Quick Legs! { workout }

Happy Friday!

Hope you have an amazing weekend, whether it’s low key or super fun, enjoy xx

.. i wanted to share with you a workout I did the other day, literally quick + efficient. Left the gym in no time and felt the burn 🙂 sometimes you gotta do what you can, even if it’s quick!
Remember, use your desired weight and how every many rounds feel good for you. I usually do 4 rounds.
picmonkey_image (28)

Talk to you Monday!

Buns & abs workout

Hello hello, happy weekend!

This week flew by, {for me it seemed} our weekend trip is already here, we leave for DC on Sunday morning. I’m excited to visit my aunt + uncle and be touristy! 😉

My sister & I have had a weekly gym date. I love it. I never used to like “partner” workouts, maybe because when I was younger when my friends and I went to the Y to “workout” all we did was stand there and talk… nope, we get to work now! Striving for progress 🙂 not perfection.

We both have been working on our booty’s, while incorporating more squats. This week our Tuesday gym date looked like this:

Photo: When in doubt. Go work out!
I felt it Wednesday and yesterday, score! Love that feeling 😉

I am off to go pack, laundry & other odds and ends. Have a happy weekend, I’ll talk to you next week<3
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Keeping “warm” in the winter {playlist}

Well, it’s no secret that this winter has been absolutely freezing and tons of snow. Which = wanting to stay home and cuddle with blankets. But, with the right music.. going to the gym is a treat in the winter to get hot & sweaty 😉 or …  that’s just a good way at looking at it.

I’ve been loving these current songs which are helping me get to the gym and staying motivated! I know it will for you too!
here’s what I’m listening too, I also made this playlist with YouTube, so when I got to the gym, these songs all play one after another.
untitled (17)

How important is music for you when working out? Need it? or could careless?
I need it, no better feeling then zoning out with some tunes.

What’s on your current playlist?

Hope these tunes get you to the gym and keep warm while it’s faaaareeezing out 🙂 Have a great day! xo

Working it with kettle balls *workout*


Boy do I have a workout for you, it’s short, sweet & SOREness involved. That’s the kind of stuff I like 🙂
All you need is a kettle ball {or using one weight}

caccd269ac2cb084b34ddf314a196dbd (2){don’t say I didn’t warn you}

^ truth ^
image (2)

I start with 5 each, then 10, 15, and 20..
I wanted to do this again the next day, but I was so sore! It defiantly hit all the right areas!

Give it a try : )