Let’s talk period + {helpful ways to tame it}

Oh that lovely time of the month. Where we’re are so pleasant and cheery miserable.
Periods. They suck.  Cramps, hormonal, want chocolate for breakfast lunch & dinner.  No? Just me? Oh and cry at random times.
Every month is different when it comes to PMS. Sometimes I forget it’s coming and others, much like this month everything hurts, sore, bloated, fatigued, cramps.. the whole 9 yards!
I am always curious what other gals do to help with that time of the month or their favorite chocolaty chocolate dessert is!
Here are some things I have noticed that do help!
picmonkey_image (27)
Bananas: Potassium-rich foods like bananas help fight cramps and bloating
Vitamins, preferably B:  Vitamin B is good for period relif, and B6 is helpful in regulating periods and dealing with an irregular period.
Snack on almonds- Almonds are an excellent source of magnesium, another mineral that may provide some PMS relief. Studies have found that magnesium  can improve mood and lessen water retention in the week or two before you get your period.
Avoid salt for a few days:  Instant bloating, watch your intake that week!
Take a walk: It really does help if you do work out during that time of the month, but sometimes it’s a no go cause your hurling over with your stomach, but the best bet is a 30 minute walk!
Heating pad: I get the “to go” ones where I can wear a to work, or when I’m at home i heat up a herbal one. Seriously the best.
Epsom Salt Bath: Epsom salt baths are great for anything. Sore muscles, detox and for your cramps! why not light a few candles & have a romantic night with aunt flow.
Last but not least, have the dang chocolate. you eat great, you workout.. enjoy a few extra pieces that week! 😉
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funny-pms-women-quotes.jpg 620×434 pixels
hahaha, the truth though!
how do you deal with this time of the month, favorite way to indulge?

10 thoughts on “Let’s talk period + {helpful ways to tame it}

  1. I am one lucky girl I almost never have any problems other than annoyance, and some bloating but other than that nada. I guess I need to be more thankful for that !

  2. Oh god, I’m dying every time I have mine hahaha and every little thing annoys me and makes me anger. It’s a wonder how I haven’t been arrested yet ;). OH and random meltdown at the store because I can’t find something? Yeah, that’s happened to me. Thankfully the boyfriend understands. I bloat hard! (you know, like “I go hard”) I don’t fit into anything I own when I’m bloating. My face breaks out unbelievably bad haha. And I always have to buy a million chocolate bars, they just fix everything 🙂

    • Thank goodness I am not ALONE! LOL, I am the same way.. it seriously sucks, the past few months though I have been trying to listen to my bodys needs or wants and ways to help! Chocolate = fixes all the worlds problems ! 🙂

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