Back to school // what’s in your basket? {8/ 29}

Hi! Good afternoon!

….. Yesterday was one of those days when I was on the phone, getting numbers, faxing & still not getting anywhere! All for approval of a class.
I eneded up having to just drive over to the school and talk to someone in person!

It was also a super rainy day. Pouring actually. Before heading out, I took an hour to myself, made a smoothie & hopped back into bed to recollect 🙂

Plus, picked up some Chinese.. Perfect for last night’s rain.
* * *IMG_5893

Today was my first day back to class! {BOO} I am ready to get this semester to just be over since I’m taking the last of the fun requirements … accounting anyone?  So I really got to focus on that math this semester!

** I just wanted to say how lucky I feel this summer to have been able to take time and learn about the whole blogging thing {…. and still learning }, to have been able to post 4-5 times a week! Sometimes they were rambles & sometimes they were better put together. Also, I’ve connected already with so many people on here & I love it<3 Not sure how my postings will change due to school, but I hope to keep constant as I have been! 🙂 Just wanted to share. **

* * *

Alrighty, here’s a new What’s in your basket post: Lot’s of new + yummy things! { *2 of them are not from trader joes }

1- Trader Joe’s Chipotle pepper hummus– love it! It has a little bit of a different texture than others, more fluffy. I love the smokiness from this flavor!

2- Dark chocolate covered cranberries. Super anxitonat! 😉 This a nice little addition to yogurt, trail mix, or eating them on their own.

3-Quest bars! I was so excited when I recvied a small box in the mail. I have never tried a quest bar, but have seen them all over the blog world + lovely instagram pictures of them being melted in the microwave with peanut butter on top…. yep. I love them:) I love that they are G/F, tons of protein {20g!} less sugar, carbs & taste good whether on the go, or as a nice treat.

4-Sparkling pink lemonade: this was so refreshing, light & the perfect about of “sparkiling” 🙂

5- Quinoa pasta:  I do my best to stay away from certain grains/ wheats as I do have a small intolerance. Sometimes I eat regular old pasta, but for when I don’t feel like dealing with a stomach ache, this is perfect with bololgense 🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

What’s something new you picked up this week?

Have you ever had a quest bar?