Current meals as of lately ..

My go to meal{s} as of lately are revolving around ground beef or turkey.
So many ways to eat it! so easy, delicious & filling! also, a great way to get iron. Some days I am just so fatigued for no reason. So I am doing my best to listen to what the body craves and adding more meat into my diet as of right now.

untitled (16)
untitled (14)

1: pasta quinoa & barley Bolognese, with sautéed greens! I love a good Italian meal, but if I can avoid pasta, I will take a different route. love this mix from trader joes. Topped with a long hot of course.

2: Turkey tacos! Cassidy & I made these last week but wanted them a little more clean. Still so filling, but not food coma full 😉

3: stuffed cabbage! This meal I was the sous chef for, since you do need to boil the cabbage leaves to peel them off  which can be tricky! But, I highly recommend try these and dipping them into a yogurt sauce. yum!!

what’s your “go to” meal as of lately?

Quiona & black bean “chip”chicken parmeasen {GF}

Hello beautiful friends, how’s your day treating you?
I just got back from coffee, pedi + shopping with my friend Larissa 🙂 nothings better than that!

but wanted to pop in & share this recipe with you.

..I know that title is a mouth full! but that’s what it is! I recently made chicken parm with one of my favorite chips from trader joes, quinoa & black bean! We discovered them back in the summer and they paired so well with salsa, that we started getting them almost every time. Such a good combo!
untitled (10)

There’s so many wonderful wonderful foods out there that I LOVE. especially things with breading. But, my stomach doesn’t always appreciate it. But sometimes ya just need it. But, if I can help it.. I will make an alternate. Insert, quinoa + black bean tortilla chip chicken parmesan 😀

It’s so simple to make, and you’ll be glad you made it 🙂

untitled (9)

What you need:

  • 1 lb chicken breast, boneless and skinless
  • 1 1/2 cups of trader joes quinoa & black bean chips — optional! can use bread crumbs
  • 1 1/2 cups gluten-free spaghetti sauce (I used prego mushroom & garlic, & a little bit of trader joes)
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • Shaved parmesan for additional topping
  • Seasoning: salt, pepper, oregno, etc..
  • 1 egg


  • Pre-heat  your oven to 425
  • Beat the one egg in a dish big enough to place your chicken in
  • Dip each chicken breast in the egg mixture
  • Pour the crushed chips onto a dinner-size plate. Roll each chicken breast in the chip mixture until fully coated on both sides or just the top if you wish!
  • Spray a different (don’t cook the chicken in the marinade dish) {9×13} baking dish cooking spray of choice
  • Place the breaded chicken breasts in the dish next to each other
  • Bake in the oven on the middle rack for 18-20 minutes, until golden brown.
  • Remove from oven & pour your sauce across the top.
  • Then the cheese
  • Place back in the oven and bake another 5-7 minutes .. {until the cheese starts to brown}
  • Pair with: pasta, quinoa or whatever your in the mood for!

What’s your favorite Italian dish?
Do you like breaded foods?

have a good rest of your day!

Hallelujah! & Winter favorites!


I am officially done school!! Yesterday I said I was getting a little nervous about how my grades weren’t up, but nothing to worry about 🙂 I am very happy with overall grades! A huge sigh of relief  🙂 Graduation is this May, can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer! …. the world is your oyster.

Other things happening is getting ready for Christmas! { or aren’t we all haha } we just got back from trader joes and had  maaaaaaajor food haul! lots of snacks and drinks for Christmas eve night. I still need to get stuff for Christmas day, but that can wait.

For today’s Friday favorites,
i’m sharing some winter favorites! Enjoy 🙂
picmonkey_image (23)

1- Leg warmers. I just bought myself a gray pair yesterday, I thibk they are so cute! excitd to wear them with my boots.
Charcoal Ombre Leg Warmer

2- My northface jacket. I got it last year and couldn’t imagiane not having it now, it’s just a great jacket, I love that it’s long too!
Can't wait for my new jacket :)

3- Cute hats! If your going to be out in the cold, might as well wear a cute hat 🙂
Oh so cozy


4- Booties. I just bought myself a very similar black bootie like this one. Great way to spice up a winter outfit
black booties

5- Fires. Lot’s of cozy fires. Nothing beats a cozy night at home. #endofstory
6- Sipping on Trader Joe’s candy cane green tea, defiantly a favorite.
Polar Bear Candy Cane Green Tea-I actually haven't tried it - but supposedly it sells out fast at Trader Joe's /seasonal - so I will check it out!

7- Baking, lot’s of baking. And taste testing.
untitled (6)

8- Enjoying the outdoors to some extent. Ice skating!

9- Hot chocolate. Enough said.

10- and for #10, very cute and rustic holiday decorations.winter placecards

What’s your favorite during the winter?

Have a great weekend!xo

Friday Favorites: I spy lots of pumkin!

Hey! Happy Friday to you all! Hope you have a great weekend :), if you’re heading to Trader Joe’s this weekend & LOVE pumpkin anything like myself, check out this post! It was made for ya! 😀
picmonkey_image (9)

I was recently at Trader Joe’s and was in pumpkin heaven when I saw they have pumpkin for almost any meal. I know that last year they had lot’s of goodies { .. pumpkin ice cream, I’m talking to you 😉 } But for some reason this year seems like there’s more items! … all the more to fuel to my pumpkin addiction. Check out some of these awesome items! Some I have tried, and some I’m just getting my hands on…
{Perfect pumpkin fix on the go}
{Would be great with some hummus, peanut butter or tahini!}
{This will be baked by the end of the weekend.}
{… Need I say more !?}
{Perfect for your Greek yogurt}
{How about some cream cheese, cinnamon and this bagel.. what a combo!}
{or.. top your bagels with this, love this item!}
{Perfect fall dinner}
{Mmm.. so good with pie at thanksgiving!}

No lie, my head was spinning in there, I could have easily racked up the grocery bill with these items!
yum yum yum!

I am tot’s making the pumpkin bread this weekend though, have a craving to go with my pumpkin coffee!

Have you tried any of these items?
Are you a lover of pumpkin like myself?

Back to school // what’s in your basket? {8/ 29}

Hi! Good afternoon!

….. Yesterday was one of those days when I was on the phone, getting numbers, faxing & still not getting anywhere! All for approval of a class.
I eneded up having to just drive over to the school and talk to someone in person!

It was also a super rainy day. Pouring actually. Before heading out, I took an hour to myself, made a smoothie & hopped back into bed to recollect 🙂

Plus, picked up some Chinese.. Perfect for last night’s rain.
* * *IMG_5893

Today was my first day back to class! {BOO} I am ready to get this semester to just be over since I’m taking the last of the fun requirements … accounting anyone?  So I really got to focus on that math this semester!

** I just wanted to say how lucky I feel this summer to have been able to take time and learn about the whole blogging thing {…. and still learning }, to have been able to post 4-5 times a week! Sometimes they were rambles & sometimes they were better put together. Also, I’ve connected already with so many people on here & I love it<3 Not sure how my postings will change due to school, but I hope to keep constant as I have been! 🙂 Just wanted to share. **

* * *

Alrighty, here’s a new What’s in your basket post: Lot’s of new + yummy things! { *2 of them are not from trader joes }

1- Trader Joe’s Chipotle pepper hummus– love it! It has a little bit of a different texture than others, more fluffy. I love the smokiness from this flavor!

2- Dark chocolate covered cranberries. Super anxitonat! 😉 This a nice little addition to yogurt, trail mix, or eating them on their own.

3-Quest bars! I was so excited when I recvied a small box in the mail. I have never tried a quest bar, but have seen them all over the blog world + lovely instagram pictures of them being melted in the microwave with peanut butter on top…. yep. I love them:) I love that they are G/F, tons of protein {20g!} less sugar, carbs & taste good whether on the go, or as a nice treat.

4-Sparkling pink lemonade: this was so refreshing, light & the perfect about of “sparkiling” 🙂

5- Quinoa pasta:  I do my best to stay away from certain grains/ wheats as I do have a small intolerance. Sometimes I eat regular old pasta, but for when I don’t feel like dealing with a stomach ache, this is perfect with bololgense 🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

What’s something new you picked up this week?

Have you ever had a quest bar?