MIMM: New book, sweets & bridal shower ideas!

hello + happy Monday beautiful friends ❤ hope you had a wonderful weekend! Can’t start a Monday without  linking up with Katie : )
MiMM MIMM #81 Sister Birthday + More!

.. here’s some marvelous pictures from the weekend ..

Marvelous is: Beating the rainy day with tuna melts

Marvelous is: a new read!
My sister started reading this and suggested it. NO WAY am I reading it as a diet book, but it’s about wholesome eats and taking care of yourself with certain foods, instead of using your medicine cabinet and much more.

Marvelous is: “blonde” brownies as we call them ❤

Marvelous is: Catching up over Starbucks with mama & courtney
Marvelous is: new measuring cups in our favorite color, found at TJmaxx, they have the best finds!
Marvelous is: healthy, hearty + spicccccy soup made by George : )
Marvelous is: starting to pin and get ideas for Jenna’s shower!

…Speaking of pinning things away for Jenna’s wedding, I’m off to go meet her for coffee & than try on/ order my bridesmaid dress 🙂
Have a happy Monday & start to your week<3

Did you watch the golden globes?
Highlight of your weekend?
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MIMM: Pics from the weekend : )

Good morning ~ Welcome back to Monday! hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was comforting and low key with some work thrown in there. Wine, food & rest! All great components for a wonderful weekend 🙂

>> Here are some marvelous snaps from the weekend <<

Marvelous is – this quote. practice this ❤

Marvelous is – Catching up with friends over wine.

Marvelous is – A beautiful fall Saturday morning

IMG_7410Marvelous is –Breakfast + coffee! my favorites

IMG_7411Marvelous is – A trip to the farmers market- got lots of new teas! 🙂

IMG_7418Marvelous is – George’s version of spaghetti carbonara
Marvelous is – enjoying that new Starbucks! ALOT! 😉

Not so marvelous, I gotta head over to school now and meet with my teacher for some extra help!
But hopefully after that, my Monday will continue to be fabulous!

Head over to Katie’s blog to see what else is marvelous!


MIMM: Scenes a working weekend.

Howdy! Happy Monday to you all  !!! Monday’s are always hard to come back to, so I’m always grateful if I am able to participate in Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday. Whether it’s something super marvelous like sharing last week’s beautiful pictures from Cassidy & Brian’s wedding, or more like today: scenes from a low key weekend { since I worked thurs- Sunday night  😦 lame-o } . Either way- there’s always something marvelous & grateful to share! Let’s get to it.

MiMM MIMM #71 Much Needed Time and Winners!

Due to the government shut down. The park was closed down for a few weeks- which meant I almost missed enjoying my favorite season there! MARVELOUS IS .. IT Finally re opened again!!!! … I was right back there to my favorite place on Friday with a nice 3 mile walk/ hike!

Marvelous is .. Ezekiel toast! I am loving this lately! Last week was whole grain, this week is sesame ❤

Marvelous is .. spending all day Saturday with this love bug while mommy & daddy were on their honeymoon. My mom & Oliver came over and spent the afternoon with me before I headed off to work. My mom and I got to eat yogurt bowls too! 😀 <– and by the looks of it.. so did Oliver 😉


{Side note- if you follow me on >>  instagram << and haven’t seen the video: check it out he is SO giggly!}

Marvelous is .. this yummy soup I ate 3 days in a row- will be sharing. It’s Greek, healthy, and hearty! PERFECT for fall!

Marvelous is .. cheetah leggings + a pumpkin muffin .. rawr 🙂


Marvelous is .. A Sunday morning spent at our favorite little spot.
Coffee, frittatas & parfaits!


Welp, that’s all she wrote. But today will continue to be marvelous with the fact that I’m going to go look at wedding dresses later this afternoon with Jenna! ~ I am so excited for her 🙂

Have an awesome day friends.

Have you tried Ezekiel bread yet?
Do you have a favorite little  breakfast spot that you like to go to?

Breakfast date + what happened to the cool weather ?!

** Never forget 9.11. Thinking all of those who have fought, served & are hero’s **

Hey guys!

How’s it going? Happy humday : ) If you’re in the tri state area…. what the heck is going on with this weather. Today is 90+, I was so ready to say goodbye to the summer weather… time to pull out the tank tops again! This coming week is supposed to be a lot cooler.. phew!

This morning started out with a breakfast date at one of our favorite local spots { The wooden spoon }Its a small little place, with one large community farm house table, where you can order sandwiches, parfaits, baked goods and they do their drip coffee.



Cheers to coffee!
^^ This picture doesn’t do it justice. Awesome grilled cheese
with: Kale, honey, sweet potatoes & yummy cheese! I must recreate this : ) ^^

Following breakfast, a few errands were involved & some baking 🙂

George got himself a new toy.. I’ve never boxed, but would defiantly like to try!

& ….. I’ll share this with you tomorrow!
{ Hint.. there’s pumpkin } 😉


Just got back from a 3 mile walk in the park-
time to cool down, have a snack and
get in the mindset of studying for tonight!


Enjoy the rest of your day!