Hello October! ..so far favorite recipes + Treat yourself Tuesday

Howdy there! So, today is October 1st.. Anybody else wondering where time is going? Just back in early September I was super excited with fall trends and pumpkin overload.. thinking that it will all be over soon 😦 October always reminds me of more of the “scary stuff” haunted hayrides, ghost + scary movies! <— my favorite 🙂

aa89e183b95b731824964a2b4e4676f3 (2)^truth^
Along with living in a world of October’s.. I love living in a world filled with yummy pumpkin things 😀
If you’re new around here…here are my most recent fall creations.

1- Pumpkin bars with a tasteful pumpkin spice frosting

2- Chocolate chip pumpkin protein ballz <– trust me on this one 😉

3- Plus this smoothie
4- another favorite, swirling some pumpkin into your yogurt!IMG_5929
They are so simple + yet so delicious.
Hope you get a chance to try them.

* * *

Today, I am also joining in on Becky’s treat yourself Tuesday! I love love love this idea. Sometimes we can all get a little wrapped up and forget to treat ourselves- it could be anything from a simple late afternoon nap, manicure, possibly an extra extra extra serving of chocolate {<–usually my case!} or MAYBE even splurging and adding something new to your wardrobe!

This past weekend, I treated myself to a new pair of sneakers. Not that my other one’s we’re totally ruined, but sometimes a fresh pair is all a girl really needs + in fun colors = win.


Last night I took the new puppies for 30 minute jog, must say it was a good
one 🙂

How are you gals { or guys } treating yourself this week? Check out the others over on Becky’s blog!

Time for some lunch & than off to work for the night, xx

What is your favorite sneaker?
I love nikes! I would love to find where I can get those cool looking leopard ones?! 😀

WIAW: Goat cheese + jam {plum} Nann pizza

Since it’s Wednesday and we’re half way through the week,
how about a WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY addition~
Displaying a new fruity nann pizza!
Can we just say that…Goat cheese, honey & jam were made.for.each.other.

That combo never gets old {to me} and always finding ways to use those flavors together.
Whether its a salad, sandwich, what have you.. I LOVE IT.

My newest combo:
Picture perfect
ec63e70d434067203052c755e01cbe1e (2)

1 piece of Nann bread
1-2 plum{s}
Jam of your choice
Goat cheese



Spread a thin but generous layer of  goat cheese across the whole nann bread
Place slices of plum on top
Take a few tablespoons of jam & distribute it throughout the nann
Drizzle with honey

Place in the broiler until golden brown {5 – 7 minutes } *Keep an eye on it*

Sit back, watch the flavors bake & mesh well together.. enjoy.

Homemade salsa verde

Sunday was an absolute lazy day.
But one thing that did get accomplished was putting all that new produce to good use.

Have you ever tried Salsa Verde {from TJs?} Last year one of my favorite snacks was carrots with that cool tasting salsa.


We made our own, & it tasted just like trader joes with a little more spice to it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fresh garlic cloves {5 cloves}
  • Onions {2} peeled + chopped
  • Long hots {2} chopped + seeds removed
  • Tomato {1} cut length wise
  • 3-4 table spoons of olive oil
  • Bunch of cilantro
  • Small handful of fresh basil
  • 1 to 1 1/2 of fresh lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon of sea salt

>> Place garlic, onions, long hots + tomato into the blender
>> Then add the olive oil, cilantro, basil, lime juice + salt
>> Pulse together until all ingredients have meshed well together


Serve with:  carrots, bell peppers, top homemade tacos or it goes perfect with tortilla chips & a corona : )


It’s sweet, salty & has a nice kick!

Coming home from vaca + sweet potato fries {recipe}

Coming back from vaca means getting back into my daily schedule.
Starting off with a good breakfast & of course
a Dunkin iced coffee.

Standard. Coffee & oats w/ PB, honey, berries & mixed nuts.

Time for:
Hearty eats, coffee, rest and workouts!

The nice thing about being away is not necessarily having a “SCHEDULE”
but once you get back, at least for me it’s a little difficult.

Yesterday I did my best to getting back to normal:)

IMG_4316^Fresh fruit & veggies, laundry with Duncan, ^
a jog/walk sequence nothing crazy but felt good to move
& a nice grilled dinner at home.. with some of my fave SP fries!

While we were away, my eats were way off.
But mostly in the breakfast department & snacking.
Snacking was more chips, cookies, and whatever was lying around!

* * *
Another thing about coming home is ..
Seeing how big our tomato plant has grown within DAYS!

Now waiting for tomatoes to appear!

Now waiting for tomatoes to appear!

… & receiving some fun mail !

IMG_4318Kari from Hass Avocados
sent me a nice note and two avo slicers!
I mean is this not perfect or what ?!
Summertime = guacamole : )

* * *
Last night we grilled some burgers {Cheese for George & I decided on a veg burger}
along side of the burgers we’re some
s w e e t- p o t a t o – f r i e s
Here’s what I did.
Preheat oven to 400*

  • Peel & cut 2 sweet potatoes {length wise}
  • Toss the SP in olive oil
  • Seasoning: salt, pepper, paprika & some light brown sugar ^I eye balled all of this, add more if needed^
  • Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray <– I used coco oil spray
  • Spread them out & cook between 18-20 minutes {until brown}
  • Serve with a side of yogurt + a dash of vanilla

Back from vaca also means.. back to work tonight. womp womp.