One of those beautiful days + What’s in your basket?

Good morning!

I’m enjoying some coffee over here, a light bite & than hopefully a hike this morning!

Before diving into some fun finds at TJs this week, let’s back up to yesterday.

… Which was gorgeous around these parts! The type of morning when you wake up & can FEEL the beauty beaming from the sun.
You know what I’m talking about.

I baked a chocolate chip banana bread to bring with me when I went to visit Jenna, as well as got a few things in order around here.
Around 230 I decided to take some time to get outdoors. With a nice walk around the neighborhood & a little circuit workout.IMG_5473
I could already tell by the way was hitting & shadows that fall is near!

Later in the evening, I set out to go to Jenna’s new house! {Fun fact: growing up, we would walk to each others houses. We didn’t live in the same neighborhood but we both lived on the corner of our development which lead to the main road and the connection of our developments!}


Her new place is gorgeous! And her having an eye for interior decorating has already paid off, the rooms are gorgeous! We talked for hours, drank wine & had some Chinese and just lounged on her new comfy furniture : ) The type of stuff you do with your best friend.

Also, the highlight to the night
HONORED! She asked me back in May but yesterday gave me this sweet little gift with a pearl & diamond ring on the inside.
So sweet<3

*  *  *
Alrighty, without further ado, here are this weeks fun highlights from Trader Joes:

1– Smooth & Mellow blend-I was looking for something simple, yet tasty.
I tried a flavor the other week and I really didn’t enjoy it. I wanted to just have plain coffee &
add in my own flavors- this coffee is the perfect one to do so! Not to strong, not to light.. just right : )

2- Spanakopita- which a Greek pastry or “spinach pie”
When we do make Greek dishes, it usually takes along time. So for when that craving hits
a simple solution is to have these around!
3-Lemon zest luna bar- coming from a girl who usually chose’s the peanut butter or smore’s one,
this is a nice flavor! I love the sweet and zesty flavor!
4- Dark chocolate w/ toffee, walnuts + pecans… Need I say more?
Probably my favorite chcoc bar so far.
5-Herloim tomatoes- I love the mix, colors & flavors of each of these! Great for tossing into a salad.

What’s something fun in your basket this week?!

Off to go for a little hike! Have a beautiful day xx


MIMM 8/12 Marvelous is ….

Hi guys!

Happy Monday… errr.. almost Tuesday!. I just home and was catching up on all of your fabulous blogs<3!
Not only did today fly by but this week will too! We have Cassidy’s bridal shower this Sunday, so each day I have a little big to do list of things to get done! I can’t wait, especially for the food… : )
MiMM MIMM #63 with Family Night, Froyo, and More!

Here are a few marvelous things for today!

Marvelous is .. catching up with friends and using a polaroid! 🙂

Marvelous is.. eating breakfast in bed.
Marvelous is .. Making a new favorite smoothie for everyone.
Marvelous is .. Smooth + mellow Trader Joes coffee .. yum!
Marvelous is .. finding bits of love in everyday.
Marvelous is .. buying local produce.
Marvelous is .. a new Essie color! { Mint Candy Apple }
What’s marvelous in your Monday?!

Have a great night. xx

What’s in your basket? {TJ finds this week}

Trader Joes is my favorite. I’m sure I’ve said it once or twice, & along the road I’ll probably mention it again. But really!

I love going there with what I want/ need in mind, but also picking up new things which perhaps become my new essential item, ya know?
.. you catch my drift ..

essentials: {always in the basket}
sparkling water
& some kind of chocolate

But onto some fun items : )

Almond butter I have been eating {& loving} the planters pb with granola & banana. but when I saw this on the shelf, I knew that I wanted a lil almond butter to switch on and off to.
Mmm nothing better


Horseradish hummus
I love hummus… but horseradish. Not crazy about it. YET I did pick it up to try & already love the flavor it has.
just the right bite to it.


Quinoa & black bean tortilla chips. We already fell in love with these last week & had to get them again! #1, they are GF certified
and #2 they are going ever so well with the salsa kick were on lately!


Last but not least..

These are Trader Joes “semi” mini sweet potatoes. I love having these around. An easy side to accompany lunch & also putting them in the oven to make sweet potato fries for dinner. Very great to have around!


What’s in your basket this week? Something old or new?

Do you love trader joes? / or what’s your favorite grocery store.


MIMM#4 Rainy day w/ chocolate chip banana bread + list of activities!

Even though it’s pouring here, it is still a Marvelous Monday!
Even when it rains, you can make your OWN day full of sunshine if you chose too!
I wanted to brighten up this gloomy day with some baking.

MiMM MIMM with just Some Marvelous TidbitsIMG_3901

The rest of the week is looking like it’s going to be the same.

We just got back from errands with a stop at TJ.
I couldn’t wait to try their banana bread.

{Rainy days are perfect for baking}

Rain rain go away.

Rain rain go away..

SIDE NOTE ….. I love tjs samples! MANGO SORBET- yum!}

To spice it up I added some chocolate chips into the middle layer so once you cut it you have a nice treat in the center 🙂 and topped with coconut shaving! Nice flavoring!IMG_3902
Final product:
Smells d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s !
I can’t wait to try it 🙂

Since the next few days are going to be rainy
and maybe in your area too here are some things to do!

1-go to the library
2-go to the movies or make your own movie night at home
^ we did this last night w/ froyo!^

3x this week.. sorry i'm not sorry ;-)

3x this week.. sorry i’m not sorry 😉

3- work out at home, make it fun! no one will see you!
4-add new music to your library
5- organize your Pinterest boards <– I know everyone thinks about that 😉
6-research new recipes
7-watch a TV series you’ve been meaning to start
8-get crafty! try a DIY project
9-paint your nails
10-go thrift store shopping.. there are gems out there.
11-organize your summer clothes
12-break out the board games + candles
13-take a long bubble bath, good tunes & veg out.
14- along with 13^ pamper yourself, try a facial!
15-do a wine & cheese paring in your home with friends
16-curl up like a cat.. and nap..
after all it is a rain day!

Without rain, nothing would grow..
so I want to take time to read, learn, and explore new things when it can be crappy out
= me growing!

Off to the gym for a quickie + than meeting our friends for dinner at a local BYO in our area.

Don’t forget check out katies page, spread the love, link up & see what else is happening
on this Marvelous Monday!

What’s in your basket? #Traderjoes new + old

Hi there friends! Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday. your half way through the week 🙂

I just got back from meeting my sister earlier for coffee + looking for wedding shoes for her. { trip successful! } She got vintage looking shoes to go with her dress. It’s going to look great! Of course before we headed off we needed a little coffee & talkie!

Breakfast - steel cut oats, flax, berries, nuts + PB underneath and swirled in.

Breakfast – steel cut oats, flax, berries, nuts + PB underneath and swirled in.


We went to this semi new place in town. Soltane Breads and Spreads. It was very cute, rustic and fresh bread. I did not get a chance to try any.. so I will be returning there!
* * *
I just went shopping at Trader Joes the other day and wanted to share a few of my favorite staple items plus new ones! Hope it will give you some inspiration for your next shopping trip.


^ Going clock wise ^
1- Rolled oats <– defiantly a staple item now a days. #1 breakfast, but also amazing added into smoothies and making muffins!
2-Coconut oil spray *NEW ITEM* I have tried the oil and love it, but this spray is soooooo much more easier!
3-Mini peanut butter cups <– always have them in the house. Perfect to add to trail mix, or ice cream.
4-Mandarin Orange Chicken <– I love this chicken to add with pasta. The flavor makes the dish. Great for an easy dinner.
5-Dried mango *NEW ADDICTION* :-p
6-Frozen asparagus spears *NEW ITEM* With the new approach of adding more green, this seemed like a great side dish. Lemon, oil, cheese, YUM.

Well I’m going to veg out for a little before I either A) clean up my clothes B) nap before meeting my friend later for either wine for froyo, both are awesome in my book.
Enjoy your evening!