Make-up night

Last night, Larissa and I went to my friend Danielle’s house for a girls night and make up! ..
oh yes, make up. Something I am not too familiar with. Bronzer and mascara = me out the door. But, I am always looking for new techniques, tips and tricks. And Danielle is the one to go too. She always looks amazing. Whether she’s done up or not. She’s the beauty guru : )

{cass, me, danielle }
She has TONS of makeup, like.. her makeup is the baby version of MAC. So many things to look at. From eye shadow, pigmented blushes and lip sticks. A girls dream 😉
unnamed (8)
She showed us her daily routine. Other peoples are different. You may not use a primer, while I do. But it was great to see her step by step so I can try myself!
Things I learned:
1- Brushes do matter, but only in certain situations. So, invest!
2- Bronzer can be used as an eye shadow, looks gorgeous!
3- How to contour the proper way
4- Difference between matt finish & radiance
4- Expensive mascara isn’t the best { I used to be on the quest for this, all the best (Dior, Givenchy..) and they sucked}
5- & too use my naked palate. A natural smoky eye.
unnamed (9)
unnamed (12)
unnamed (11)
I am no pro, but hope to incorporate some of her tips. Next time your planning a “girls night” try a make up night for sure! Share tips, and learn something new. It’s always great to spice up the everyday look.
What’s your daily routine?
What’s your favorite makeup essential?
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8 thoughts on “Make-up night

  1. I’m in need of make up night haha I know nothing. I normally go for just liquid liner on top, with mascara, and my BB Cream. But when I’m busy (like now with school), it is BB Cream, my inner top lid lined with liquid liner, and some mascara.

  2. I am SO glad you posted about this! Lately I have been thinking about going to a MAC our Clinique counter and having them give me an entire makeover…I am terrible with makeup application and also only used mascara and bronzer! Maybe its just laziness? 😉

  3. Ohh you look gorgeous! I love getting ready with all my girl friends to go out for the night. So much fun! My daily routine usually involves some concealer for my eyes (big bags for this girl haha), bronzer, gel eyeliner (I swear, it’s the best!), and some mascara. Also, I usually always curl my eyelashes since I got my mama’s stick straight ones!

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