Marvelous is.. from the weekend! {food, family, yum!} #3

Ahhh Monday. The start of a new week, the start of something new and a “clean slate” 🙂
everyday for that matter can be started out like this.
This weekend was super busy! Between two parties & working. I’m very ready just to hit the refresh button & feel ready to take
on the day!


MiMM MIMM #52 with Date Night and More!

Here are a few snaps from Sunday. We went to my mom’s boyfriend’s house to celebrate his
son’s recent engagement and graduation from college! Also stopped by the Greek festival & baseball game!

*    *    *

I saw this on instagram last night and thought it was a marvelous quote to wake up to and get going.


Marvelous is..
Having iced coffee in the mornings these past few days
PERFECT way to cool down in the 90* heat!

Marvelous is..
one of my favorite flowers has bloomed!

Marvelous is..
a family day yesterday.
Great food, great company, great weather ❤
{Uncle G & Oli}

Marvelous is…
food on sticks!
I love food on sticks, it always looks so pretty and obviously yummy 😉


Marvelous is..
a project I’ve had on my mind for awhile.
I just haven’t had a chance to get it started
Hopefully this week!
{herb box}

Cute labeling :)

Cute labeling 🙂


Marvelous is..
getting to the Greek ;-)! I was so full yesterday from the party but I had
to stop by the festival for  their last day.
Mmm baklava : )
Marvelous is..
ending the night with something sweet. I already had enough yesterday, so this did the trick!
{Berries + cocoa almond spread}


Have a happy Monday!

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