Healthy eats for your skin

Yesterday I said I had been eating tons of orangey food, { squash kick! }- which is true. I am trying to give my body what it needs through food. Whenever seasons change, especially summer to fall .. and  fall to winter, my skin changes. I personally noticed a difference. Less glowy and dull. Maybe being pale has something to do with it?!  haha 🙂  – Sure, there’s makeup out there and I love my BB cream. But eating certain foods are good for your skin- to give that look!

>> I have been trying my best to incorporate some of these <<

Almonds- eat on the go, on top of salads or yogurt bowls: Packed with vitamin E, protect from sun damage.
Sweet potato’s- one of my favorites! Love it chopped in a salad or by its self with coco oil cinnamon & peanut butter: Great source of vitamin C and boosts collagen.

Dark chocolate- I used to hate dark chocolate, but trader joes has a few great ones!: Dark chocolate is filled with antitoxins!
Trader Joes Chocolate

Healthy fats:  Omega fatty acids- Very important! coconut oils, olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut butter, nut butters. you name it!
& some green tea!

Food is one of the best medicines! Healing yourself from the inside out 🙂
I have noticed drastic changes in my acne from eating more “clean” so hopefully I can get some nice color & glow now! 😉

Do you think food is a good medicine?

Have a happy weekend friends xo!

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