Weekend Recap {with some goodies}

Monday is here… time to get to it! I’ve got another busy week with school for the first half week so I’m hoping the week will fly by.

This weekend was relaxing yet productive. Finally feeling spring like! How can you not be happy in this weather?!

Saturday morning, George and I decided to nix our original plans of going to our favorite little spot for an early coffee and breakfast and decided that lets make smoothies on the go & do a few errands.

I was on the hunt to find cute straws and some deco for an up and coming bridal shower in May for one of our best friends..  I have seen plenty on Etsy, but thought thought the few places we were going to would have them…. ended up not getting anything for the shower and will have to just order through etsy! But I did get some cool finds on Saturday.

First we went to michaels craft store, I found super cute measuring cups & little jars! I love the mix of the colors:)


Homegoods is amazing and I wish I could live in there. I honestly think they have the best selections for fun food! I purchased flaxseeds to incorporate into more smoothies and topping of yogurt. And giving these “on the go” coconut water.


Next stop, was wegmans. so alluring and gets us all the time. Warm bread from the bakery happened, a new Greek cheese “  Kasseri “ and while walking down the aisle I saw a “make your own” peanut butter, almond butter or chocolate & pb! I haven’t been to wegmans in a while since TJs is much closer, so I HAD to try it even though I have 4 or 5 jars already. great decision and its almost gone!:)


The rest of saturday including work and came home to make my own frozen yogurt and watched the Hunger Games on netflix.

Sunday was rather low key as well. I got a lot accomplished off my TO DO list, expect make cookies.  We had some sister time, Oliver time & shopping  😉 Now I’m ready to face the week, and look forward to the weekend!

This weekend cassidy is looking at wedding dresses! YIPPE!!!!!!! 😀

xx Cait