MIMM: New book, sweets & bridal shower ideas!

hello + happy Monday beautiful friends ❤ hope you had a wonderful weekend! Can’t start a Monday without  linking up with Katie : )
MiMM MIMM #81 Sister Birthday + More!

.. here’s some marvelous pictures from the weekend ..

Marvelous is: Beating the rainy day with tuna melts

Marvelous is: a new read!
My sister started reading this and suggested it. NO WAY am I reading it as a diet book, but it’s about wholesome eats and taking care of yourself with certain foods, instead of using your medicine cabinet and much more.

Marvelous is: “blonde” brownies as we call them ❤

Marvelous is: Catching up over Starbucks with mama & courtney
Marvelous is: new measuring cups in our favorite color, found at TJmaxx, they have the best finds!
Marvelous is: healthy, hearty + spicccccy soup made by George : )
Marvelous is: starting to pin and get ideas for Jenna’s shower!

…Speaking of pinning things away for Jenna’s wedding, I’m off to go meet her for coffee & than try on/ order my bridesmaid dress 🙂
Have a happy Monday & start to your week<3

Did you watch the golden globes?
Highlight of your weekend?
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Friday favorites: 1/10

Happy weekend!

I bet your excited for Friday to be here! It seems like it was back to work this week + some classes started again. So I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Thought I would do anther Friday favorites
displaying some of my favorites from this past week, enjoy!

picmonkey_image (23)

1. New nail color: “You don’t know Jacques” By OPI got this color on my toes on Wednesday while getting Pedi’s with Larissa. love this color for winter. it’s a great alternative to red!
OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" nail polish.  Love this color.

2. Speaking of Wednesday, while getting pedicures, we of course had to get coffee 🙂 I think I found my newest victim. Dirty Chai..
Chai tea latté with espresso! love the spice!

3. Oliver’s first birthday is right round the corner! How cute are these invites my sister sent out.

4.Cooking dinner together with my sister! We talk everyday, but sometimes its nice to be face to face + cook together. This time we made salmon with a sweet chili sauce. Yum!

5. This quote: Be with those who help your being ❤
Simple, but isn’t it the truth! You want to be surround by those who encourage you and want you to do well.

What’s your favorite highlight from the week?
Ever had a dirty chai?

Have a


MIMM: First snow, red cups + coziness!

How about that for a title for todays post?

This weekend officially felt like Christmas time. Between the crowds at the mall, holiday décor, {our first snow!}, seasonal finds and drinks, plus a fire = the perfect way to welcome this cold but blessed time of year.

Friday George and I started some Christmas shopping fueled by starbies 🙂 I must say.. I did see something’s for myself .. >>  hello VS sports wear!, Saturday decorated some more & made dinner and Sunday was a study/snow day!

I cant say I love the winter.. I know I’m a valentines baby {well 15th!} but, winter hasn’t been my favorite. or maybe its jus the cold part, cause I love me some Christmas cookies, peppermint mochas + driving around looking at lights!

>> Here are some marvelous weekend pics! <<

Thanks Katie for creating such a fun way to start a Monday!<3

I’ll spare you with ONE red cup picture, since I had one in hand everyday 😉
peppermint mocha, yum.

cute little mixers at , lovin all the colors!

XMAS trees

Home made turkey burgers 🙂

decking the halls

Food prepping

I love Mr. Gatsby 🙂
Cozy fire

Kouros, tasty greek wine.

& .. the first snow

Tell me about your weekend, what was your highlight?
 Are you a winter person?

have a happy day, xo

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MIMM: And the shy girl wins the twerk contest + weekend pics

Hi my beautiful friends! Hope you had a great weekend! Saturday & Sunday {and today} have been absolute beautiful weather! Soaking it allllll in before it really gets cold and snow.

Saturday night we went to our friends party, so Sunday was a little more low key since we didn’t roll into bed until after 4AM 🙂

thehealthydiva1  First Marvelous in My Monday {yay}

>> Here are some pictures from the weekend! <<
1474604_10201168276116990_1835794374_nParty at the Johnson residence!

Moscow Mule- my new favorite! {ginger beer, vodka & fresh lime} so refreshing.. they sure know how to do things right & serve it in the goblet 😉

So, Saturday night, they had a “twerking” contest. and yes, everyone had to do it. I was mortified, of course I try to hide in the crowd, but they found me and… I WON?! Craziness- The slow mo video is really funny.

I will find buffalo dip wherever it is.

Beautiful post night out walk.

Festive store fronts

Thank god for coffee.


Have a great Monday and don’t forget to go to Katie’s blog to see what else is marvelous!

What’s your favorite drink?

MIMM: Pics from the weekend : )

Good morning ~ Welcome back to Monday! hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was comforting and low key with some work thrown in there. Wine, food & rest! All great components for a wonderful weekend 🙂

>> Here are some marvelous snaps from the weekend <<

Marvelous is – this quote. practice this ❤

Marvelous is – Catching up with friends over wine.

Marvelous is – A beautiful fall Saturday morning

IMG_7410Marvelous is –Breakfast + coffee! my favorites

IMG_7411Marvelous is – A trip to the farmers market- got lots of new teas! 🙂

IMG_7418Marvelous is – George’s version of spaghetti carbonara
Marvelous is – enjoying that new Starbucks! ALOT! 😉

Not so marvelous, I gotta head over to school now and meet with my teacher for some extra help!
But hopefully after that, my Monday will continue to be fabulous!

Head over to Katie’s blog to see what else is marvelous!