T minus 1 day + {a few musts}

Happy Friday friends!
Hope you have an excellent weekend, anyone celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?! Oh, good times. We will be celebrating in Florida this year with some of our closest friends ❤ Can’t wait. PRAYING the weather is good!
Yesterday I felt pretty sick out of no where. We went to the mall and all of  sudden while walking around I just had to sit down and eat. It was kinda weird. I know a few peeps in Cassidy’s house are sick and I went there Wednesday to see Oli , so hopefully I didn’t catch anything.
This morning I have grand plans of a manicure, laundry & packing! So far I’ve only gotten small things packed. Now, time to squeeze some clothes into a carry on bag.. this should be interesting!
A few musts I am traveling with to Florida on the plane:
untitled (32)
1- Quest Bars! I hateeeeeee being hungry and having nothing. That’s why I love to have these on hand.
2- Hand sanitizer: Eeek, traveling = germs. Must always wash hands and sanitize.
3- Face Moisturizer with a light glow. I hate to wear a full face when traveling, just a dewy look will do just fine.
4- Face wash- Not only does traveling have germs but makes {me} feel dirty sometimes. After a flight, it’s nice to freshen up the face
5. Hair ties, because they break at the most inconvenient times.
6- Eos lip balm, always a must
7-Sunscreen. If your moisturize like mine above doesn’t have SPF in it, grab a small one. The sun will find you.
8- Books or magazine. I saw this beauty detox at the library. Remind me of crazy sexy diet. Just more information, healing with food, etc
9-Something sweet, we always need a little treat!
10- Small case for IDs, money, etc. Traveling is hectic and your always pulling things out, best to have them in a set place
If I don’t pop in, i’ll talk to you next week! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be posting things on instagram 😉 <— So i’ll catch you there.
Have a great weekend ❤
What are your plans? Celebrating St. Patrick day?
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4 thoughts on “T minus 1 day + {a few musts}

  1. Ain’t #5 the truth haha! Mine like to become outstretched right after I just used them (even if they are brand new) while I’m working out. And I always wonder why my hair won’t stay up hahaha. And #6, yes! I’m a huge addict to that stuff! What flavor is that one?? I feel like I haven’t seen that pretty shade of blue one. And yum!! Birthday Cake M&M’s I have yet to try those, maybe I can convince the boyfriend to pick some up for me…..Have fun in Florida!! 🙂

  2. Yay! Have such a great time. I always need to buy Skittles or Starbursts when traveling…I don’t know why! I was going to go to Chicago this weekend for St Pattys day but decided to stay in Madison since I haven’t been here for a weekend in forever!

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