… We then went to sleep, where sugar plums danced in our head.

Christmas day, George & I enjoyed breakfast, coffee and our “new toys” before heading to a quick stop at the gym & then his aunt  & uncle’s house {fun fact.- they are his only Greek realties here in the US} we drank wine, relaxed and Yiayia gave us lots of Greek goodies!

Christmas night we then went to Cassidy’s in-laws where my mom & her friend rick were too! The whole gang was together for an Italian meal. Mmm.. pasta : ) Oliver got to practice opening MORE gifts. And then we enjoyed MORE sweets ! … cannoli dip and Oreo truffles to be exact.
{take 5…}

{happy boy 😀 }
{Miss & Mrs. baker }
My mama gave me tons of new baking things, cake pans…. heyyy. 😀 !

We lingered awhile longer and decided it was time to pack all the food up & head home.

With full bellies, presents & more memories.. another Christmas has come to an end!

What was your Christmas highlight?
Do you stay at home, or visit relatives?

have a great weekend, xo

Hallelujah! & Winter favorites!


I am officially done school!! Yesterday I said I was getting a little nervous about how my grades weren’t up, but nothing to worry about 🙂 I am very happy with overall grades! A huge sigh of relief  🙂 Graduation is this May, can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer! …. the world is your oyster.

Other things happening is getting ready for Christmas! { or aren’t we all haha } we just got back from trader joes and had  maaaaaaajor food haul! lots of snacks and drinks for Christmas eve night. I still need to get stuff for Christmas day, but that can wait.

For today’s Friday favorites,
i’m sharing some winter favorites! Enjoy 🙂
picmonkey_image (23)

1- Leg warmers. I just bought myself a gray pair yesterday, I thibk they are so cute! excitd to wear them with my boots.
Charcoal Ombre Leg Warmer

2- My northface jacket. I got it last year and couldn’t imagiane not having it now, it’s just a great jacket, I love that it’s long too!
Can't wait for my new jacket :)

3- Cute hats! If your going to be out in the cold, might as well wear a cute hat 🙂
Oh so cozy


4- Booties. I just bought myself a very similar black bootie like this one. Great way to spice up a winter outfit
black booties

5- Fires. Lot’s of cozy fires. Nothing beats a cozy night at home. #endofstory
6- Sipping on Trader Joe’s candy cane green tea, defiantly a favorite.
Polar Bear Candy Cane Green Tea-I actually haven't tried it - but supposedly it sells out fast at Trader Joe's /seasonal - so I will check it out!

7- Baking, lot’s of baking. And taste testing.
untitled (6)

8- Enjoying the outdoors to some extent. Ice skating!

9- Hot chocolate. Enough said.

10- and for #10, very cute and rustic holiday decorations.winter placecards

What’s your favorite during the winter?

Have a great weekend!xo

MIMM: First snow, red cups + coziness!

How about that for a title for todays post?

This weekend officially felt like Christmas time. Between the crowds at the mall, holiday décor, {our first snow!}, seasonal finds and drinks, plus a fire = the perfect way to welcome this cold but blessed time of year.

Friday George and I started some Christmas shopping fueled by starbies 🙂 I must say.. I did see something’s for myself .. >>  hello VS sports wear!, Saturday decorated some more & made dinner and Sunday was a study/snow day!

I cant say I love the winter.. I know I’m a valentines baby {well 15th!} but, winter hasn’t been my favorite. or maybe its jus the cold part, cause I love me some Christmas cookies, peppermint mochas + driving around looking at lights!

>> Here are some marvelous weekend pics! <<

Thanks Katie for creating such a fun way to start a Monday!<3

I’ll spare you with ONE red cup picture, since I had one in hand everyday 😉
peppermint mocha, yum.

cute little mixers at , lovin all the colors!

XMAS trees

Home made turkey burgers 🙂

decking the halls

Food prepping

I love Mr. Gatsby 🙂
Cozy fire

Kouros, tasty greek wine.

& .. the first snow

Tell me about your weekend, what was your highlight?
 Are you a winter person?

have a happy day, xo

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