MIMM = a nephew & belated birthday brunch!

Happy Monday beautiful friends!
Hope you had an excellent weekend, I know I am little tired from the time change but aren’t you happy we have more SUN LIGHT!? Woohoo!
.. As always, thank you Katie for the Monday link up. Always great to start the week on the right foot!
MiMM MIMM #88 4 Word Pic Style
A few marvelous things happened this weekend. We received the best news on Friday that Courtney & Danny will be having a boy! Another little man to join our once girl family 😉 So excited! ❤
Also, We { Cassidy & I } celebrated a dual birthday with the family since we are heading to FL this Saturday and wont be around to do it with our parents, so we decided to combine my February birthday with her March : )
I love when my weekends are filled with happy news & family. Photos… take it away 😉
{ too cute! .. can’t wait to meet the little peanut ❤ }
Sunday’s belated birthday brunch:





Lot’s of yummy different brunch foods and of course cake! My mom each gave us our own { how nice 😉 } white cake with chocolate frosting for cass, brownie for me!
I ended up going to work after, so I never really got much done after the party. It’s Monday, a new day and start to the week = lots to do!



9 thoughts on “MIMM = a nephew & belated birthday brunch!

  1. Congrats again on your nephew!! I remember it being like that in my family for a while. Everytime someone would say they are pregnant, we would all hope for a boy since it there was so many girls haha. And omg your cake looks so good!!! I want your cake haha. Have a great Monday :)!

  2. Congratuations on the soon to be addition to your family. However lets talk about this brownie cake… oh my word, Cait! Itt looks divine – almost too pretty to eat though. LOL

    Have a great day

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