Current meals as of lately ..

My go to meal{s} as of lately are revolving around ground beef or turkey.
So many ways to eat it! so easy, delicious & filling! also, a great way to get iron. Some days I am just so fatigued for no reason. So I am doing my best to listen to what the body craves and adding more meat into my diet as of right now.

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1: pasta quinoa & barley Bolognese, with sautéed greens! I love a good Italian meal, but if I can avoid pasta, I will take a different route. love this mix from trader joes. Topped with a long hot of course.

2: Turkey tacos! Cassidy & I made these last week but wanted them a little more clean. Still so filling, but not food coma full 😉

3: stuffed cabbage! This meal I was the sous chef for, since you do need to boil the cabbage leaves to peel them off  which can be tricky! But, I highly recommend try these and dipping them into a yogurt sauce. yum!!

what’s your “go to” meal as of lately?