SPICY* Kale Chips

Hey! quick pop in- this week I have few things I need to get the hang of with my internship so posts maybe limited.
I did a guest post yesterday on Joanne’s Blog  {NYCFitFoodFashion} since she is having her baby! OR, just did. YAY!!!!
I shared a recipe for these spicy kale chips, OMG yum. I’ve been on a KALE KICK again recently because it’s amazing and everyone around me is sick, so I’ve been inhaling the holy grail of greens – crispy, spicy & a healthy chip.

Amazing. Go check them out!!!

Visit to Frecon Farms

… The other Sunday, George & I went to Frecon Farms.

They have been around since 1944 providing Boyertown & other locals with the freshest ingredients from fruit, to veggies, + meat. If they aren’t providing it they get it from another local place just to make sure you are happy.  They also work with bakers in the area to bake with their fresh fruit into pies & deliver to restaurants. Our friends Amy & Rich had suggested this small market since they knew it would be up our alley. It sure was!

We we’re greeted by a friendly face, Roswell who showed us the way in, talking about the farms history & some of the local things that were native to their town. We browsed the cute market where fruit was displayed, granola galore & every tea you could think of and a backroom with local wines from Berks County, Pennsylvania.



We also we’re educated on some of the local wine they sell. From sweet wines, fruit & honey and good old Cabernet.

We left with blair, “three sisters” which is the ultimate wine. A blend of Pinot Noir,  Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. Like the three sisters, each has a different  personality, and adds its distinctive flavor to this great blend. Was too cute to pass up, reminds me of my sisters! ❤

Here are some other finds & some store brand names


our box full of goodies included:
get clean tea
Blair vineyard wine
 fresh-baked bread
collard greens
almond butter
Greek yogurt { which might I add is the best I’ve had since Greek. So thick!
local ground meat.


We are definitely going back once a season, especially for the meats or wild salmon they bring in. It’s a good step in the right direction to eat more locally and to know where food is coming from while supporting the small businesses!
If you’re in the Berks county area, check it out! OR find out where your nearest market could be 🙂

 .. thanks frecon farms for all the knowledge & goodies! ❤

Current meals as of lately ..

My go to meal{s} as of lately are revolving around ground beef or turkey.
So many ways to eat it! so easy, delicious & filling! also, a great way to get iron. Some days I am just so fatigued for no reason. So I am doing my best to listen to what the body craves and adding more meat into my diet as of right now.

untitled (16)
untitled (14)

1: pasta quinoa & barley Bolognese, with sautéed greens! I love a good Italian meal, but if I can avoid pasta, I will take a different route. love this mix from trader joes. Topped with a long hot of course.

2: Turkey tacos! Cassidy & I made these last week but wanted them a little more clean. Still so filling, but not food coma full 😉

3: stuffed cabbage! This meal I was the sous chef for, since you do need to boil the cabbage leaves to peel them off  which can be tricky! But, I highly recommend try these and dipping them into a yogurt sauce. yum!!

what’s your “go to” meal as of lately?