Thinking out loud {2/ 27 }

Happy Thursday my dears. This week has been a long one! I haven’t had any posts ready or anything, but wanted to come here and share some random thoughts .. here we go : )
… yesterdays massage was much-needed. why do I put off the spa when I have gift cards? I have no idea. But yesterday was the first time in a while where I didn’t have any other obligations. so it seemed fitting!
… I went to Michael’s yesterday to pick up some bridal shower things, and also left with this jar for my crack coffee 😉
… so, last night & this morning G and I were running around the house chasing a very small baby mouse.. EEK!!! I think I kept screaming.. we finally got it & let it go outside this morning. I’m so glad I have cats who just stand there!
You had one job, cat!  Well, you did say catch it, you didn't say what to do with it.....
.. almond milk doesn’t taste good in coffee. i don’t know what it does to it but gives it this weird taste. I have seen cappuccino’s made with it, a local coffee shop does that but haven’t tried it yet! but in regular coffee, no bueno.
.. last night I got an alert my “stats were booming” I went and clicked to see what was going on & I saw that chobani pinned my Greek yogurt chocolate chip muffins and I had 174 repins from other people. That really put a huge smile on my face! I love this little blog world, I do it for myself first because I enjoy it, but it feels great knowing that some of the things I do put out there does get noticed! eerrr.. maybe?
Anyways, that’s all I’m thinking as of currently.. time to continue to get this day rolling ❤

16 thoughts on “Thinking out loud {2/ 27 }

  1. Congrats on the repins! It always feels awesome to get noticed like that 😀 And I’m definitely with you on using almond milk in coffee — just doesn’t taste the same. Plus I’ve found that it does weird things when I heat it to try and make a capp or latte. Sometimes there’s just no substitutes for the good old fashioned things.

    • I got an alert on word press { not pinterest sorry! } so I went to my stats & clicked the picture it said a lot of people clicked and it was the recipe, it was all of cho’s doing since they have TONS of followers, but really made me happy! 🙂

  2. Aw how fun you have your recipes on Pinterest!! That’s always exciting 🙂 also while I love my almond milk, it does not mix well into coffee. Instead it just settles in clumps, which is no fun.

  3. Congrats on all the pins! When things like that happen, my heart always smiles haha :). And LOLd at the cat hugging the rat and at your kitties just chillin’ out hahaha :). ONE job, cats!

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