When people comment on your food & habits

So happy its Thursday, cause I’ve got something on my mind. Its actually been on my mind awhile now, but up until the other Friday at work I kind have had it!

So, healthy living. For many, its a way of life!  Including me! Its no fad “diet” no quick fixes. Just eating healthy, whole some eats. Everyone has their own version of what healthy means to them and mine is more of a balance. As I like to say, I like to have my cake & eat it too.
I have made solid lifestyle changes to be a better person and feel awesome.

I promise I’ll be getting to the point. And sorry this may or may not make sense. But none the less its Thursday and Thursdays are for thinking out loud.

If you know me personally, you would know I am tall, lanky { thanks dad!! } working on building muscle { MUCH harder then I thought }, and have a love for sweets + a good sweat sesh.
Healthy life = good energy

… A few years ago I would go to the gym with a girlfriend of mine and then we would hit up the diner next door and each have our own peanut butter pies. NO SHAME. I love peanut butter pie, but after reading and researching for a few years,I kind of realized not the correct way to recover from a workout 😉 Maybe a snack platter of eggs, apples & nuts would be a good recovery meal and the peanut butter pie for my dessert! 😉

This brings me to F O O D. What we eat and how people actually judge you on this.

A little story for you:
So. Two Fridays ago, at work a guy in the kitchen passes a big meaty corn beef ruben sandwich across the way to another server. He made a joke about it and gave it to her to eat. While not offering me any, but made a remark  ” You don’t eat that kinda sh*t do you” UM WHAT? I stood there and literally blinked at him and wondered what the F he was taking about. Why wouldn’t I eat that sandwich? Would I eat it as my everyday lunch 365 days for lunch. No. Maybe someone else would, but I would eat it! Just like I do with other things.

Do I eat healthy, yes. I do my best to do “8/20” or probably more like 30% because I love sweets way to much ..Do my sister and get burgers & fries when we work together, ugh.. you bet ya!  Do I try samples of our desserts at work? DUH. So why would someone feel the need to remark that, to me. When clearly you don’t even know me.

I have no idea, but that comment just rubbed me the wrong way. I honestly was baffled and upset the rest of the night because it then proceeded  to make me question everything. . I am no way ashamed of living a healthy life style but for a split second this guy made me question myself. Healthy lifestyle has made me a lot more open to new foods { and thanks to George }, recipes, life & actually natural beauty { helping my skin clear up } <– FOOD IS MEDICINE. But it kind of made me feel BAD about myself !? Finally I am over it. This is my life, not his or anyone else’s.

A lot of other comments I’ve gotten & I think they are rude:
Do you count calories {NO}
Do you eat carbs .. { UM YES !!! }
Why don’t you drink beer? { HI, vodka girl! }
You don’t eat meat do you? { A FEW TIMES A WEEK!}

These questions are rare but sometimes I am hit with them and it makes me question people. I would never in a million years tell a woman whose on the heavier side how to eat. Maybe she can’t control the way her genes are. It’s almost like me hearing things of this nature. My sister also gets questioned because she’s just like me.
Eat whatever you want, and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.
Then I saw this quote ^, true. And I will eat you. I eat ALOT. I eat ALOT of healthy things but I also eat ALOT of chocolate and sweets. So, shut it 🙂  and since then I’ve been a little more lax and eating more junk, Cause this guy got in my head- oh that cake from Sunday’s party is now showing on my face!


Does anyone else ever deal with these sorts of remarks? The one at work literally sent me over the edge.


18 thoughts on “When people comment on your food & habits

  1. AMEN! This question drives me freaking up the wall. I mean why is it that just because you eat healtthy a large % of the time, people assume you don’t eat what they call “unhealthy food”. I mean, do you see me asking if you eat a salad? UM NO! Ugh. People need to keep their mouths shut sometimes if you ask me.

  2. I get these comments from my family all the time, in fact on holidays my Grandma calls me to ask me if I will eat turkey or ham! Like what!? Since when do I not eat meat lol, I finally just laughed at it and stops letting it get to me! Some people will just never understand.

  3. I am all about balance and really don’t like people making comments about what I or others eat. They don’t know me, they don’t have the right to make a judgment. I’ve learned they may have other insecurities so I move on.

  4. My family (not immediate family – mom and dad) are like this. Last Christmas I almost started crying because of it. It’s rude, it’s ridiculous. I feel ya. Like I told my boyfriend that day, I would never go them and tell them everything they are doing wrong and tell them what they should eat, so why do they feel the need to tell me how they feel about how I eat? It’s wrong on so many levels. I feel it’s the people who are insecure about themselves. Ha! And I thought that was suppose to end when I got out of high school. Nope. Oh! And my face is the same way!! I have to watch how much sugar I eat (even if it is just fruit and natural sugars) or my face breaks out. Keeps me aware of what I’m eating though!

    • Some people in my family have made remarks in the past, but now everyone wants advice because it is healthy living! Your right, i think people are insecure and would rather nit pick on those who know what they are doing? I love love love sweets, its my down fall. But after the comment ive been indulging more cause i felt like i “HAD” too because its what other people do. ay yi yi..

  5. oh yaaaaa you better bet I do. They don’t bother me as much anymore but in the past those comments would get to me. I think people are intimidated by healthy. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve encountered wayyyy too many people who dislike the idea of healthy for no reason other than being a pain in the ass. Oh and then there’s the people who are insecure so they need to make you feel bad for your choices.

    Once I realized that I will get commentary when I pass on the cake (“of course you aren’t eating that”) and when I eat the cake (“I thought you were healthy?!”), I realized it’s not worth my time or energy to get upset over it.

    • You said the exact word! Intimidated. I think people are intimidated about being healthy, because it actually does take some time and dedication. Now, its just secondary! I think now that this happened I am over and people will always have their opinion.

  6. I get these kind of comments a lot, and while they used to get to me at first, I can’t be bothered to care anymore. Everyone is always going to have an opinion, but the only one that matters is the one you have of yourself. And most of the time, I think that people feel the need to comment on healthy diets because seeing someone eat healthy might make them feel a bit guilty about the way they eat themselves. I’ve found that what people say is a bigger reflection of who THEY are rather than the person they’re talking about. Life’s too short to take stupid comments personally.

    • You right! I think when people do make remarks its because its more something to do with their selves and put it on other people. I guess people will always have something to say, but have to remember this is my healthy life and journey and if they wanna hop on the train, they should! 😉

  7. Yes!!! I get this ALL the time, especially at work. It seems like everyone has something to say about every single thing I eat (or don’t eat for that matter). I try my hardest not to let it get to me, but I will be honest, it really does some days. I know most of the time the people talk a lot are the ones who are unhappy with themselves and couldn’t be doing what I’m doing. I try to remind myself of that. I am training for a bikini competition and so that always plays in on the negative comments. I am happy with MYself though and having a GREAT time on MY journey!! I am learning to tune out the negativity around me and keep moving forward, if anything, their negative comments only push me harder into my goals! So at the same time, I am thanking them. 🙂

  8. i just think the way someone eats is not something other people should feel the need to comment about. everyone has different preferences and some people enjoy eating other things while others don’t. i don’t think it makes people weird or odd, it just makes us all different. i have a girl friend who is in love with pasta. everything for her is pasta pasta pasta. but she’s the same girl who doesn’t really like sweets. where i am the absolute opposite. dessert dessert dessert. her and i, we’re just different. it would be so lovely if as a human race we could train ourselves to see people as different from us instead of weird or wrong.

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