Weekend pics + Mix my own review & 20% off*

Welcome to a new week & last Monday of the year! whose ready for a fresh start?
Something about the new year always seems exciting. A blank canvas. Not that you can’t start over any other day of the year, but it’s always great to start the year on a good note 😉 before we talk about starting on the right foot.
>> here’s some weekend pics! <<
MiMM MIMM #80 Post Holiday Relaxing + A Half Birthday!

.. books ..

.. my birchbox came Friday! ..

.. 3 mile walk/ jog OUTside ..


.. rainy day lunch with G ..

.. new make up ..

.. coffee cake ..
easy going weekend with post Christmas blues!

So now,

speaking of starting on a good note & the new year, how about breakfast, it is the most important meal. some of my favorites: Oats & parfaits! I recently tried mix my own, from the creators Klara & David-I am more than half way done and just received it! 😀

unnamed (2)

With MixMyOwn.com, you have 100% control over your health. You get simple, clean food. No unnecessary calories, no fillers, no extras, and nothing to get in the way of your day.

 Mix my own is such a unique idea. You get to choose what you want in your muesli while creating it yourself!  You start with your base, base ingredients, fruits, nuts + seeds and then some extras! They also have gluten free options, which I chose as my base.



Choose from:

Base- oats, crunchy granola, vanilla.. and more!
Base ingredients- quinoa, Organic Kamut Puffs, toasted wheat germ plus some other crunchy goodness.
fruits-dried bananas, strawberries, dates & apple chips. Great way to brighten your mix!
Nuts+Seeds- get some extra protein with a wide variety
Extras-add some chocolate to your mix with cocoa bits, yum!

Not only can you create your own, you can also purchase one of their delicious pre maid mixes: Fitness mix, strawberry almond, tutty nutty & many more.

**Klara offered piece of cait readers 20% off your purchase starting today through next week. I highly recommend checkin out their website and start mixing! 😀 Use this code –> HEALTHYBREAKFAST

Disclaimer: I am reviewing Mix my own myself, all opinions are my own. I reached out to Klara after finding out about them and their business. I am just spreading the word!

Have a marvelous Monday friends, xo

Quest Bar Review

The  other week, I received this glorious box on my door step. Behold.. it was the quest bars! I had seen and heard so much about these quest bars  that  I was immediately was intrigued and knew I had to get my hands on some {Side note– I was in a rush between class + work, and stopped home ,… and then my whole day just turned around 😀 } Thanks guys!!!


I opened the box & immediately had chocolate chip cookie dough flavor while going through all the other glorious items!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

They sent me a mix of bars, quest cravings {which was like Reese’s pb cups + pasta}


I was thrilled to have been able to try them all, I loved: cookie dough, brownie, white chocolate raspberry + pb and jelly 🙂
I enjoyed these bars while at school in between classes, handy in the car, especially after a bike ride.. melted them into my breakfast oats {I swallowed this meal up fast! and thoroughly enjoyed the brownie flavor warmed up. Total dessert like.


I try my best to stay away from gluten only because I can have a flare up at anytime. So it’s great knowing that it was g/f ..Also, more protein then most bars I’ve had! I love clif bars and have them a lot because they are always sold at trader joes or my other local grocery store, so it’s something I tend to gravitate towards.. but sadly they are only 9g of protein 😦 and after having one I am still left wanting another half of one.

ALSO- No added sugars, plus each bar has about 4-6 of active carbs.

I enjoyed them all { defiantly more of a chocoltely fan over than the more fruity ones} but all in all I really enjoyed these quest bars and all the protein that was jam packed into them. That’s so important when running around throughout the day!

Thanks quest for allowing me to try all your flavors & being such a great company! I look forward to more YUMMY flavors in my next quest adventures ❤

Have you ever tried quest bars? If so- what’s your favorite?
If you haven’t & you happen to go try some after this.. do the 15 second rule* .. <– place in microwave! SO GOOD