Thursday Thoughts: Do you “sink” into yourself?

A little Thursday thought:

Do you ever hide from yourself? or do you fill up in all your space and are proud of you who you are? I guess it’s kind of double edge sword. There maybe a time in class when you may get called on and sink into your chair, into yourself because you feel unsure. Or, are you so proud to be you {which is good thing} but sometimes let the ego get in the way.

I never thought about this until last night when I attended a yoga class and we worked on eagle pose. or, what they would call in Buddhism. Garuda.

The pose looks like this: You may have done it before- but a little story behind it..Eagle pose. Tree pose. You-just-nailed-it pose. You flow in and out of each stance while expanding and then curling back into yourself.
LONG story short, There was a time when Garuda’s mother had lost a bet and was sentenced to be a slave. So to get to her back he had a shrink real small, jump in and out of the fire and save her. Which he did and became the new hero.

It made me think about it apply the eagle pose to my daily life and the outcome is, I feel like I CURL INTO myself way to much. Instead of feeling confident in whatever it is, I always second guess myself and don’t give myself enough credit. Our bodies, are meant to expand and swell up with enlightenment. It made me realize that I really need to use my confidence to the best ability, The next time someone gives a compliment, or I’m presenting something or even speaking my mind. I will try a little more not to sink into myself.
Be confident

If you think about it which part of the pose are you? Do you not give yourself enough credit or are you always proud?

Waiting for it to happen …

So I’m still waiting for my skin to turn orange, say what ?!… 🙂

My mom has told me multiple times that if you eat tons of orange food .. { which is great for skin } your skin can turn an orange pigment – so I am waiting since I have been on a squash kick! hehe

Sunday we polished off a squash. Loved it so much I got more yesterday!

My other orange eating has been a sweet potato everyday & carrots! .. not to say I want my skin to turn, but I am totally getting lots of orange eats! yay for beta-carotene! 🙂

* * *
Last night Cassidy & I made it to another yoga class- score!
plus, the place I go to is on living social: 5 for 25$ great deal. So all the more to keep going & switching tings up.



And today .. is super gloomy, gray & rainy! So before work, I am gonna sip on some tea and relax. Hey, it seems fitting 😉

talk to ya later!
x C

Do you go through any phases with food?

Thursday Thoughts: One of THOSE list .. {9/26}

Hey there, just got home from class. Guess what.. my first accounting test was a success! I got an 85! woohoo 🙂 This is my worst subject. …But now  we started something completely new.. I am feeling un easy again. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.. I really want to keep at it!

* * *
Lately, I have one those lists hanging above my head. You know the one I’m talking about it. Really important things to you that you want to get done, but then OTHER important things get in the way of those important things 😦 My list really needs to get done. It’s irking me. I know we all have these!

Maybe if I share it .., things will start getting scratched off 😉 maybe?

– Organize all my fall clothes + put away summer clothes! This is one of my number one’s to get done. I want to have everything more organized, which will  help with making my morning choice of clothes before class a lot easier. Not that my leggings and booties isn’t always mixed together, not cutting it anymore.

– Manicure .. soon. I’m coming for ya. Trying to hold off for the wedding.


-Clean out car + wash. Tons of odds and ends in there. a good choice, but it would be great knowing where to find them 😉

-Hair colored, hopefully within the next week or two. Dying for change. get it?! 😉

-Bake an obscene amount, but with my school and work schedule.. wah!

-Write a speech for sis’s wedding {eeek!} This up there on the list, once this is complete, I will feel much better.

These types of list are the kind that once you scratch something off you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders!

What’s something that’s on your list?
have a great day

Thursday Thoughts: { 9/19 }

This week I haven’t had to much material to share, or get around to making a few things on my list. I feel like I’ve been doing lots of stuff, yet nothing to set in motion for on the blog. But, here are some thoughts that have been running through my mind!

1- Why did I eat that bread at lunch yesterday? My sister said.. “Don’t do it your going to have a stomache later”.. “It’s fine it’s fine” fast forward a few hours … swollen stomach!
^ Truth ^
 2- I haven’t had a good workout in DAYZ, make a week or so. The kind that leaves you weak or a workout high. I’ve been just kind of going through the motions and not breaking a sweat. It’s okay, I know it will pass! Just gotta get my mojo back.

3- I am glad that we’ve been walking outdoors alot though. The weather around here during this time of year is perfect.


4-Are we really going to be married 3 years, this coming week!? Where does time go?! TIME FLYS WHEN YOUR HAPPY 🙂


5- I am really excited that this coming October, all the sister’s will be reunited! My oldest sister hasn’t lived in Pennsylvania since before college! Finally all the gals + our boys will be able to hang more : )

6-Am I.. dare I say this, starting to like accounting?! Or maybe I’m just having a good week with it. OR NOT– just got back from class & feeling lost again.

7-To dye my hair this color, or not. That is the question !? 
untitled (2)

8-How is tomorrow already FRIDAY- this week was just one big whirlwind and same goes for this weekend probably.

9-I don’t care what anyone says.. resses cups taste BETTER in shapes.
 A tad random, but these thoughts have been floating around my head.

Off to work, hope it’s busy since the EAGLES are on!

What’s on your mind today?


Thursday thoughts: {hip opener class = getting rid of the negative}

You know you have a summer morning on your hands when you wake up to crazy rain & thundering. Makes for the perfect setting to fall back to sleep too… Which I did 🙂

We just got back from a nice visit with my mama, sister & O! I love having coffee dates with the family. We looked over old photos, talked more about our trip to Maine next week & had some laughs with little O.


That hat kills me… hilarious.


{Can’t have a coffee date without some sweets}

*       *        *

Let’s talk some yoga ….

I fell in l.o.v.e. with yoga about a year ago. It’s something that changed me completely. I did however fall of the wagon for a little while just because life & scheduling got in the way. {I need change of scenery so I personally like to go to the studio} Finally yesterday I made an appearance back at the studio.


Walking out of a kick ass class is so fleeting. Last night I knew I was going to be in for a “little treat”.  I had over heard a few others saying that after Monday’s class they were feeling some “side effects” So I knew that after class with hip work I would be feeling some of the effects.

Opening your hips is super important. This where you store a lot of thoughts and emotions. Some people may have a release during class and also after. You should embrace these breakthrough moments that ultimately will lead you closer to union of mind.

My body felt so sore and tight before entering class… and after my body felt immediately better. But my mind felt a little weird. So if you’ve taken a hip opening class you know.  Getting rid of the negative is so important. Because in yoga there is so much joy.

c826c8511d47a34bdee5e36e769f1843We did a lot of pigeon pose, holding lunges & lizard. HURT SO GOOD.

This class just gave me a little reminder that you can’t hold onto stuff, gotta constantly being giving up the stuff that weighs you down. Repeating to yourself you are LOVE {as kate says :)}

Nothing is better than feeling renewed. I hope that I am able to continue & keep getting to yoga at least once a week.

Alrighty friends, quick-lunch & then off to work. Have a happy Thursday<3
happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.

Have you ever taken a hip opening class? Did you feel the effects?