Treat yourself: DIY lavender scrub

Hi there! I meant to share this with you after Christmas but time got away!

For Christmas, part of Courtney’s gift { home made “birchbox” with makeup & Sephora gift card } I also threw in a homemade gift. A lovely lavender DIY scrub. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this scent. So calming, tranquil & relaxing!

I love Becky’s treat yourself posts, thought this scrub would be great to share!

During the winter it’s also very important to take care of your skin, it can become dry & dull.
Insert, lavender sea salt scrub 🙂 I also made myself one.. instant relaxation!

You probably already have all the ingredients , just need some lavender essential oil.

Sea salt
Raw sugar
Lavender esstinal oil
Olive oil
& a jar

All the measurements really depend on the size of your jar, I used a small mason jar that’s the perfect size.

Fill your jar up with a mixture of salt + sugar. once you measure, dump that back out & mix with olive oil, until coarse.
Depeding on your preference. Drop the lavender oil into the mixture. { I did about 10 drops }
Stir all together { for additional } dried lavender.
Packge it up, use, & feel relaxed.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge
How did you treat yourself this week?

TYT: makeup to beat the winter blues!

.. The weather outside is not to glamorous right now, high winds, freezing temps and ice. yep, nothing to write home about.

What do you do when it’s freezing out? Of course go to Sephora and make yourself feel pretty 😀
Friday´s Beauty Advice by Yves... A Little Lipstick Never Hurts

Yesterday Cassidy and my mom went to Sephora for a little few hours! Where we each got matched for products, tried products, wore crazy lipstick and walked out with new things to beat the winter drab. If that’s not an instant mood booster, I don’t know what is. Can never go wrong with new products 🙂 so, it’s oh so fitting for today’s treat yourself Tuesday, thanks becky!

We heard that Laura mercier was the best product, and we were matched to it! I recently bought a small starter kit for LM but decided to go with a larger foundation & go from there.

Gimmie Brow  from benefit is an eye brow product where it tints + volumizes! I need it!
I’ve heard so many things about the naked palettes, oh gosh so much to choose from! I am no beauty guru, so my mom treated us to the basics! Gotta start somewhere! 😉

Yesterday was the perfect way to spoil and love yourself<3
Happy Tuesday friends.

Do you prefer high end beauty products or drug store? – I am a mix! Something’s are worth splurging.

TYT: relax, spoil + LOVE y.o.u

Hey guys, happy Tuesday.  Just popping in between class + work today, and sharing a new Treat Yourself Tuesday post!
Becky has started this to remind us gals {or guys} to relax, spoil and LOVE .. y o u!
The treat part can come in anyway, shape or form. Here’s how I relaxed spoiled + loved myself this past week ❤

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

After dinner, scamming the dessert menu, this sweet trio seemed like a great treat! nom nom.

Sunday after shopping, I came home lit some candles + had some down time with the 90120 cast 🙂

Stealing treats from my mom’s chocolate stash, always a good idea 😉

yesterday I treated myself to getting my hair done. Nothing beats some new color + a blow out.

& lastly, someone else treated me ..
George brought home a new black bag for me from a  I have tonnnnnnns of different shade brown bags, it’s nice to know I know have a black one to add to collection 🙂

>> How did you treat yourself this week?
Do you have more brown or black bags? <<

Treat Yourself Tuesday: the little things.

Hey ya’ll! Just popping in to share a Treat Yourself Tuesday post- hosted by my girl Becky! I did a post a few weeks ago & shared some new sneakers I treated myself too.. { god I love sneakers 😀 } but today is sharing the little things in life. I love the little things, to me they are the big things! I find myself treating myself to lot’s of small things all the time 😉
The little things mean the most
Here’s a few ways I treated myself the past few days:

Latte & a cappuccino. On Friday I treated my sister and I to some specialty coffee drinks! I always love catching up over coffee & fun coffees too! 🙂


Banana bread french toast ~ enough said..

Cupcakes! I have never tried crumbs bake shop and our mall has recently put in so many new stores including crumbs! I had to taste test!

Noting like ending the week & prepping for the new week with a bubble bath, candles & face mask.
If you can’t get to the spa.. do something nice for yourself at home! 🙂

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge
Thanks Becky for reminding us to treat ourselves every once in awhile! Whether it’s something new or those little things 🙂

I was about to go for a walk with George, but my lady friend is here and it’s a killer :-(.. I am taking a time out & putting the heating pad on and resting before work. It’s so beautiful out too! But, what can ya do!

Hope your having a great Tuesday so far!


catch ya later !! xo

Hello October! far favorite recipes + Treat yourself Tuesday

Howdy there! So, today is October 1st.. Anybody else wondering where time is going? Just back in early September I was super excited with fall trends and pumpkin overload.. thinking that it will all be over soon 😦 October always reminds me of more of the “scary stuff” haunted hayrides, ghost + scary movies! <— my favorite 🙂

aa89e183b95b731824964a2b4e4676f3 (2)^truth^
Along with living in a world of October’s.. I love living in a world filled with yummy pumpkin things 😀
If you’re new around here…here are my most recent fall creations.

1- Pumpkin bars with a tasteful pumpkin spice frosting

2- Chocolate chip pumpkin protein ballz <– trust me on this one 😉

3- Plus this smoothie
4- another favorite, swirling some pumpkin into your yogurt!IMG_5929
They are so simple + yet so delicious.
Hope you get a chance to try them.

* * *

Today, I am also joining in on Becky’s treat yourself Tuesday! I love love love this idea. Sometimes we can all get a little wrapped up and forget to treat ourselves- it could be anything from a simple late afternoon nap, manicure, possibly an extra extra extra serving of chocolate {<–usually my case!} or MAYBE even splurging and adding something new to your wardrobe!

This past weekend, I treated myself to a new pair of sneakers. Not that my other one’s we’re totally ruined, but sometimes a fresh pair is all a girl really needs + in fun colors = win.


Last night I took the new puppies for 30 minute jog, must say it was a good
one 🙂

How are you gals { or guys } treating yourself this week? Check out the others over on Becky’s blog!

Time for some lunch & than off to work for the night, xx

What is your favorite sneaker?
I love nikes! I would love to find where I can get those cool looking leopard ones?! 😀