TYT: makeup to beat the winter blues!

.. The weather outside is not to glamorous right now, high winds, freezing temps and ice. yep, nothing to write home about.

What do you do when it’s freezing out? Of course go to Sephora and make yourself feel pretty 😀
Friday´s Beauty Advice by Yves... A Little Lipstick Never Hurts

Yesterday Cassidy and my mom went to Sephora for a little few hours! Where we each got matched for products, tried products, wore crazy lipstick and walked out with new things to beat the winter drab. If that’s not an instant mood booster, I don’t know what is. Can never go wrong with new products 🙂 so, it’s oh so fitting for today’s treat yourself Tuesday, thanks becky!

We heard that Laura mercier was the best product, and we were matched to it! I recently bought a small starter kit for LM but decided to go with a larger foundation & go from there.

Gimmie Brow  from benefit is an eye brow product where it tints + volumizes! I need it!
I’ve heard so many things about the naked palettes, oh gosh so much to choose from! I am no beauty guru, so my mom treated us to the basics! Gotta start somewhere! 😉

Yesterday was the perfect way to spoil and love yourself<3
Happy Tuesday friends.

Do you prefer high end beauty products or drug store? – I am a mix! Something’s are worth splurging.

TYT: relax, spoil + LOVE y.o.u

Hey guys, happy Tuesday.  Just popping in between class + work today, and sharing a new Treat Yourself Tuesday post!
Becky has started this to remind us gals {or guys} to relax, spoil and LOVE .. y o u!
The treat part can come in anyway, shape or form. Here’s how I relaxed spoiled + loved myself this past week ❤

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

After dinner, scamming the dessert menu, this sweet trio seemed like a great treat! nom nom.

Sunday after shopping, I came home lit some candles + had some down time with the 90120 cast 🙂

Stealing treats from my mom’s chocolate stash, always a good idea 😉

yesterday I treated myself to getting my hair done. Nothing beats some new color + a blow out.

& lastly, someone else treated me ..
George brought home a new black bag for me from a  I have tonnnnnnns of different shade brown bags, it’s nice to know I know have a black one to add to collection 🙂

>> How did you treat yourself this week?
Do you have more brown or black bags? <<