MIMM: Making the best of it

Hello and happy Monday, Marvelous Monday that is!

I am sooooooo happy to report that on Sunday morning, we got our power back. It has been a… interesting past few days, little overwhelming but very grateful we were able to spend one night at my sisters and the remainder three nights with my mom. Philadelphia & four other surrounding counties, including ours declared a state of emergency. Chester County was most-impacted, with about 95,000 homes without power! The fact that we haven’t been home since we left for DC was starting to kick in. All is well, time for us to go grocery shopping since everything had to be tossed!

Even though we had no power, I still did my best to make the most of it. Lots of down time and spent with family.
Here are some pics from the weekend!
MiMM MIMM #83 Hashtag Style!
Marvelous is ..
A trip to Costco, my mama treated me to some “bulk items” and insisted that I get the BIG bag of chocolate chips : )

Marvelous is ..
Trying some new chocolate from world market!

Marvelous is ..
receiving my February birch box, it came at the most perfect time!


Marvelous is ..
enjoying lots of yummy eats made by my mama.

{ Pancakes & a hearty chili }

Marvelous is ..
a target run for hair products + little things.

Marvelous is ..
being reunited with Dunc & being home!! I felt so bad for him these past few days, what a trooper!

Thanks Katie for making Monday a little extra special!

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and my birthday week! Saturday is so close, but far away.. can’t wait for birthday dinner with my girlfriends in the city, and… NO MORE snow please!

Have a great day xx

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MIMM: Booking a trip, froyo & movies!

Hello hello! hope you had a great weekend!
Back to good old Monday morning. Which means time to link up with Katie & share some good things on this Monday morning.
MiMM MIMM #81 Sister Birthday + More!
Here are some marvelous things
from the past weekend in pictures : )

marvelous is..
Booking a trip to Florida! woohoo! my sister & the boys are heading to
Florida over Cassidy’s birthday to visit one of our very best friends! #familyvaca!
marvelous is ..
new candles that make the whole house smell great!
this was a tjmaxx find last week, smells like spring 🙂

marvelous is ..
getting lot’s of use out of our Christmas Gift card. Once a week 😉


marvelous is ..
checking out a market where everything is local! wine, cheese, produce, you name it!
{ I may share more later in the week
about this place }

marvelous is ..
cute wine labels! couldn’t pass up on the three sisters : )

marvelous is..
sneaking kiwi froyo into the movies & seeing the wolf of wall street!
I know it was 3 hours long but well worth it.
unnamed (3)

What’s the most recent movie you saw at the theaters?
Favorite froyo combination?!

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Friday favorites: New favorite app, products + cupcakes ;)

picmonkey_image (23)
Happy Friday + weekend! hope you have a wonderful weekend ❤ just popping in to say hello and share some favorites from the week! xo

Monday after class, cass &  I hit up the outlets. Some new tee’s + black boots!

Eating tons of hearty stews

Quick dinner together at iron hill, plus a sweet trio of cupcakes for dessert 🙂

^ Salted caramel, pb cup + double chocolate! ^

This new app, called cartwheel for target! <– find some great deals and steals before you head there {dangerous} 😉

New hair products {not your mothers} I really like both!

What’s your favorite something from this week?

Friday Favorites 10/25

Happy Friday to you all!
What’s on your agenda this weekend?
Tonight + tomorrow will involve work andddddd school work – but Sunday looks like it will be a family day & talking about some up and coming holidays, and events! 😀 Love this time of year and getting together with everyone.

Here are some favorite snaps from my week.

picmonkey_image (9)
I just did another update to the iPhone, I liked the new HELLO &WELCOME. Bonjour 😀

Banana bread + milk { in a mason jar of course!}
I made French toast out of the bread too- yum!

Starbucks. I like you a LATEE 😉

Targetdoesitagain <– on instagram. If you love target like me.. follow them! It’s two girls who instagram items from target from: home, décor, fashion and must haves!


OIAJ. Always a favorite.

Off to go meet my sister at the coffee shop before we head to work! Caffeine is very much needed not only with school work, but working at the restaurant! 😉