Some eats, drinks + FL recap :)

Happy hump day friends!
And just like that, our trip is done! By the time this post goes up, we will be en route to Philly and home! It’s been a really fun few days, really fun. But time to tackle a few things and get back to reality. womp womp.
We { George & I } left Saturday afternoon to the Philadelphia  air port. We were missing two things on the way. My sister and my bother-in-law we’re way to sick to attend the trip 😦 Having a fever, the chills is no joke. We were completely bummed but made the best of it! We stuck to the plan & headed to the sunshine state.
A little recap, eats, drinks + St. Patty’s Day!
** My phone sucks and is dying really easily = not as many pictures as I wished and few places were very dark! **
Saturday we landed around 6:30 pm, were picked up at the air port by Ellen, Seth & their adorable pup lucy! We made it just in time for diner and drinks! We headed to a place in Boca called, Rebel. Very cool atmosphere, the place was built like you were in a really funky garage. A very fun thing .. they placed popcorn on the table for munching!
We had tons of food: Unfortunately it was really dark in there and all the picture didn’t turn out. A few eats: Lettuce wraps, mussels, shrimp & grits, ahi tuna, pan seared foie gras. <– which I tried!
We left the place and found that we had a FLAT TIRE. Which was pretty funny because the 4 of us all trying to help each other was like a circus. None the less, we got it and also picked up pizza on the way home.
Sunday was a great beach day and actually the only long day we had there! But, most mornings before we started the day looked like this:
Starbucks, Greek yogurt, bagels + eggs, fruit.
Poor George got REALLY burnt and my one leg did,  ooops .. our winter skin fried within an  hour. After the beach Sunday,  it was time for dinner, a place we’ve been wanting to go back to since the last time I visited with my dad. Vic & Angelo’s in Del Ray.

Drinks to start of course, followed by appetizers of Caesar salad & grilled calamari. I am not the biggest seafood eater, but that calamari was cooked to perfection! Again, dark places = awful pictures. I ended up going with a grilled chicken dish with capers, olive oil, lemon + spaghetti squash. The night ended with a live band & dancing.

{They were the highlight of the night, best dancers}
St. Patty’s day on Monday was tons of fun. Jess joined us and our group hit the town. We went back to where we were the night before and hopped around to a few places. An Irish pub, sand bar joint where we played corn hole for a few hours + a oyster place to end the night. With in between a stop to the ice cream shop 🙂 NOW I’m obsessed with all things pistachio.
{car bombs}
The night ended pretty early, where we snacked on pistachios and turkey sandwiches. Proof, because Jess woke up with mustard on her arm 😉

once we woke up and were human again ;-), we headed to another part of FL for the day to spend the day at Jess’s house. We arrived in Melbourne around 1pm, after being a very stormy night, the sun finally poke out around the time we got there. We quickly changed and headed to the beach for a last visit.
While sitting on the beach, we discussed a few favorite meals. Bolognese was mentioned and it just clicked, Italian night on our last night and a night in sounded exactly what my body needed. After a light nap, showers we were ready to make and eat dinner. Ah, Bolognese is always a good choice.
Full stomachs, a room by the beach = the perfect sleep.
… And there you have it! Florida went by way to fast, wish we had a little more time to explore around town, but I must say we ate like kings! { and queens } I got to have a few favorites while trying some new things too.
Talk to you soon, NEXT STOP –> Philadelphia,
I’m linking up today with Jenn, over at peas and crayons to share some of the eats. This didn’t include the major snacking that went on 😉

10 thoughts on “Some eats, drinks + FL recap :)

  1. yay for get aways to warm places! i was in california last week and my winter skin was quite shocked by all the sunshine was well! damn you midwest winters.

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