MIMM: 24th birthday recap!

Hi beautiful friends, happy Monday to you all!

This weekend was super fun, we celebrated my 2-4th birthday! Saturday was the perfect day & exactly the way I wanted to celebrate it // Food, Friends, Sweets + some little odds and ends.

I woke up to George singing happy birthday : ) … and lots of sweet messages from everyone!
I quickly got up since I wanted to be able to spend some time with him { he had to work, booooo} so breakfast was fun birthday waffles and a trip to Starbucks so we could get my birthday drink : ) I started getting a little nervous about the weather. We had MORE snow! What else is new..

Our dinner plans later in the evening were in Philly!
Since I had some time to kill after G left for work, I took myself on a birthday date to get a pedicure.
you gotta pamper yourself on your birthday! ❤
Jenna wasn’t able to attend dinner Saturday and surprised me by dropping off a cake! { way to my heart } seriously, the sweetest gesture. Not only was it beautiful and from one of our favorite bakery’s on the mainline, but a peacock cake! { I have this as a tattoo } I just kept staring at it. Isn’t it beautiful?
….. eventually I caved and had some! 😉

After our visit it was time to get ready for the festivities! Cassidy & Larissa came over first. We hung out in the bathroom doing make up, changing outfits. Always a favorite time with the girls. Soon enough Courtney and Danielle arrived and it was off to Philly! The snow didn’t stop us!

{from the website}

One of my favorite favorite favorite things is Mexican food. Mexican in a cool restaurant. Mexican with my friends. We went to Distrito, the atmosphere was so cool. All pink everything, lights, swinging chairs, big comfy booths, crazy décor and amazing tapas.

We each started with a margarita, I am not the biggest fan of tequila so I went with andale since it had some other things in it as well!  // Tequila, Coconut Rum, Orange Juice, Pomegranate. Delish! Sunshine in a glass!
Because it was tapas, we wanted to try a bit of everything. From tacos, plantains, chips + quac, short ribs, seafood, nachos and everything in between.

I feel so grateful for these group of women in my life, they are my rocks! especially if I don’t get to see them very often, I like to soak up every minute.
Although I had cake at the house, there was definitely room for dessert. ummm… CHURROS! CAN I GET some more?! New favorite. Holy moly.  We e already planning our next time there.
{ and kahlua cheese cake! }

We wanted to go out in Philly, but the one spot was relocated or closed. Parking was awful, too many cars were snowed in. So we decided to head back to town so the boys could join us too. We ended the night at one of our local bars + a sleep over with Larissa!

Sunday was a nice impromptu brunch with my mom & Larissa. We have plans of celebrating mine & Cassidy’s birthday in March since we are going away, but I still snuck in some celebrating with my mama! .. Can’t wait to re celebrate in a few weeks  😉

Hope you had an amazing weekend & happy Monday.

Favorite cuisine to celebrate something over?

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