TYT: relax, spoil + LOVE y.o.u

Hey guys, happy Tuesday.  Just popping in between class + work today, and sharing a new Treat Yourself Tuesday post!
Becky has started this to remind us gals {or guys} to relax, spoil and LOVE .. y o u!
The treat part can come in anyway, shape or form. Here’s how I relaxed spoiled + loved myself this past week ❤

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

After dinner, scamming the dessert menu, this sweet trio seemed like a great treat! nom nom.

Sunday after shopping, I came home lit some candles + had some down time with the 90120 cast 🙂

Stealing treats from my mom’s chocolate stash, always a good idea 😉

yesterday I treated myself to getting my hair done. Nothing beats some new color + a blow out.

& lastly, someone else treated me ..
George brought home a new black bag for me from a  I have tonnnnnnns of different shade brown bags, it’s nice to know I know have a black one to add to collection 🙂

>> How did you treat yourself this week?
Do you have more brown or black bags? <<


Friday favorites: New favorite app, products + cupcakes ;)

picmonkey_image (23)
Happy Friday + weekend! hope you have a wonderful weekend ❤ just popping in to say hello and share some favorites from the week! xo

Monday after class, cass &  I hit up the outlets. Some new tee’s + black boots!

Eating tons of hearty stews

Quick dinner together at iron hill, plus a sweet trio of cupcakes for dessert 🙂

^ Salted caramel, pb cup + double chocolate! ^

This new app, called cartwheel for target! <– find some great deals and steals before you head there {dangerous} 😉

New hair products {not your mothers} I really like both!

What’s your favorite something from this week?

Friday favorites + HBD mama! <3 11/ 15

picmonkey_image (23)Well well.. Friday has arrived! and today is a very special birthday, happy birthday to my beautiful mama! Thanks for teaching me that it’s totally acceptable to eat cake, frostings & ice cream in the morning 🙂 !!

>> Let’s back up a little bit, and here are some favorites from
the week & my mom’s birthday dinner! <<

This might be my new favorite. I randomly saw it at Marshalls + HAD to try.

New NAKED flavor to me: Orange carrot, loved it!

Feeling pasty.. time to brighten the skin with this!

I made it to yoga again this week! Once a week is what I’m aiming for 🙂

This song came up on Pandora while at the gym.. lovin’ it!

Spiced up some brownies with the coconut choc + shreds!

* * *
On Wednesday night, Cassidy & I went over to my mom’s to celebrate her birthday. We made her these Mediterranean burgers {she said they were the best she ever had! <3} sweet potato fries, & a big ol’ salad. AND of course beautiful hot pink cupcakes!



Happy birthday mama! AND happy birthday to my father in law over in Greece! lots of love to all of you 🙂

Have a great weekend ❤

Jenna’s birthday dinner + honored + cupcake cups!

Hello friends, happy Thursday to you all! One day closer to the weekend!

#2 this week. I need more JARS :-P

#2 this week. I need more JARS 😛

I’m sitting down to a nice warm breakfast + iced hazelnut coffee. Taking some time to surf the web, read some blogs & search for new pinterest finds since this weekend is going to bet yet another busy one! We are going to be catering a grad party Saturday. So gotta get the ball rollin’ and start prepping.

Special shout out to one of my best friends, Jenna on her birthday!*

* * *
Last night, Jenna and I went into town at the Bistro so we could sit outside and celebrate her birthday.
We came, we saw, and we ate…. isn’t that how birthdays are supposed to go? 😉

We caught up over drinks and our appetizer for awhile, followed by entrees and dessert!
{prosciutto wrapped shrimp with parmesan}
^great combo^

For my main meal I went with my favorite fried goat cheese salad with buffalo chicken.

^A recycled pic from last week, same thing:)^

^A recycled pic from last week, same thing:)^

Dessert was a peanut butter pie.. yum.

We sat out there for awhile, we could talk for hours. We always laugh our faces off about some of our favorite childhood memories.
I cherish her friendship so much.

And… she asked me to be her MOH !
I am so honored to be her MOH on her big day.
I’m already so excited to start planning with her
She is my first friend to get married so it makes all the more special!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Part of Jenna’s gift this year was cupcakes,
Who wouldn’t want there OWN personal cupcake cup?

^I made two of these cups using a total of 6 cupcakes^

-I sliced each cupcake in half.
-Starting with the bottom half of the cupcake in the cup,
-layered with vanilla frosting then put the top of the cupcake on
-I repeated this until I reached the top of the cup
-Finish with sprinkles
-Wrap it up in small bag add a tie!

Perfect way to display your cupcake{s} and eat!

For birthdays, do you usually get a cake? or some other kind of dessert?
I am not the biggest traditional white cake fan, I always ask my mom for cupcake brownies
with frosting for my birthday dessert 🙂