Thinking out loud 2/13

Hello, hello.. happy Thurs snowday!

Over night we got a good 10 inches and it’s still coming down. I think mother nature is giving us the snow we didn’t get last winter. Last Monday, Tuesday, AND SUNDAY were snow and today is another one. YIKES. As long as we don’t lose power, I’m semi ok with it 😉 .. Are you sensing a pattern here?!

Anyways, Thursday = time to unleash random ramblings in my head.

– A little over a month until I turn my pine trees in for some palm trees. I seriously cannot wait. George & I almost weren’t going to go, but then I quickly realized how silly it would be to miss out on a trip to visit our dear friends and travel with Cassidy & Brian.

– I cannot wait to redeem my birthday drink from Starbucks! I want something good & chcooaltely! What’s your favorite?
It's twice as nice on your birthday. Enjoy a birthday reward in-store and at home.

– Is it okay to wear a “jump” suit in the winter? My sister mentioned she got one, so I went and got another one { different } & really liked the idea! Or save it for FL!? Thoughts
Jump to Conclusions Black Suit

– Yesterday, Larissa came over to drop of my early birthday gift. I love how she got everything I love. What a great friend ❤ chocolate, vodka, candles! { mason jar one at that! } lip balm + bath and body stuff. These types of gifts are my absolute favorite!
unnamed (6)

– Yesterday I felt like wonder woman. I got so many things done before 3 pm. I wish I was like that more.

– Valentines day I think is just a hallmark holiday. George and I can go out to dinner or spend time with each other any other day. Don’t need February 14th to tell me so! BUT I do accept chocolate : )
give me all the godiva!

Alrighty, that’s it for now, I am starvin’ marvin and have a buffalo chicken cheese steak salad to dig into!

What are you thinking?


14 thoughts on “Thinking out loud 2/13

  1. 😆 I think chocolate is my favourite part about Valentine’s Day… and I’m especially partial to the day after when everything is on sale 😀 When it comes to my coffee, though, I usually keep things pretty basic and go for a cappuccino. I like the idea of all the flavoured drinks, but I can’t deny that I love a bold coffee flavour the most.

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