Benefits of working out with your partner

Lately, George & I have been hitting the gym together. It’s been a nice change of pace! Sometimes our schedules don’t allow it and we do our own workouts when we can. But we’ve been sticking to this plan the best we can! I think it’s because we are holding each other accountable. Some days I don’t want to go at all! But, he pushes me. Or vise versa. And when I say “hmm, maybe I’ll just go to the gym” he reassures me that, nope take a break { very important }Having each others back on this has been really good.

Here are some great benefits when working
out with your partner { or anyone else! }

untitled (24)

1- Keeping one another accountable. This is #1, this way when one starts to feel unmotivated you have your other half encouraging you.
2- FUN. Can’t say all workouts are fun. But a workout together can put a little spin on everything and not feel so much as a “workout”
3- Success. Reaching your goals will become a lot easier when you have someone rooting for you.
4-Teach & be taught: giving and receiving  tips is great! Whether it’s about a workout or a post workout meal. All great to share and learn!
5- Connection. It’s one more thing that you can bond over. Talk about your goals, what you want to accomplish & plan ahead together.
6- Working out = endorphins = happy people 🙂 after a workout I ALWAYS {97%} of the time feel better! this will carry throughout your day together. And happy wives who thrive off endorphins won’t kill their husbands…. kidding 😉

I like the idea of working out with someone now. Whether it’s one of my friends, sisters or George!

Keep encouraging one another!<3

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8 thoughts on “Benefits of working out with your partner

  1. It’s funny cause I love going to the gym with C and will wait for him to get home from work so we can go together, but we don’t ever interact at the gym! We’re both kind of in our own worlds. But I do like knowing he’s there and often get a better workout in cause he finishes before me so I don’t dilly-dally and just get er done!

  2. For Christmas, I got Scott (and myself) a 3 month Bootcamp membership that is offered at our gym. I love that we can go and do it together, and totally agree with #1. There are days that I don’t want to go and he convinces me to, and the other way around!

  3. I love working out with the boyfriend!! It pushes me to push myself in the workouts, and to always not just lay there on the floor in between my ab workouts (I do these at home haha). When I’m by myself I’m way more likely to get distracted, and just overall not want to workout because most the time I have things that have to be done afterward. Plus it gives me someone to talk to inbetween my sets, which is a nice break 🙂

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