Treat Yourself Tuesday: the little things.

Hey ya’ll! Just popping in to share a Treat Yourself Tuesday post- hosted by my girl Becky! I did a post a few weeks ago & shared some new sneakers I treated myself too.. { god I love sneakers 😀 } but today is sharing the little things in life. I love the little things, to me they are the big things! I find myself treating myself to lot’s of small things all the time 😉
The little things mean the most
Here’s a few ways I treated myself the past few days:

Latte & a cappuccino. On Friday I treated my sister and I to some specialty coffee drinks! I always love catching up over coffee & fun coffees too! 🙂


Banana bread french toast ~ enough said..

Cupcakes! I have never tried crumbs bake shop and our mall has recently put in so many new stores including crumbs! I had to taste test!

Noting like ending the week & prepping for the new week with a bubble bath, candles & face mask.
If you can’t get to the spa.. do something nice for yourself at home! 🙂

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge
Thanks Becky for reminding us to treat ourselves every once in awhile! Whether it’s something new or those little things 🙂

I was about to go for a walk with George, but my lady friend is here and it’s a killer :-(.. I am taking a time out & putting the heating pad on and resting before work. It’s so beautiful out too! But, what can ya do!

Hope your having a great Tuesday so far!


catch ya later !! xo

MIMM: lattes, pumpkin painting & crumbs bake shop!

Man, Monday again already which means back to class tomorrow! Weekends fly by and we’re almost near the end of October ??.. esssh! This weekend was a perfect mix of some family time and some fall crafts –  Here’s a look at some marvelous things! Lot’s of yummies too of course 😉
MiMM MIMM #72 with Date Night In, Bridal Shower Festivities and More!

>> Here’s some snaps from the weekend <<

Marvelous is ..
lattes & chocolate with my sister! Catching up about her honeymoon to Aruba – This would be our happy hour before heading to work 😉 haha!

Marvelous is ..
yummy football appetizers! mini pizzas and buffalo dip <- {addicted}

Marvelous is ..
spending time with my nephew, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood 🙂

Marvelous is ..
being crafty & festive with pumpkins!

Marvelous is ..
chevron love!

Marvelous is ..
meeting my friend Larissa at the mall & ending the day with something sweet! CRUMBS ❤

Hope you had a great weekend & a marvelous Monday!

Have you tried crumbs before?- what’s your favorite flavor? – this was my first time trying them, I got PB & Reese’s of course!
Have you done anything festive for fall yet?
– Finally this weekend we got pumpkins & painted them, I really wanna apples pick too 🙂

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Friday Favorites 10/25

Happy Friday to you all!
What’s on your agenda this weekend?
Tonight + tomorrow will involve work andddddd school work – but Sunday looks like it will be a family day & talking about some up and coming holidays, and events! 😀 Love this time of year and getting together with everyone.

Here are some favorite snaps from my week.

picmonkey_image (9)
I just did another update to the iPhone, I liked the new HELLO &WELCOME. Bonjour 😀

Banana bread + milk { in a mason jar of course!}
I made French toast out of the bread too- yum!

Starbucks. I like you a LATEE 😉

Targetdoesitagain <– on instagram. If you love target like me.. follow them! It’s two girls who instagram items from target from: home, décor, fashion and must haves!


OIAJ. Always a favorite.

Off to go meet my sister at the coffee shop before we head to work! Caffeine is very much needed not only with school work, but working at the restaurant! 😉


{WIAW} My standard breakfast routine

Hi lovelies!

Happy hump day! How’s it going? I’ve been running around all morning, getting some things together for this weekend, {weeee!} I can’t wait. I’m trying to get a majority of things done so Friday I can just pack 😎 I can’t wait to lounge with the girls at the pool all day Saturday, possibly try gambling & celebrate my sista! 😀

I thought today for WIAW {thanks jenn for letting us share our foodie pics!} Thought I’d share my { morning breakfast routine } it’s been pretty much the same thing for quite awhile.
But, hey it’s so darn good!

Let’s get too it!

Every morning, I wake up and guzzle some water, followed by coffee. That’s a no brainer 😉
^ My little coffee station ^
I’ve been really enjoying this So delicious creamers, so smooth and sweet! love it!

While drinking my coffee I start to cook my oats, & cut up whatever fruit is in season to go along with some oats.
I usually eat half of it while waiting & put the other half in oats.

Today was a juicy peach : )

…. These are my leading contenders who are the star of the show & help highlight the oats!
^coconut oil, honey, vanilla, cinnamon & peanut butter^

>> ** Missing: Chia seeds & coconut shreds **

Not all of them go into the oats, but depending on my mood I like to toss a wide range of these to make the flavor more robust!

The final product:
Sweet from honey, juicy from the pear, & filling from the oats itself & the peanut butter.

I started to really like the oats this past semester when I had an early class and I realized I had to bring something with me for that first class. I would prepare them the night before & microwave them right before leaving. Everyday is a different variation and I love how versatile they can be!

Yesterday’s were …
With blueberries, a sweet potato, & peanut butter! Always keeping my breakfast on it’s “toes”!

What’s your breakfast routine? Is it always changing?

I used to always have “yogurt bowls” but now that’s usually my night time snack : )
& when we go out to brunch that’s when I usually have something different.

Enjoy your day!

Iced protein coffee “frappe” shake

Monday mornings are sleepy all over the place.
Monday is the start of the week and coming back from the weekend isn’t always that easy.

I think all Mondays should start off with a little “oomph” to get us going!

Starting with a protein coffee 🙂

1 cup {iced} coffee <– I placed my extra coffee from the day before in fridge*
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/2 cup of almond milk
8 ice cubes

Pour coffee into blender, followed by protein powder + almond milk. Blend until smooth. Add in the ice cubes!

{Usually makes 2 cups}

I love this shake, it reminds me so much of the frappes we drank every morning in Greece.
But, with a little extra something from the protein
Cafe frappe - Santorini Greece

Have a great Monday!