Day 3

Hello hello, happy Friday!

.. It’s been day 3 of this ice storm and still no power 😦 So so lucky that my sister/ and my mom do still have power. So we’ve been hopping back and forth between here & there.  Lots of people still do not have power, I feel so bad and looks like more snow is coming on its way this weekend and next week-What a winter!

>> So what’s happening ..

We got settled in Tuesday night after our trip, a great home cooked meal & a movie .. but we woke up to trees down in our yard and no power. So feeling a little bit all over the place and not in a “schedule” by any means! Lots of things I was planning to get done are on hold for the moment!

Wednesday: We headed out to the coffee shop for breakfast/ coffee and charging of electronics. Followed by lunch in town with my dad, mom, Courtney & George. Town was hustling and bustling with people trying to stay warm!

Wednesday night, I went to my sisters for dinner to catch up with our friend, which was so nice! It was like the old days, we snuggled up with tons of blankets and ben & jerrys 🙂 With still no word of power, I ended up staying over there.


Still no power, I headed back home to check up on the kitties and make sure they had a few blankets out to sleep, more food + water. It was freeeeezing in the house, in the 40’s? And outside is 25*. George and I packed up a second bag and went out to brunch. So far, lots of our meals have been out to eat!

This morning, still no word on power and it could possibly be coming back on later tonight or Sunday! yikes, thank goodness my mom has warm bathrobes, strong coffee 😉 and pancakes! Thanks for taking us in!<3

and that’s what’s happening around these parts, if you were affected by the storm I hope your keeping warm.

Talk soon! Fingers crossed power comes back on,
have a good weekend!

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