December ~ Keep calm. New month + new goals

Hey hey, just popping in.. this week is my last week of classes, woo hoo! I am feeling kind of mixed about it, because I really have no idea WHATS NEXT… but anyways, Sunday marked the first of a new month. New month = new goals and things to look forward too 🙂

Hello DecemberNovember was a great month & was filled with festive food, parties and friends! I also set small goals, which I plan on doing month to month. Let’s see how well I did..

  • Drink lemon water : goal met, I drink a lot more water than usual & I really did my best to reach for more water rather than coffee
  • Switch up workouts as best as I can: goal was met, but I think it could have been better!
  • Focus on the last month of school : STILL working on this, at the home stretch now! 😉

December is already looking full + fun! Tis’ the season : ) here’s what I’m looing forward too:
Smile Like You Mean it: Tis The Season...for another free printable

  • Finishing school! <– this exciting and scary at the same time. I am not sure what I’m doing next..
  • Visiting waterfront winterfest, a new tradition and holiday thing to do with the family
  • Cookie swap with my mom and sisters, it will be my first one! <– please let me know what your favorites are
  • Jenna’s ugly Christmas sweater party (as well as schedule allows)
  • Christmas eve @ my dads house
  • Christmas Italian dinner at Cassidy’s in laws
  • New Years Eve: work a holiday party then .. TBD

Phew, lot’s of great things to look forward too. The first 2 weeks of December will be dedicated to school work, so after that it’s going to be a time crunch.

This month my goals:

  • ENJOY everything! December is very hectic and can be stressful. But I really want to enjoy all of it!
  • Plan ahead: Having a bit of a schedule helps, this month for sure needs some looking ahead!
  • Treat myself: holidays stress some out since its FILLED with lots of yummy things, instead of denying all the goodness, be smart about it. Have your cake and eat it too, plus some greens! 😉


>> What are you most excited for this month?

Have you ever done a cookie swap? What’s your favorite?

10 ways to stay motivated this winter!

Hey hey! good morning to you all!
hope you’ve had a great week thus far, the weekend is on the horizon-

I wanted to share with you a few things that came to mind last night as I was almost about to skip out on yoga, I had to remember that I was committed and staying motivated. {I DID  go}

But how I so badly was so content in bed at 6 o’clock with Duncan. HA. ~  Something about being dark at 4pm makes me want to put on my jammies, hop into bed, eat dinner & fall asleep by 5! But I am doing my best not letting the darkness fool me. Here are some ways I’ve been trying to keep motivated even though putting on my jammies, hoping into bed, eating dinner & going to sleep sound oh-so delightful 😉

{ your killing me smalls }

>> Here are 10 ways to keep motivated this winter <<

1- Plan ahead: Lately I’ve been doing my best to have 2-3 rest days. This way I know that I should being moving my booty the other days. Some may plan ahead an actual work out, I tend to plan more “workout days”. Really helps!

2-Sign up for a class! Looking forward to a fun class seems a lot more motivating. Try something new, or something you enjoy. When you know you have an obligation to the class, it’s all the more likely you’ll go. Try: yoga, spin, zumba or boxing!
crow pose

3-Grab a partner: Someone who is going to motivate you and keep you accountable! It’s very easy to get unomoated in the dark cold winter months. I mean, it just sounds awful. Find someone who has the same interest in you & also a motivator! Cassidy & I have been pep talking wach other and hitting up yoga.
partner workout: sets-1 reps-10-12 rest-60 seconds

4-Don’t sit, walk: Walking is a great way to get your body moving. Don’t sit and watch TV, go to the gym and put on a show! I have done this countless times.. E News, kardashians, housewives. Walk for 30 mins!

5-Don’t sit, read: Just like #4, take your new magazine to the gym and read it there while riding the bike, ellepitcal or treadmill. Time will fly!

6-Update your playlist: Nothing gets me in the mood for running than some goods songs. Lately, loving Florence + the machine!
Winter 2012-13 Running + Workout Playlist. #FitFluential
>> Check out this one! via Housewife glamour <<

7-Sign up for something in the future: Marathon in the spring? Keep motivated and work towards your goals!

8-Bunddle up and do something f u n: ski, snowboard or ice skate. It’a a fun way to enjoy the winter but they are really great workouts!

9-One hour a day: This gets me really motivated on the days I dread to work out, think about it.. only one hour of your time to increase your health + body for the better. After that hour, you can return to doing it is what you were doing 😀
Devoting one hour a day will make you the best you can be.

10- and lastly… as nike would say: J U S T . D O . I T! you’ll thank yourself later.

How do you keep yourself motivated?
Anyone else feel like it’s hard to stay on track during the winter?