Waiting for it to happen …

So I’m still waiting for my skin to turn orange, say what ?!… 🙂

My mom has told me multiple times that if you eat tons of orange food .. { which is great for skin } your skin can turn an orange pigment – so I am waiting since I have been on a squash kick! hehe

Sunday we polished off a squash. Loved it so much I got more yesterday!

My other orange eating has been a sweet potato everyday & carrots! .. not to say I want my skin to turn, but I am totally getting lots of orange eats! yay for beta-carotene! 🙂

* * *
Last night Cassidy & I made it to another yoga class- score!
plus, the place I go to is on living social: 5 for 25$ great deal. So all the more to keep going & switching tings up.



And today .. is super gloomy, gray & rainy! So before work, I am gonna sip on some tea and relax. Hey, it seems fitting 😉

talk to ya later!
x C

Do you go through any phases with food?