MIMM: Spring like weather : )

Hello hello, happy Monday!
How was your weekend? Anything exciting? This weekend felt “spring like” not exactly spring weather since there was still snow on the ground, but when it reached 50 degrees, it sure felt nice!
{As always, thanks Katie for making Monday a little extra special!}
Marvelous is:
Trying Starbucks’ new bakery line, Cassidy & I split the flourless warmed double chocolate cookie…. yum!
Marvelous is:
A trip to whole foods for some new finds + a juice { carrots, beets + apples }
Marvelous is:
Fresh lavender, ah.
Marvelous is:
A birthday gift from George… funky snake skin hunters!
Marvelous is:
A visit to Terran At Styers, a beautiful place with flowers, home stuff + a cute green house restaurant!
{ that lamb burger was phenoooom }

Ahh. Spring fever I think is in full force, anyone else?!
Have you tried starbucks’ new bakery line?

Have a great start to your week!

16 thoughts on “MIMM: Spring like weather : )

  1. I haven’t tried Starbucks treats yet but maybe I will go today! 🍪 glad you made it to Terrain & Styers…we should all go back when it’s really nice out!

  2. I just went to Starbucks a couple weeks ago and had no idea that the little pink coffee cup slip was advertising a new bakery line! Maybe I should have read it….But yum, I didn’t know they now have flourless cookies, I can have them now!!!
    And oh, I have spring fever! I’m very sad that the cold will be back this week :/ I’m ready for spring ASAP!

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